Are Mormons ready for the Rise of the Priestesses? No. Of course they are not. That is not the question. The question is, are you and I ready as individuals? There has been a lot of commotion lately surrounding the issue of women as they are viewed in the Church. To be perfectly clear, it is not my intention to detract from the discussion within that context. Nor do I desire to discourage my sisters from acting on the spirit of equality that is stirring in the hearts of many these days. Any action taken to further the understanding of women and men as equals is valid and important in my eyes. What I want to do with my words here is to broaden the context to include not only the furthest reaches of prophecy but to take in the vital first steps of inner change that alone can ensure true and everlasting progress beyond the shifty, political moves that are presented to us as gamechangers when in truth, they only perpetuate the boys vs. girls game of petty power struggle. The point I want to make is that men are wallowing in such a low and wretched state, spiritually speaking, that issue of equality between the sexes must, by definition start with an equal boosting of both men and women, together. So let me cut to the chase. I read a post a while back at Feminist Mormon Housewives, written by a male guest author, Jared P., that was entitled A Kingdom of Priests. It is not so much my intention to critique it but to use its momentum to catapult some ideas to those Mormon priests and priestesses who are ready for real and royal Pre-Stood Power or at least an honest discussion on priesthood politics in the Church. The post does a good job of correcting the common conflation between "the full measure of our creation" and titles and offices. But the hopes and wishes expressed in this post for the actual fulfillment of the measure of our creation sound every bit as hollow, muffled and distant as the lightly lilting but Monsonotonous speeches of Thomas S. They ring with a little less conviction than the sexist sayings of Elder Voyd K. If one can not Pack half the punch that Packer does, then don't count on much ever changing in your lifetime. To be fair I do not think for one minute that this was the author's intention (to see positive change or real strides towards the fulfilling of humanity’s divine potential) but rather, he sought and succeeded in doing a little lip-service to ideals such as equality and peace. And that is fine. Let every man and woman go at his or her own chosen pace in accordance with the divine plan. Jared most certainly speaks for the majority of his brothers and sisters and accurately communicates their affinity for warm fuzzy feelings – flufffilling over fulfillment. Indeed D&C 121 states plainly that “almost all men” cling to safety cushions which are stuffed by a staff of stiff pretend priests who place pillows with carefully crocheted clichés over the faces of their sleeping wives to stifle and suffocate them. Their so-called “priesthood position” stems directly from their “dis-position” as unrighteous dominant partners who think they can domineer the Pre-Stood Power and hog the fallsecurity blankets of a defiled marriage-bed. The bedspread or counterpane is described as a fantasy land by the poet Robert Louis Stevenson in his children’s classic, The Land of Counterpane. Here the overgrown, sick child imagines himself a giant among men, sending “ships in fleets… among the sheets” and sprawling “houses out…cities all about.” – such masculine and Masonic imagery. Stevenson’s other well known children’s poem, The Land of Nod is also a subtle nod to the vanity of this League of Just Men who leave women outside their

