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Zionist Lunacy taking World to hell in handbasket

A foreign-backed militant in Syria Zionism. Of course, you can be forgiven for thinking it's extreme lunacy. Extreme lunacy is beyond nightmares; beyond the ravings of perverted murderers; beyond grotesque, drug-induced hallucinations; beyond that which could be conceived by a drunken Nero; beyond something thought up for Caligula's birthday party. Or, put another way, it's what the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, UK, the CIA, Mossad and a few others are up to in Syria. Yes, claiming that they are responsible and rational, these self-righteous, corrupt countries and organizations are engaged in financing, training and arming the very Wahhabis, Jihadists, Salafists and alQaeda rebels who wish to destroy not only Syria but them as well.

Claiming they are promoting democracy (and if Saudi Arabia is a democracy then I am Caligula's horse) they are financing, training and arming those who would destroy democracy as well as life, liberty, human rights, tolerance, decency, standard of living, female integrity - you name it. And, oh yes, the Wahhabis, Jihadists, Salafists and alQaeda want to kill all Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and, in particular, Shia Muslims. Of course, the West is claiming that it is only financing and arming the 'good' terrorists in Syria but the facts on the ground are that the 'bad' ones (e.g., the Jabhat al-Nusra [Victory Front] of throat-slitting, choking gas bent) are, one way or another, getting more and more weapons. Moreover, they are bragging about it. That is the significance of al-Qaeda in Iraq admitting that it is al-Qaeda; of Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria merging with al-Qaeda in Iraq; and of the leader of JabhatalNusra in Syria proclaiming his fealty to the global leader of al-Qaeda (Ayman al-Zawahiri). The whole lot of them - al Qaeda, Wahhabists, Jihadists and Salafists - are joining up to fight for the "Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham," encompassing, for starters, Iraq, Syria and the Levant but going much wider in due course.

By financing and arming these gas ghouls and macabre murderers, the West, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Qatar are shooting themselves in the foot, leg, back and mouth because they are creating something that they cannot control. Of course, the Arab League (run by a group of vicious plutocrats), has done the West's bidding by giving Syria's seat at the League meetings to the foreignbacked Syrian opposition. However, the time will come when League member states are going to find themselves face to face with those very same 'bad' rebels. This is because the League is making the mistake of arming its enemies whilst thinking, at the same time, that it can control them. What an error! The League, Saudi Arabia in particular, will find that it has made an egregious blunder in trying to destroy Syria. Give a gun to an enemy and he will use it on you. And it should never be forgotten that Osama bin Laden's first enemy (and so al-Qaeda's) was his homeland (Saudi Arabia) and not the USA. But why is the West creating something that will eventually destroy its allies like Saudi Arabia, and Qatar and could also come to threaten the West itself?

The answer is that Western foreign policy in the Middle East is controlled by Zionist Israel which wants every Islamic society and every Arab state smashed into pieces. It is the intent of the Zionist entity to eliminate all resistance to the continual expansion of Israel into the lands of others from Syria in the north, to Egypt in the south across to the River Euphrates in the east. Small Islamic and Arab entities will then be controlled by airborne attacks and Israel's ultimate threat of being able to blast them apart with two or three of its four hundred atomic and hydrogen bombs. The Saudis, for example, go along with Israel's plan because the West backs the kleptomaniac, vicious Persian Gulf autocracies in suppressing the democratic desires of their populations. In exchange for that backing, the autocracies are only required, in practice, to allow the continual expansion of Israel. The expansion of Israel lies behind the arming of the Jihadist, Salafists, etc., in order to destroy Syria, because it is an ally of Iran. Iran is the strongest opponent of Israel's Nazi creeping genocide in Palestine. So the extreme lunacy of arming throat-slitters and gas ghouls who, apart from destroying democracy, want to kill everybody else, is really happening because it is a way to smash up the Middle East societies for the benefit of Zionist Israel and a way that the West and Israel think that they can control the world.

But have a think for a minute. Would a Wahhabist/Salafist regime in Damascus really be to Israel's benefit? Would the "Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham" be a compliant friend whose only desire is to please? In life we have to be careful about what we wish. Israel is getting much too cocky for its own good and will one day get its comeuppance.