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Medical Implant Testing for FDA. DOT and EPA Corrosivity Testing b) Failure Analysis and Field Assessments a. Failure Analysis. pharmaceutical. the technical support staff of CTL has attained certifications from NACE International. petroleum. etc. Being a fully equipped Corrosion. May 2012 Page 2 of 7 . CTL has met and exceeded customer and industry requirements. cooling water loops. Rouging Assessment audits for pharmaceutical applications d. vessel assessments. water systems. e. and other industries nation-wide and around the world. fatigue.k. G71 b. Assessments of failures in fire sprinkler systems. etc.. etc. and Expert Testimony. CTL offers a multitude of services to meet the needs of our clientele. propellers. Medical Devices FDA Testing– ASTM F2129. Formicary Corrosion. d. Materials and Assessment Facility. custom-developed to meet sometimes elaborate and sophisticated needs of a client.wall thickness. such as Rouging. In addition. unique projects. etc. c. ASTM Acceptance. Our services include: a) Corrosion Testing and Research a.) and also specialize in innovative. biomedical. The CTL's staff is comprised of specialists proficient in Corrosion and Materials Consultation. MTI. including the nuclear industry. formicary corrosion. etc. boilers. We offer conventional testing conforming to standard specifications (such as ASTM. b. ISO etc.a. (CTL) is a complete. ant’s nest) of HVAC unitary and commercial condensers c. Failures dealing with shafts. In doing so. Failure Analysis. Hot Wall. domestic & industrial plumbing. We are one of the few laboratories in the country that has met the stringent quality conditions set forth by the Department of Energy for the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Depository. Microbiologically influenced corrosion. NACE.Corrosion Testing Laboratories. metal refinery. Non-Destructive Assessment . etc. c) Expert testimony and litigation support service d) Materials consultation e) Metallographic examination f) Chemical Analysis – FTIR CTL follows a rigid quality assurance program in all of its work. stress corrosion cracking. chillers. tubes/piping. pumps. providing a wide variety of services to chemical. Immersion testing. Articles published by CTL staff range in topics. full service corrosion and materials evaluations facility. Inc. bolts. Formicary Corrosion (a. Inc. Corrosion Testing Laboratories.

Corrosion Testing Laboratories. Listed in this packet are some conventional corrosion testing. Direct Labor 6. Expert Consultation Page 4-6 6 6 7 7 7 May 2012 Page 3 of 7 . Inc. Chemical Analysis 5. Corrosion Testing 2. Please inquire for customized testing or for help in choosing the right test for your needs. Price List 1. Failure Analysis 3. Metallography 4. failure analysis and chemical analysis that CTL conducts.

1.Corrosion Testing Laboratories. CORROSION TESTING Sample Preparation of Client’s Supplied Material Sensitization/Heat Treating (per lot) Customer laboratory visit to oversee testing Immersion Tests: Standard (ASTM G 31) (1 week or less) Standard (ASTM G 31) (up to 30 days) Planned Interval Test (NACE TM01 69) 3-Phase Immersion Tests Autoclave (US $/Test) 60 80 25% surcharge 225 250 350 395 725 ASTM Evaluation/Acceptance Tests: (all others. quote on request) Intergranular Corrosion: 125 • A-262 Practice A (Oxalic Acid Etch) 200 • A-262 Practice B (Streicher Test) 225 • A-262 Practice C (Huey Test) 200 • A-262 Practice E (Modified Strauss Test) 200 • G-28 Method A (Ferric Sulfate/Sulfuric) Acid 200 • G-28 Method B (PEMT Test) Stress Corrosion: • G-36 Boiling Magnesium Chloride • G-123 Boiling Sodium/Calcium/Lithium Chloride • G-44 Alternate Immersion Pitting and Crevice Corrosion: • G-48 Method A or C (Ferric Chloride Pitting) • G-48 Method B or D (Ferric Chloride Crevice) • G-61 Cyclic Potentiodynamic (Hysteresis) • G-150 Critical Pitting Temperature 450 300 price on request 200 225 750 800 National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Tests: TM-01-69 Standard Immersion (1 week or less) 225 TM-01-69 Standard Immersion (up to 30 days) 250 TM-01-74 Protective Coatings (per panel) 350 TM-01-77 Sulfide Stress Corrosion (ambient) price on request TM-02-84 Resistance to Stepwise Cracking 1295 Materials Technology Institute (MTI) Tests: Heat Transfer Tests: Hot Wall Test Pressurized Hot Wall Test price on request 375 750 May 2012 Page 4 of 7 . Inc.

