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2a INTERNAL AFFAIRS LEAD SHEET MIAMI-DADE SCHOOLS POLICE DEPARTMENT COMPLAINT RECEIPT AND REFERRAL FORM INCIDENT INFORMATION / CASE NUMBER: JA#12-005 eae Date of Bair: 3: pate or UNK Day: UNK times | NK Date ' 7 Roig: | _ouzsmor2 |” Bays [_weonespay | Times 1630 ‘| [Trarget Date: | 0626/2012 | - Day: [___ MONDAY. [_Time: | 1630 Hee Weaver — qi Nenve cosmo | Day: SUNDAY [ime 1630 Location | MAW DADE SCHOOLS Location Street. | 2950 Nw 43" TERRACE (School): POLICE DEFT ‘Address: | MIAMI, FL 33142 L INVESTIGATIVE DIVISION se , Allegation: _| IMPROPER PROCEDURES Baron(®) - | COMMANDER EDWIN LOPEZ (COMPLAINANT INFORMATION) [Complainant's Name: Race? Date of CHARLES J HURLEY ‘Sos. | “WM Birth: Yoaer Place of Business a ‘Address: Business: —_| ‘Address: City/statelZiP. 100 NW 2” AVENUE MIAMI, FL 33127, Home rea Me Business Toiophionerext: | __ 205-787-7708 ‘Street Address, Me: ity/StatelZIP Home om a Business TolephonelExt: ia Celttilar: Complainant |_Arrested? Wo Police Case a x Number: Ne Citation Number: ‘Complainant Incarcerated? Wo X | HfSe, where? Page 1 of 2 ANNEX-A, [EMPLOYEE INFORMATION [Emel 218264 op: | EXEMPT DEANNA FOX- Raoe! WILLIAMS: ial Sox: Name: — Assigned Station: Division ‘Sworn Assignment: Sviorn | i) ee | pee. | COMMANDER (BRIEF CASE SYNOPSIS) On Wednesday, March 28, 2012, Charles J Hurley, Chief, Miami-Dade Schools Police Department (MDSPD), received information that during the course of an internal affairs investigation, a witness stated that Deanna Fox-Williams Commander, Bradley Rosh, Sergeant, William Tagle, Sergeant and Gylmar Ochoa, Detective, MDSPD, were potentially involved in the printing/viewing/photographing of various police report(s) and evidence from the MDSPD Property and Evidence Room. The police reports and property all involved |, deceased and former student of Miami-Dade County PubKe Sonocls. [gg was killed in Sanford, Florida in February of 2012, and the case is a focus point of a racially charged event and controversial death investigation, drawing national attention. The repori(s) and property, which were confidential and had not been released to the publicimedia, were potentially released in an unauthorized manner violating departmental policies and procedures, as well as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Commander Fox- Wiliams, Sergeant Tagle, Sergeant Rosh and Detective Ochoa, had no apparent reason to view/print/photograph these police reports and property since the cases were exceptionally cleared and Pover referred to the Investigative Division for follow up, according the Chief Hurley. REVIEWED BY: Sergeant: Lluacdea leg Date: 2/48 /20%e Date: 03/2 9//et Commander: Narrative: [CASE CLASSIFICATION al ww X PC RC sl CASE ASSIGNED TO: SERGEANT: | _EDWARD TORRENS Date: MARCH 28,2012 FINAL APPROVAL: Chief of Police: pate: 3/27/2— ANNEX-A, MEMORANDUM GDK/2012-134052 August 3, 2012 GDK/305-757-7708 TO: Deanna Fox-Williams, Cofnmande|, investigative Division Miami-Dade Schools Polife Deparment FROM: Gerald D. Kitchell, Acting hief Miami-Dade Schools Police Deparifnet SUBJECT: NOTIFICATION OF COMPLAINT CLOSURE This is to notify you that a complaint was made listing you as the subject. After a fact- finding investigation was completed by the Internal Affairs Unit, it was determined the complaint should be classified as indicated below The investigation under case IA#12-005, for the allegation of IMPROPER PROCEDURE, has been completed. if you wish to review the complaint contact the Internal Affairs Unit at (305)995-7703 CLASSIFICATION DISPOSITION PERSONNEL COMPLAINT [1 MEMO TO FILE a GENERAL INVESTIGATION Oo LA. INVESTIGATION a CIVIL RIGHTS/ DIVERSITY im] SHOOTING INVESTIGATION [1 PROPOSED DEPARTMENTAL ACTION SOUGHT NA EMP\ 7 DATE od lan y. Who, J3lo- GDK/el