below. The CAPI program for the 1998 SCF is written in the Surveycraft language. The version of the language used here is DOS-based. Thus, it will only function properly on a computer running an operating system that supports DOS; note that this restriction implies that the program will not normally run on an NT machine. 1. The program files are contained in a self-extracting zip file called scfcapi.bin. Download this file and the associated install.bat to a local disk drive. Rename scfcapi.bin scfcapi.exe. 2. Run install.bat (either by typing "install" in a DOS window from the directory where the install.bat file is stored, or by double-clicking on install.bat in that directory from the Windows Explorer). The installation will create two directories on the C: drive: MT7 and SCF. The program requires a C: drive to function. 3. In the autoexec.bat file in the C: directory, add ";C:\MT7" to the existing path. Reboot the machine or execute the autoexec.bat directly from the prompt in C:\ before attempting to run the CAPI program. 4. In a DOS window, type "SCF" at the prompt. This action will initiate a version of the SCF CAPI program. Unlike the production version of this program, this version will not store any data beyond the session. 5. The general operation of the program should be sufficiently transparent to users without further instructions. To exit a session before the end of the questionnaire, simulatneously press the "CTRL" and "END" keys. To uninstall the program, remove the directories C:\MT7 and C:\SCF along with all of their contents, and delete ";C:\MT&" from the path in the autoexec.bat file. You are free to make unlimited copies of this program and distribute it. Please cite the 1998 Survey of Consumer Finances conducted by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. The program code for this questionnaire was largely written by Geoff Walker at the National Opinion Research Center. The questionnaire wording was revised from the 1995 version by Arthur Kennickell, Martha Starr-McCluer, Annika Sunden and Brian Surette at the Federal Reserve. Substantial testing was performed by all these people and by Gerhard Fries, Kevin Moore and Amy Stubbendick at the Federal Reserve. Nonetheless, some errors remain in the program; these errors are very minor, and they are not documented on this site. ****************************** WARNING ****************************** Although we have successfully installed this program on PCs here at the FRB, no claims explict or implict are made about the functioning of this program elsewhere. The user installs this program at his or her own risk. No warranty explicit or implicit is made against damages to the user's computer or existing software. No support is available to users for installing this program. Although no formal support is

available for the use of the installed program, limited questions may be referred to Gerhard Fries at m1gxf00@frb.gov or Arthur Kennickell at m1abk00@frb.gov . The sourcecode of the Surveycraft program underlying this program are available in the 1998 SCF codebook. *************************************************************************