” . We know were falling short and even digressing away from our child-like natures when we resist change and assume the role of self-ish brats who should have been potty-trained long ago. a false illusion that appears before the real City of Enoch and sets itself against that which the Lord blesses because it wrongly sees itself as having emerged first like Esau. but because they do not expect holiness from one another. Somehow I don’t think that “Wear Diapers to Church Day” can even be justified as the baby-steps that would be appropriate for “Infants on Thrones” as Joseph Smith described us in the King Follet Discourse. he can not be a credible witness. Like spoiled royal brats we throw temple tantrums and let Christ. But it was his mother who knew and understood that Jacob was to preside. but instead insist that our Heavenly Mom and Dad bear the responsibility for changing us out of the squishy ish-filled diapers we so proudly wear. we can do no better than the writings of William Blake. If we must turn to English literature in an attempt to understand angels. Engl-ish culture has us fascinated by nannies with Brit-ish accents who claim to know precisely what it takes to raise up a righteous generation. Nephi and Joseph of Egypt were not the firstborn in their families. “It is not because angels are holier than men or devils that makes them angels. receive the lashes which in a just and fair society would go to us. This is the anti-zion or ante-zion. wrongfully assumed superiority over Eve. In many parts of the Afrikan Bush the children are diaper-free and fully potty-trained by a much earlier age than babies in modernized areas of the world. but from God only. We bask in the vainglorious flattery of the “Brethren” and the Relief Society Presidency as they remind us of the specialness of our generation. But what does Adam know about that which pre-seeded his self? Being that he does not remember clearly anything that happened before his physical creation and seeing as how he was asleep during the physical formation of Eve. In modern American English the ending “ish” is frequently used to describe something that approximates or even copies a certain characteristic but nevertheless is not an authentic or full embodiment of that characteristic. in his confusion. But we’re no Angels. Even Adam. but make a mockery with our vain ideas of perfection. We do not live as the Angels in Heaven do. does “child-ish” suffice? “Ish” is also used these days in many circles as a euphemism for “$#!+”.inner prayer circle. only Angel-ish. This is just a temporal example of a much deeper spiritual concept. Enoch. We can not preserve the Child-like/Christlike qualities which Jesus told us were necessary to inherit the Kingdom of God. By babying our spirits we do ourselves a great disservice. without putting away child-ish things. there is no eagerness here to “put away childish things”. our whipping boy. Why then do we unquestionably accept his authority as near absolute? Are we satisfied to poo-poo and postpone indefinitely Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother’s deepest desire for us as Their Sons and Daughters? Even though the words of Paul to the Corinthians are quoted in the Feminist Mormon Housewives piece. If we need to become as little children to enter the Kingdom. thinking that seniority if only by moments should always reign. It is the vain dream of the Church of (Cain) the Firstborn who goes about building the first City-State and naming it after his own firstborn.

But the title of his talk is more in line with the neural linguistic programming within its main body than with LDS Scripture and would be more accurately titled “Bee Anxiously Engaged. Caucasian men who make the “world” go round are so completely convinced that they are the “Bees Knees”. Woman is the Nigger of the World. It took a year or two of frequent repetition from his faithful companion Yoko Ono. they grossly . In many deep-seated ways. he will unfailingly be mocked by the “Big Boys” in General Conference no less. The message was conveyed via their non-verbal language which consists of a fixed set of signals for communicating location. Obsessed with accumulating more and more wealth and conceptualizing their souls to be solely de-fined by their finery. conversation is intrinsically centered around bzzzyness. In an address from last year’s October Conference Melvin Ballard Jr. with the tongue of angels. White men who imagine themselves on the top of the Pyramid or Hive are like bees. Taking their capital and industry as evidence that they must be the representatives of the summit of society. into a song. Modern man is all abuzz with making cold contacts consisting of questions like “So. They can not manipulate their system of communication to create a ‘new’ message indicating vertical distance. bees’ fixed signals all relate to horizontal distance only. can not seem to devise one. Von Frisch watched as the bees flew frustrated in all directions but were unable to locate the heavenly supply. we will hold to our place in this man’s world by cleverly putting the woman up on a pedestal which is nothing more than a glorified auction block. Very few W. what do you do?” and “How much honey does that make?” In nature bees are constantly exchanging info about where to find more nectar. Never pausing to bend the knee and confess their nothingness.A. work of course.P. These bees were then sent off to tell the rest of the hive about their find. I contend that this is a major problem because. but once the truth finally sunk in. But what do those busy bees talk about with one another? Why. the swarms of working class. speaks of being anxiously engaged (presumably in a good cause). plainly and preciously. Karl Von Frisch conducted an experiment wherein a hive (Church or Government) was placed at the foot of a radio tower with an abundant food source atop (Heaven). the crazy idea of Jesus that Love Is All We Need. The so-called progressive mind-set that is gaining popularity these days within the religious realm can not be defended as truly progressing us towards a brighter future if it refuses to pull out our dark past and examine it in the light.Anglos are not angels and through all phases of our society from Victorian to today. they have no real concept of “up” and sadly. even though most will undoubtedly say that priesthood is not the issue.s (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) ever transcend the worker-drone mentality of the Beehive and achieve the level of angels among us. If a white man grows his hair and beard out and adopts in his heart. as Nephi would say. The problem is. 10 bees were “taken up” to the top and shown the food source like holy men who get a glimpse of the Order of Heaven. Christ-shun.” In it Ballard compares “good church members” to honeybees. Did you know that bees communicate with one another through a special dance? It is true. Like the majority of males living in any one of the many white male dominated nations of the earth. the concepts of “priesthood” as well as “eternal progression” have been de-spiritualized since the early days of Mormonism. John Lennon put it succinctly and directly.S.

