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Ms. Vasundra Faculty MBA

Sheema Kumari Bhat MBA (Final year) IV Semester Univ. Roll No. _____




This is to certify that the research work entitled “CONSUMER



SATISFACTION REGARDING NON MEDICATING ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO” Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of master in business

administration from SWAMI DEVI DYAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, KURUKSHETRA UNIVERSITY, KURUKSHETRA is an exclusive record of bonafied research work carried out by SHEEMA KUMARI BHAT under my supervision and guidance. It is also certified that while carrying out this research work SHEEMA KUMARI BHAT constantly directions. This work done by her has been found satisfactory and commendable. I wish her great success in her career. in touch with faculty of dept. for necessary guidance and was





Research work demands special care and efforts and when a research is being undertaken, it requires commitment and exhausting hard work. But I enjoyed the whole task due to my special interest in the area of marketing. I would like to express my heartful gratitude to Ms. Vasundra (Faculty, SDDIMS) for helping me in field work without which it would no have been possible. I am greatful to my Principal, my class mates and family members who helped us to collect information for the report.



It is intended that the study of different shampoo will provide better insights of availability of product in the market and how much they are satisfying the consumers needs by taking different factors into consideration in price. packaging and will be helpful to find out the consumer taste and preference and consumer preference through lifestyle. solving hair problem. The main objective of such a report is to test various skills of the students. so that the reader can easily understand the concepts. The report presented here as been prepared by my keeping all the main aspects into considerations. if any may be overlooked. The main focus in this report has been on “CONSUMER PREFERENCE & SATISFACTION REGARDING NON MEDICATING ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO”. Efforts are made to make the text simple. The research report presented here is the part of the syllabus of the M.PREFACE This research will study the preference and satisfaction of consumer regarding the anti dandruff shampoos available in the market. I have tried to concentrate on what all event/activities are being covered. personality and attitude. I hope that this report will be valuable for both the reader and the organization.B. Kurukshetra. 4 .A degree provided by Kurukshetra University. In this topic every care has been taken in the preparation of the report however this is a maiden on my part and short comings.

further . SHEEMA KUMARI BHAT 5 .this research has not been previously submitted for award of any diploma of degree of institute or university. Barwala (PKL).DECLARATION I SHEEMA KUMARI BHAT here by declared that the research entitled “CONSUMER PREFERENCE & SATISFACTION REGARDING NON MEDICATING ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO” Is my original work done by me. in partial fulfillment of degree of MBA (4TH SEM) OF Swami Devi Dyal Institute of Management Studies.

Suggestions and recommendations 48-50 51-53 55-58 59 60-62 Chapter 6 Conclusion Bibliography Questionnaire 6 . Research Design d. Findings b. Statistical tools used for Interpretation and analysis f. Statement of problem/Objective B. Significance of the study c. Limitations of the study 25 25 26 27 28-30 31 33-46 Chapter 4 Data Analysis And Interpretation Chapter 5 Findings & Suggestions a. Data collection techniques e.INDEX Contents a) Certificate b) Acknowledgement c) Preface d) Declaration Page No 2 3 4 5 Chapter 1 Introduction A. Scope of study b. Introduction to the products 8-9 10-11 12-14 16-23 Chapter 2 Review Of Literature Chapter 3 Research Methodology a. Industry Profile C.


Environment. those persons who purchase products for personal or household use. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR refers to the buying behaviour of ultimate consumers. economic and educational background. The efficiency with which a free market system of enterprise operates. The person when has a need. 8 . Easy Availability and Variety are affecting the sale of Shampoo‟s A person‟s behavior changes from place to place and situation to situation or. Packaging. not for Business purpose. A Business community that is ignorant of consumer preferences cannot possibly Fulfill its obligations in a meaningful and responsive manner. So here comes the need to study CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR. how often they consume. cultural. for purchasing. and ideas which they expect will satisfy their needs. services. Consumer Behaviour is broadly defined as “the behaviour the consumer displays in searching. Quantity. why they consume. Say it is very inconsistent. is willing and able to Satisfy the need is called a CONSUMER. The consumer would go different ways to satisfy its needs depending on his social. family.STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The present study on SHAMPOO is also trying to find Consumer Perception About different features of Shampoos and how Price. but is also the study of who the consumers are. and under what conditions they Consume.” Consumer Behaviour is not only the study of what people consume. using and evaluating products. depends upon the extent of consumer understanding possessed by the business community.