InVitro Corrositex Method Metal Corrosivity Test (Steel and Aluminum) according to UN Model Regulations Section 37 Metal Corrosivity Screening Test (Steel & Aluminum) single specimen each.2 Samples 3 . Section 173.5 Samples 6 . Inc. CORROSION TEST (cont. Chapter I.10 Samples >10 Samples Exposed Coupon Rack: Test Specimen Evaluation Specimen racks .Dezincification Electrochemical Tests: Potentiodynamic (Potentiostatic) Polarization (ASTM G 5 or G 61): 750 • Ambient pressure 1550 • Autoclave (high temperature/pressure) Medical Implant Tests (ASTM F 2129) 750 Price on Request • Replicates in excess of 5 Critical Crevice Temperature (CCT) 750 Critical Pitting Temperature (CPT) (ASTM G 150) 800 Galvanic (Dissimilar Metal) Couple Test (ASTM G 71) 750 • Replicates in excess of 5 EIS Coating Evaluation Basic Advanced 495 Price on Request Formicary Corrosion Assessments: Formicary Corrosion Pressurized Coil Testing Price on Request Formicary Assessment of Coils 450/sample Evaluation of Fluids Suspected in Causing Formicary Corrosion: 1 . 500/sample 420/sample 375/sample 350/sample 80 Price on Request 900 2010 1800/test for quantities >1 400 May 2012 Page 5 of 7 .137 (2005 Edition) Skin Corrosivity Test .per customer’s requirements Department of Transportation (DOT) Corrosivity Tests: CFR Title 49.Corrosion Testing Laboratories. 1.) (US $/Test) 275 ISO 6509 .

1.500 to $7.) 125 125 165 270 270 30/set 3. Method 1110 (Corrosivity towards Steel) Custom Corrosion Evaluation Tests: Test Specimens (most alloys available): 2. FAILURE ANALYSIS (US $/Test) 340 Price on Request Price on Request US $ .000/day 225 175 165 175 May 2012 Page 6 of 7 .htm 3.typical price range Investigations Level: Forensic Price on Request Field Investigations $3. including consumables Optical Microscopy (OM) Microscopic Videography (MV) Scanning Electron Microscopy Energy Dispersant X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) Photographs (on CD) Client Directed Analysis: Use of full laboratory and For detailed information visit – www. METALLOGRAPHY Laboratory Metallography: Sample Preparation.corrosionlab. Inc.000 & up Field Examination $500 & up Metallurgical Examinations $500 & up Failure Analysis (varies by project) $3. CORROSION TEST (cont.) Environmental Protection Agency Test: EPA Publication SW-846.Corrosion Testing Laboratories. including technologist On-site Metallography (4 hours per day minimum): Metallurgist/Corrosion Scientist Replication 1cm x 3cm Optical Videography (OV) Optical Microscopy (US $/hr.

125/hr. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS Spectroscopy Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrum (FTIR) Reflectance Spectrum (ATR/MIR) Sample Preparation Spectral Interpretation FRP Resin Identification . water content.Corrosion Testing Laboratories.3 or more samples Ion Chromatography – common anions Titrations. RedOx. Extractions. 3. DIRECT LABOR Principal Corrosion / Materials Consultant Principal Corrosion Scientist (NACE Corrosion Specialist) Principal Metallurgist / Materials Scientist Senior Metallurgist Senior Corrosion Scientist Metallurgical Engineer Certified Scientist Certified Senior Technologist Certified Technologist Certified Technician Technician 6.250/day including technologist (US $/Sample) 250 250 125/hr. EXPERT CONSULTATION & TESTIMONY Prepaid / Draw Trial Preparation (Discovery) 225 Reports 225 Depositions 275 Court Testimony 275 Use of full laboratory and facilities. and sulfate 5. chloride. Ashes Photometric (Hach) Analysis of Solutions Leachable Ions from solid material Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS) Soil Characterization Texture. Acidity. $200 each 150 125/hr. sulfide. Alkalinity. pH. resistivity. 4. 270/hr. Inc. $500 (US $/hr.) 225 175 175 150 150 125 125 105 90 80 60 (US $) N30 Invoice 300 300 350 350 May 2012 Page 7 of 7 . 250 270/hr. 175/hr.