We may say that this is a personal domain between a person and God in an attempt to steer clear of sticky theological discussion. here is the promised presidential prattle. at least briefly. And in as much as you feel more or less qualified to speak for your sisters remember that. a spiritual standpoint. Most Mormons wouldn’t recognize true Priesthood Power if it stepped up and slapped them across the face. From a legal perspective and although unseen. we do it all the time to varying degrees and like it or not. the lack of gender equality present is a direct result of mistakenly thinking that we do know what priesthood means. So in the spirit of keeping ourselves honest. let alone hearts and minds. which it wouldn’t because it operates on the principle of non-cohersion. the roots of the problem. but also the role that theology plays as an entry point for ideas that shape our world. It’s either that. or even just a need for change no matter how big or small exists. We will start with some quotes from a past president of the Church. to the point of a spiritual (or even in some cases physical) slap across the face they rarely question the overall institution behind that force. let’s explore. Then why even talk about it with others. Bandying about with band-aids and polite banter never changes policy. . I would tend to agree. while the problem may not be that most Mormons do not know what priesthood is. But any of us who identify that a problem. what is the point of religion at all? I know many women and men who take an interest in this topic may honestly feel that it is wrong for them to pronounce judgment on another’s heart or mind. Regardless of the truthfulness of that principle. Not because I think the majority of people who read this are ready for such a revolutionary act as scrutinizing the main Church leadership. But still. or we admit that we are phonies who have no serious goals for effecting positive adjustments into the future. Changing hearts and minds has been given over to the jurisdiction of religion in countless ways. If you think this would be unnecessary or even beside the point. remember to speak for yourself. that is all very well. will have to be willing to connect the dots between the state of things today and the past roots. more political in nature or just a case of making a few aesthetic corrections. Now before you say in your mind again that the question of priesthood is not even a real issue when it comes to the objectives of the women’s equality movement within the LDS Church today. plastic surgery to improve the Church’s image. Monson is the one you want to talk to.misunderstand not only me. I for one. But for those who are more interested in changing the Church to their comfort than in listening to the discontent inside themselves and hearing that pre-stood power that creates worlds without number speak to them about how they can transform their own world – I say. But at least take a look at what you and your leaders have inherited. are themselves. Thomas S. the teachers of religion in the very forum where we are seeing inequality to be an issue. do not even believe that the real solutions require us to waste much time looking at anyone other than ourselves. your solution should be simple and straightforward. Without further ado. when they are dished a backhanded perversion of the priesthood. Or alternately admit the lack of true conviction behind your words and the pointlessness of the actions you take to supposedly establish some semblance of equality between men and women in the context of the LDS Church. the worst offenders. So whether you see it as a women’s rights issue.