To analyze the relationship between a specific brand and its buying behaviour. 9 . 2. 4. 3.OBJECTIVE OF STUDY 1. To assess whether advertising is influencing the buying behavior of the Consumers. To study the impact of the seals of clinical laboratories on the consumers buying behaviour. To study the current Indian market for Shampoos.

Sunsilk Ceram ides (the proposition : repair damaged hair ). and 122 New pack. the limited repertoire of benefits acted as a deterrent to frequent usage and hence growth. were the unique strategies for generating growth adopted by the three principal players in the shampoo market. after creeping up at an average rate of 6% per annum between 1992 and 1994 and. Clinic active ( the Proposition : presence of pro . suddenly raced up to 18. brand USPs were not sufficiently one another for any of them to carve out a Committed niche. This was achieved by launching a series of New brands. Organics dandruff treatment (the Proposition : hair root nourishment with anti . So.dandruff treatment ) . 100 new variants. differentiated from While this helped each brand build a franchise. Aggressive Marketing and media has made it a frothy year for shampoo marketers.INDUSTRY PROFILE “X” shampoo has keratin treatment.vitamin B5 ) . In 1997 it went up to 35% Making the hair flow. The shampoo . So long as it was a generic.Extension so as to build a clearly defined segment of users for each .marketers fragmented a once homogeneous market furiously. it served the more important function of Giving every user a definite. five brand extensions. The consumer has got used to the idea of using only that brand of shampoo that suits his or her hair the best. no shampoo Brand had the loyal following. adding up to an unparalleled excitement in what was till then a One kind fit all product categories. climbing to 9. Clinic All Clear with ZPTO ( the 10 . the shampoo Market. as well as repositioning old ones. A flurry of new launches which saw the introduction of 32 new brands. Organics (The proposition: hair root nourishment). pegging a unique differentiated benefit to each brand and line. and flow and flow. was that it cleaned hair. Levers rolled out Sunsilk Nutracare (the proposition: hair root Nourishment). focused reason to use a particular brand. With a broad swath of appeal.77% in 1996. Also. In one of the most remarkable demonstrations of acceleration. “Y” shampoo has total nourishment while “Z” shampoo rebuilds your damaged hair and control dandruff.sizes.55 % in 1995. to peg each to a distinctive benefits. generalized– Benefits product whose primary value.

V Extra shampoo and Oriflamme conditioning shampoo . There is always a large number of Potential customers waiting to buy your product as soon as it becomes Affordable. 40 % in 1996 . And Lux Super Rich ( the proposition : inclusion of hair moisturizer ) to join Clinic Plus And Sun Silk . and 30 % in 1997. creating several VFM equations . scalp moisturizer . the marketers baked up that menu with multiple Price points . And because they were targeting Growth . they cannily priced every new product at a discount to a comparable One while holding out a promise of either matching or greater value.proposition : Control of dandruff . Through new brand launches companies generated constant excitement to keep Interest in the product alive. and reduced scalp itch ) . There was Also a large successive cut in the excise duty on shampoos: from 120 % in 1994 to 70 % in 1995 .causing microbes . Pantene Pro .V ( the proposition : nourishment of hair from Root to tip ) . Also in India Customers are inordinately sensitive to price. Even as segmentation offered new value Propositions to shampoo users . 11 . P&G joined the fray with Pantene Pro .

INTRODUCTION TO PRODUCT Although segmentation offered new value propositions to the shampoo users -- Differential pricing also created several Values for Money (VFM) equations. THE MARKET SHARES BRANDS SHARE (%) Sun silk 20 Clinic 25 Organics 5. There is always a large number of Potential buyers to purchase the product as soon as it becomes affordable .6 Lakme 1 Ultra Doux 1.2 12 . A Promise for greater value or matching benefits at price discounts for every new Product gained momentum.4 Optima 3. In INDIA customers are sensitive to price.5 Pantene 11 Halo 3.

