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Greetings from Klaudio Zic. Our future rendering experiences come through our initiates who increasingly report excellent results in reality rendering; that is, they produce magical results in minutes. Already being able to create an event of your own in minutes is much more than any astrological or even magical initiate ever dreamed of achieving.

What can we do for you? 1. Scan your future for upcoming events, using scientific divination methods. 2. Help you render a future of your own in the place where otherwise fate would set in. 3. Invest in dedicated future rendering tuition, besides keeping your horoscopes updated.

The services fall into two interlinked categories, namely future scanning and future rendering. The first category includes scientific astrology divination, while the second generally comes in the form of reality rendering tuition. The public ranges from 32nd degree masons to incipient occultists, typically O.T.O. initiates. The catalog is thus slightly inclined towards satisfying the needs of a demanding intellectual public, but in fact, anyone can request basic divination plus instant magick tuition. However, the availability being rather restricted, the services tend to be dedicated to a selected circle of interest. The result of such a policy is personal dedication to a specific issue, such as financial prosperity rendering, family issues or marriage timing. Our profile has been built in cooperation with presidents of growing enterprises, in working towards a specific

solution for a given problem. The best way to use future rendering is to scan futurity for a well-defined problem, in applying sophisticated astrological as well as magical tools in order to solve a concrete issue. BASIC HOROSCOPE The basic horoscope will include the calculation of the real natal ascendant. There are namely 16 rising constellations at due east for the present epoch. Our policy being true to the real sky is liberating as the initiate is free from general superstition in the form of the Procrustean 12 zodiacal signs, that are never there and surely do not rise at east in your horoscope. Information equals initiation, which leads to liberation along with a greater operative freedom and invention in noble pursuit of practical wisdom. The elements of a basic horoscope are enlisted as follows.  EASTERN ASCENDANT. One of the 16 precessed ascendants that rise at due east for the current epoch. Our philosophy is that an ascendant should rise at east, not just anywhere else, or appear to be far below any horizon. The errors in natal chart calculation greatly affect individual life as well as national security. The benefit of our special clients and their families are extended to whole nations in defining the exact constellation, which rose at due east for a given horoscope.

ACADEMIC ZODIAC. We consider the true planetary placements to be the axis of a professional horoscope. Thus, the USA has been born with Serpens Cauda ascending, Sai Baba had Sun in Libra on November 23rd, while the Moon was in Orion for the WTC. No new enterprise is advised with Venus rising at east in Hydra, but Mercury in Sextans is favorable for real estate business, architecture and Freemasonry.

ADVANCED HOROSCOPE READING Knowing your true natal positions greatly empowers any further calculation. A secondary angular direction of 2002 AW197 can be crucial to the management of your real estate.

 DWARF PLANETS. The major dwarf planets are welcome into your horoscope via an exclusive horoscope chart, housing Eris, Orcus, Sedna and the new discoveries. As ours is the only service of this type on the market, the clients enjoy original predictive methods right from the source of all dwarf planets delineation. Dozens of classes of objects are included, such as critical major comets, Apoheles and the new centaurs.

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