in 2 Nephi 28:19. whether merely curious or truly desirous to more faithfully fulfill their life’s calling. this is not evidence that the morphed fruit is in no way connected to the lofty branches. While the problem of inequality by definition manifests itself in a variety of ways. because. I am of course applying the analogy of the wild fruit given in Jacob 5. pg 315) Another gem from sweet old Lorenzo Snow given in the same talk in 1857: "You very seldom find that husbands and wives are perfect. the more frequently God will send the Father of Lies to shake up the faulty foundations upon which so-called Master Builders construct. makes it clear that this shaking is necessary so that growth and progress might continue. If the roots are worth saving then we must disencumber the tree of the lofty branches. If you do not feel this to be true. The word Pre-Stood helps us to understand that all conferral of said power is not just an ordination but a re-ordination. right? This type of thing is no longer a problem. The Book of Mormon. therefore they have to suffer one for another until they get power over themselves like unto those that have advanced more fully in the knowledge of our God. the Love. Joseph and countless other teachers. If that is too much for some so-called priesthood holders to accept we can slightly adjust the wording to say that everyone ordained to the priesthood in this life received a pre-ordination. If I believe God wants me to be a racist I have no reason to examine racists behavior. If I believe God condemns homosexuals. like racism is no longer a problem since Obama took office. that which was before and that which remains." President Lorenzo Snow. according to Jesus. because women have not the degree of light and knowledge that their husbands have. The problem is that God knows and deep inside we know we are embracing a lie. I think it is safe to say that some shaking will be necessary for all of us at one point or another. man’s ideas on priesthood for the benefit of all my brothers and sisters. I would like to dive in a bit deeper to examine the essence of Pre-Stood Power vs. I have no reason to examine my sexism. I have no reason to examine my homophobia.” Oh but this is not the mood or attitude anymore. he would be placed at a great distance from his wives. Paul."It is much more difficult for wives to learn than it is for husbands. the essence. if he was. then I would suggest that it is a personal problem and maybe you need a PPI (Personal Priesthood . It requires a great exertion on the parts of wives to keep pace with their husbands. It is in essence. All men and women have already been fore-ordained. Yeah. Whether you see yourself as working for fair and equal treatment of women within the Church or you are actually seeking to exercise those latent. Alma. If I believe God made men superior to women. God-given powers within you. they have not the power over their passions that their husbands have. The more the lie becomes manifest in the world. Once we take the opinions of man as God’s Will. but perhaps it is very well that the husband is not perfect. I find it more helpful to use the term Pre-Stood as a reminder that the Powers of Heaven stood before and will stand long after the foundation and passing of the Earth. The very fact that these quotes have been tucked away is evidence that we have never even begun to deal with these issues. (The Blessings and Privleges of the Saints—Obedience to Council Volume 5. life seems very simple.

much higher than Salt Lake.Interview) with God to determine whether perhaps there has been some mistake in issuing that which is sacred to you who through unworthiness can no longer sense the pre-ordination of the Great Ones which Father Abraham witnessed. I wonder how many other Mormon men were left scratching their heads at this de-lineation and de-liberation of a supposedly continuous line of authority of which Christ Jesus freely gave and commanded us to freely give (Matt. minds and families for the Millennial Reign of Christ. Oaks condescendingly cautioned against the perils of the “personal line” and placed it firmly under the jurisdiction of Church leaders. it is arrogance to assume that you hold and magnify the pre-stood power if you are found mocking a movement for equality within the institutional church. It’s not simply that we have de-spiritualized the concept of the priesthood and regulated it to a purely physical realm….D. but in practice we betray this trust He has placed in us by respecting priesthoodlums and their policy over eternal principle. J. that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:4). hence the term Personal Priesthood Interview. Joseph was killed primarily for saying and showing that black people and women could have and use the priesthood Containment under Brigahm. 10:8). But confusion is compounded when one stops to consider that it is persons who hold the priesthood. "When money tries to buy beauty it tends to purchase a kind of courteous kitsch" (William H. All men who assume themselves worthy pre-stood holders and are not diligent in encouraging their own wives and even any misguided but honest LDS women who feel the Holy Spirit of change blowing through the rafters of a condemned Church and as thermal currents in their own hearts to magnify their female pre-stood power more fully. those men are not magnifying their own pre-stood but are letting it dwindle. So isn’t all priesthood personal? Indeed we may say.. If you can not see the differences between a movement for equal treatment of the feminine gender in the LDS Church and the ancient prophecies regarding the establishment of Zion then you are deeply confused about and unfamiliar with the order and powers of Heaven. While it may very well be foolishness to seek Heavenly power from worldly men. referred to as the “priesthood line” of authority in a 2010 address. The LDS acronym PPI is one that should be familiar to many Mormon men and women as well. In order to achieve divine potential it is necessary to reach higher. Latter-Day Saints should prepare in their own hearts.we have mechanized those physical manifestations of the spiritual power of the priesthood. This obsessing over lines or lineage is nothing new. along with the apostle Paul. for the Restoration of All Things and for the Rise of the Priestesses. Gass). . It is an operation of what Dallin Oaks.

female offspring carry XX chromosomes. the sex of the child is determined by the chromosome of the individual sperm that fertilizes the egg. Therefore. the mother always provides an X chromosome.In scripture it The father provides an X or Y chromosome. Male offspring carry XY chromosomes. ECO-FEMINISM E-MOTIONS ARE EARTH MOTIONS AND THE WHOLE EARTH SHALL BE IN COMMOTION .

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