urban and rural non . 4 crores and 6 crores in the introductory phase . 13 . A Company that practices segment marketing recognizes that buyers differ in their Wants .1 Capsule „ for ultimate hair . P&G spent 8 crores on advertising Pantene on TV in the first four months of its launch . One of the biggest barriers to shampoo usage is the consumer perception that it harms the hair.Flex 0. then .Thus companies will have to mould new consumer ‟ s usage patterns to its own benefit . each buyer is potentially a separate separate marketing Program for each market . A market segment consists of a large identifiable group within a market.7 Others 28. and and wants . nourishment and beauty of the Hair .„The 3 in . purchasing power . The ad-to .Companies are still associating it with modern life styles to find acceptance in semi . buying Habits . Thus companies are focusing on defending the product against accusations by promoting the strength .users to Build and enlarge shampoo usage levels . Ideally . though no company is willing to customize its offer \ Communication bundle to each individual customer . geographical Because buyers have unique needs locations .sales ratio of the Companies have shown remarkable jump from 10 % to 20 % compared to the Average of 5 % for most product categories. buying attitudes . to have a competitive advantage and stay out there in the longer run with a respectable market share.6 Promoting the shampoo brands poses another challenge for the marketers resulting in high advertisement spends and media spends . HLL‟s estimated advertising expenditure for each new shampoo launch was between Rs . The company instead tries to Isolate some broad segments that make up a market. a seller might design a buyer .

use occasions or brands .Two broad groups of variables are used to Segment Consumer Markets. Other researchers try to form segments by looking at consumer characteristics . Demographic or Psychographic characteristics. 14 . Some Researchers try to form segments by looking at Consumer responses to Benefits sought . They commonly use Geographic.


They can cut down on static. and pull moisture onto hair to keep it from getting too dry.duty surfactants.treated. sequestering agents.they give the hair a squeaky clean feel. Baby shampoos contain amphoterics and have less detergent and are not designed for cleaning adult hair. detangling agents as well as thickeners. evidence that they are effective.Publish on 12 SEP 2010 Shampoos Shampoos are cleansers designed to clean your hair and your scalp . humectants. per med. Body building shampoos contain proteins bond to hair and increase its volume. Clarifying shampoos contain heavy . Revitalizing damaged designed or replenishing and retain contain color or shampoos gentler to are made for color .90 % water about 1% fragrance and with 2-8% detergents and foaming agents and Shampoos often contain antistatic and preservatives. Effective detergents include sodium laurel sulfate. depending partly on the strength of the surfactants . Those designed for daily use contain mild surfactants and are less likely to irritate the scalp. Moisturizing shampoos are the best choice for dry. laureth sulfate. help to repair They ingredients there's little split ends. Stronger clarifying shampoos should not be used more than once or twice a week. 2-in-1 shampoos with conditioner save time but may leave your hair feeling too dry or sticky. Ingredients Of Shampoo All shampoos are 80 . especially when a lot of styling products have been used. Where they differ is how your hair feels after ward . 16 . make split ends look better (by gluing them together with proteins). flyaway hair. color and conditioners. Most shampoos clean your hair very well . may include but and hair to surfactants .

The skin becomes more permeable to chemicals such as hair dye and perming solution. resulting in  Irritant provoked contact by dermatitis (red. lavender and rose oil Preservatives. prone to infection with Staphylococcus aureus.  The number and type of bacteria and yeasts on the skin surface may change. 17 . The surface horny cells may be loosened.  The surface oil film (sebum) is removed. a rare mixture of contact urticaria and allergic  Protein dermatitis. Sodium sulphate more irritating laureth sulphate for example.   Stinging. itching and swelling) may arise due to a fragrance or preservative. from where it evaporates. disturbing barrier function and allowing more water loss.They may be appropriate for someone that has damaged hair and who finds standard shampoos too harsh.  Allergic contact dermatitis (a delayed but persistent reaction) may develop to a component of the shampoo. due to a protein component such as peanut or oatmeal. dry. resulting in dandruff or seborrhea dermatitis. This may in be the particular surfactant than sodium shampoo. especially if dermatitis is already present. is or by a may develop. Because they are rinsed off. However it may    result from: Botanicals such as chamomile.  Dry skin is more impetigo. such as Kathon CG or quaternium-15 Fragrances contact dermatitis.   The de-fatted skin may become excessively dry. chafed skin) the dry laurel skin itself. true contact allergy to shampoo is rare. Contact urticaria (immediate redness. allowing greater water loss through the epidermis to the skin surface.

