Team Surman

Statement Regarding the Race for Chair of the Minnesota College Republicans
Susan Eckstein Chair of the University of Minnesota College Republicans

I have the honor of being the Chairwoman of the College Republicans at the University of Minnesota, where I have served on the executive board for the last two years. In January of this year, I inherited a failing CR chapter that had little-to-no active members besides those on the executive board. It was around this time that I was asked to support Andrew Hasek in his bid to become the next Chair of the Minnesota College Republicans. I knew that Andrew was a hard worker, a tireless volunteer for the party, and that he had shown real leadership at the University of St. Thomas, where he had grown the chapter to a membership that it had never seen before. I also believed that I shared the same values and ideologies as Andrew, and because of that, I put my full endorsement behind his team without much consideration. It seemed like an easy choice. Going forward, I continued to focus my efforts on rebuilding my chapter at the U of M. Throughout this process, I was blessed with the help of many other CRs, including members of both Team Surman and Team Hasek. The support I have received from others is what has put our chapter back on track for growth, and I believe we have outstanding potential going into the fall. Throughout the campaign, I learned more and more about what I needed in our next state Chair to help my chapter grow and get the resources we need. I began to read into what each side had to offer and the vision they had for our statewide organization. I reached the conclusion that I had not treated both sides fairly. I had not even considered supporting Danny Surman because of my assumptions about minor differences in our personal ideologies, and that wasn’t right. We, as Republicans, support the ideals of being fair and honest, and I needed to be honest with myself about the reasons why I had supported a certain team in the first place. Recently, Danny approached me and asked if he could share his ideas for the MNCRs with me, even though he knew that I had endorsed his opponent. That said a lot to me.

through my experiences as a leader of my chapter. I truly feel like this race should not be about personal ideologies. I honestly believe that he knows what it takes to make the MNCRs an effective force in the years to come. I announce my full support of Danny Surman for Chair of the Minnesota College .Danny and I have some differences. I used those differences as an excuse to write him off. For these reasons. but about the candidate who is best fit to lead this organization going forward. it will give us a great opportunity to accomplish our goals. Danny’s plan is organized. After talking with Danny on multiple occasions. Get connected to Team Surman . \ @TeamSurman TeamSurman@gmail. and for some reason. He has released detailed plans for individual chapter growth and a strong. The main goal of the College Republicans should be to do everything we can to reach out to conservative students on our campuses and use them to help get Republicans elected in our state. and if implemented. realistic finance plan that lays out how we need to allocate resources effectively within our organization.

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