Japanese Charity Given Award For Mine Removal In Cambodia

Breitbart News Agency (通信社) Friday Dec 12, 2008

A Japanese charity (慈善)that has removed landmines in Cambodia for 10 years will receive the 10th “Asia Human Rights Award” (アジア人権賞). The Cambodia MinesRemove Campaign is in Fukuoka City. It is the first Japanese charity to receive the award which is for people who help improve human rights in Asia. A past winner of the award was Myanmar's democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi (アウ ンサンスーチー). The Cambodia Mines-Remove Campaign (CMA) was started in 1998. It does many things to help Cambodian people: for example giving artificial (人工) arms and legs, and medicine (薬) to victims, and building schools for Cambodian children. "We want many people to know about the damage caused by landmines that is still continuing," said Kenji Otani, the Boss of the charity.

The award will be given on Saturday in Tokyo. Two people in the Committee (委員会) that chose the winner are Takako Doi, a House of Representatives speaker, and Yoshino Oishi, (a photographer who works in countries at war). NEW WORDS  Charity チャリティー/慈善  Artificial 人工  Medicine 薬  Award 賞  Committee 委員会

 Asia Human Rights Award アジア人権賞  Aung San Suu Kyi アウンサンスーチー  Committee 委員会  Boss 会長

 House of Representatives 衆議院

Questions (文を作ってください) 1. How long has Cambodia Mines-Remove worked in Cambodia? Cambodia Mines-Remove はカンボジアでどのぐらい活躍していますか?

2. Where is Cambodia Mines-Remove’s office? Cambodia Mines-Remove の事業所はどこにありますか?

3. Who is the boss of Cambodia Mines-Remove? Cambodia Mines-Remove のボス(上司/会長)は誰ですか?

4. Write two things CMA does in Cambodia: Cambodia Mines-Remove がカンボジアで行う活動を二つ書いてください。 1. _________________________________ 2. _________________________________ 5. When did they receive the award? CMA はいつアジア人権賞を受賞しましたか?

6. Where did they receive the award? 授賞式はどこでしたか? 7. Name one person that chose CMA as the winner: CMA を受賞者として選んだ人の名前を書いてください。一人の名前でいいです。 1. _________________________________

Cambodia Mines-remove Campaign
We need your love to remove landmines, “Devil's Weapons”

Cambodia Cambodia, is in Asia. It takes only 6 hours from Japan to there. Many people in Cambodia are injured and killed by landmines buried during the Vietnam War. There are many Cambodian landmine victims, without arms, legs or eyes. People lose their parents, and children because landmines kill them. Antipersonnel Landmines There are estimated (推定される)to be over 70 million landmines buried around the world. Landmines injure or kill around 70 people a day and around 6 million landmines are buried in Cambodia. Devil's Weapon Antipersonnel landmines have another name- ”Devil's Weapon” (悪魔の武器)for the following.

  

Landmines are designed to NOT kill, but to remove victims' limbs (肢). Landmines are designed to injure the victims. Soldiers (肢), civilians (一般市民), men and women, children, and animals. Landmines attack all creatures that step on them. After war is finished, landmines continue to kill and hurt people.

Moreover, the numbers of victims are increasing constantly. A Cambodian report in 2004 said that 95 % of the victims are not soldiers but civilians. That is why landmines are called “Devil's Weapon”

Mine Ban Treaty On December 3 rd 1997 a total of 122 governments signed the Mine Ban Treaty in Ottawa , Canada . Japan signed the treaty on September 30 th , as the 45 th county to ratify. On March 1 st the treaty took effect and banned the “use, production, transfer, stockpiling, and funding” of antipersonnel landmines. Japan used to possess around one million landmines, but started to destroy landmines yearly, after ratifying the treaty. On February 8 th Japan destroyed its last landmine. As of October 2005 there are 153 member states of the treaty. Many countries, throughout the world, are cooperating with each other to abolish landmines. Despite the presence of international legislation to ban the landmines , however, more than 90 countries still possess 30 million landmines. Most of these landmines are stocked by Non-State Parties such as China , Russian Federation , United States , India , Pakistan and Burma . Russian Federation , Burma , India , Pakistan , Sri Lanka still use landmines and many people are injured or killed by landmines.