real cause of your scalp problems. this is not always the answer. There are many reasons why you may develop eczema on your scalp such as nutrient deficiencies and weather changes. if your doctor has prescribed you with a medicated shampoo then that are a different matter. this article may shed some light. Eczema shampoo does not necessarily have to be in the form of a medicated shampoo and if you are using this without any success. these which is can used cause to facilitate scalp. follicle Research chemicals irritation which can worsen an existing problem or cause new problems. All non-organic shampoos both medicated and non-medicated contain harsh chemicals.Published on 09 JULY 2009 An increasing number of people these days. if not. Sensitive skin can develop problems at any time. Those individuals may reach for the popular eczema shampoo or other types of medicated shampoo to treat the problem. eye the and lathering. to the more serious conditions such as scalp dermatitis and eczema. Of course. it is a good Idea to obtain an organic shampoo which contains no unnatural ingredients. If your scalp begins to clear up. then you can be sure that the cause of your scalp condition was down to your shampoo. suffer from various forms of scalp disorders such as dandruff and a flaky scalp. most notably sodium-laureth has shown that sulphate. you may find that these can aggravate rather than help your situation. then you can begin to find out the 18 . if you are self prescribing or just continuing to use your every-day shampoo. so in this instance. Most of us have used these shampoos our entire life and some may have always had scalp problems where others have more recently developed them. however. however. but one of the more increasing causes for scalp eczema is in your existing shampoo.

may indeed. Naturally. For a full guide to scalp health and maintenance. That is the reason why owners really have to invest on a shampoo sink. Using medicated shampoo. those little things affect customer satisfaction. but unless the root cause is determined. it is needed if a client wants her hair colored or treated. you always have your hair washed before having it trimmed. So if you are looking into upgrading the shampoo sinks in your salon or you are new in the business and you are about to invest on one. 25 march 2011 Every saloon needs shampoo sinks. it would strain the neck of the client and believe it or not.As stated. it normally involves the need to have it washed before or after. think of getting the most comfortable shampoo sink – one that will not strain the neck of your 19 . are involved in scalp health. temporarily stop the scalp condition. otherwise. In fact. continue to Itchy Scalp Treatment. The contour of the area where the neck is placed must be smooth. Some require the client to be in a sitting position while others require them to lie down like they are in bed. the way the sink is made greatly affects the comfort of the client while having her hair washed. One thing that you must realize as a saloon owner is that shampoo sinks may serve the same purpose but they never have the same quality. this could be due to an imbalanced diet with nutrition deficiencies such as the B vitamins which among other uses. There are many effective and natural methods to clear and prevent scalp eczema. it is one of the investments of the owner that is most often used. Think about it. then it may return before too long. Even the style differs. Finding the best eczema shampoo can be very difficult and the results may not always be the desired outcome. As you can imagine. Whatever it is that a client wants done with her hair. Other causes may include allergies to hair products or other environmental issues such as weather extremes.

client.but yes. Mitchell. Brunettes and even Professional Products Sold Red In Places Other Than heads. When it comes to the service industries. Professional Have you vs ever there Store gone to a is Bought salon a Hair difference. You can even find shampoo for Blondes. Aussie. Or do they ?What is the difference between professional salon products and generic brands sold at your grocery store and Wal-Mart ? Is there one? Some will say „No‟. If you can adjust the height of the sink to match that of your client‟s that is even better. BedHead. same companies make products Redken. Posted: 10-24-2005 by Kate Kelley A shampoo is just a shampoo. straight hair. The last thing that you want is a client complaining about a strained neck. also make products for Pantene. taken it home and tried the shampoo? The shampoo will lather up very quickly and will require a lot less. Professional products want to give you an experience! The creators of the products want you to use their shampoo and feel luxurious. Or is it?All shampoos work the same way. going to a salon must be a relaxing experience. And than for those sold in Paul higher general care. and to see a difference in your final outcome. they all clean your hair. damaged hair and „I need more volume‟ hair. to notice the smell. Remember. It use to be that professional products were the only ones that catered to curly hair. But now there are numerous generic brands that have been expanding their lines to cater to the different types of hair. This is because ingredients used in the professional products are typically of higher quality and have gentler surfactants (type of soap used in shampoo). the little things count. hair the quality The of ingredients used that is notice a difference. L‟Oreal and other products in your grocery store. etc. Salons 20 . They want you to use their product and in this process. Products and purchased a bottle of shampoo and typically the conditioner.

Nizoral shampoo successfully controls dried head. Dry out crown is known to trigger body inflammation Nizoral In addition Balding to itching. then go for it! 24. Hair products have a shelf life of about 1 year. the leading root of dandruff. Then go back to your generic brand and see if you notice the difference. So buyer beware. has been the dynamic useful compound inside Shampoo established inside managing dihydro testosterone degrees. but you have no idea what else you are putting on your hair. You may have read on the back of a bottle of professional shampoo. Designed employing ketoconazole from both A SINGLE and 2% capacity.” If bought elsewhere. Ketoconazole. Cure.03. „Only guaranteed if sold in a salon. I‟ve seen discontinued products that were sold in stores 3 years after the product had been discontinued. a lot of these products are old.2011 Nizoral Balding Shampoo Nizoral Hair loss Shampoo Medication Strategy is utilized by countless in order to deal with dandruff as well as restore rejuvenating regrowth. you as a consumers may be getting a product that has been tampered with. it‟s safer to buy professional It‟s salon Really products Up in To a salon.You may have been shopping in your grocery store or Target and noticed professional products that are being sold on their shelves. These products have landed on the shelves due to what is called diversion. If it‟s worth it to you. You Deciding to use professional products over the generic product is clearly up to you and your checkbook. Buying from these stores may save you a couple cents. Also. It really is dihydro testosterone. Diversion is when the product is sold through another source outside its intended channel for distribution. Notice the way your hair feels and looks. One way to see if you notice the difference is to buy a bottle of shampoo and conditional from a salon and use it for 3-4 weeks. also 21 .

referred to as DHT, that is a leading cause of hair loss places and parts about women and womans physiques when

also thinning

men. DHT is actually created in both guy along with increased volumes involving and rogenic DHT is hormone or

testosterone mix using 5-alpha reductase. In the event away from the particular crown, it can produce

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specific hair follicles develop into Hair

they are inactive or perhaps choose permanently dormant. While using Nizoral thinning Shampoo two times daily is actually a healthy way to

be able to strike frizzy plus

the foundation source of hair loss. The product hair controllable the the oils

was designed to keep your dandruff, waterless crown

although while doing so reducing

itchiness of which crown, it and also

characterizes it. As soon as appropriately massaged in to body‟s

energizes that blood circulation, and also flushes out there captured the hormones, mind exclusively DHT on the of hair follicles. hair, the






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foundation in addition to follicle with the essential nutritional value regard to most effective new hair growth. After while using

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product or service for merely COUPLE OF to

be able to Month it is within the skin condition

best to set out to observe a new extraordinary betterment of one‟s scalp.

The following show you the item is definitely operating reduce

everyone associated with dry crown in addition to itching. If you‟re caressing this shampoo into your current crown, additionally it is cleanse out and about every single follicle with stuck infection, bacterias, grime, environmental toxic compounds, oils as well as DHT. Even though that they make absolutely no states revealing Nizoral Shampoo Thinning hair merchandise assure rejuvenating curly hair growth, through removing DHT cornered in the follicle they‟ll effortlessly start off main excitement. Your exciting outcome of a washed away follicle naturally does trigger new hair growth. Ketoconazole possesses simply no recognized unwanted side effects other than appearing gently inflamed Just it‟s for the body regarding a number of people.

before making use of Nizoral Shampoo Hair thinning Treatments for a crown, always choose just one minor region on your own remaining hair to test. In

case immediately after daily and also thus is or perhaps sense absolutely no precise

immediately after using Nizoral the truth agitation, you must start to develop

merchandise as directed. If you‟re being increased of hair loss quantities thinning of DHT on

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27 oct 2003
DANDRUFF IS a common problem. All of us have suffered from the problem at one time or the other. In its mild form, dandruff consists of loose white flakes that fall off. At times, the flakes may be yellow in colour. Even mild dandruff causes itching. There are two kinds of dandruff - oily and dry. Dry dandruff appears as loose

white flakes and the scalp itches a great deal. The oily dandruff is sticky and yellow in colour and is smelly. The oily form is found mostly amongst adolescents and

adults with an excessive oily skin.




2. TO improve the quality of SHAMPOOS. done Shampoos like washing soaps or locally made by products have sector Also Shampoos unorganized which are not branded have not been considered. 3. SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY Why the study This study is confined to the brand preference of customers. not and appraisal of Shampoos Any been substitutes of considered. 25 . This study will be of significance to the manufacturers of Shampoos in the following ways:- 1. This study is an attempt to analyze the awareness of SHAMPOO among customers. The whole from the angle of natural the customer satisfaction. which influence the brand choice. To charge reasonable prices that is reduce the prices up to a certain limit so that the customers can purchase it in the best possible way. Improve the market image of brands.SCOPE OF STUDY The scope of the study has covers been almost all categories of Shampoos. Bring in additional means of creating awareness among customers. problems faced by customers and examine factors.

Researchers must prepare/select a sample design which should be reliable & appropriate for his research only. Research and redefining problems. we decided to study the current scenario of the market.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Keeping in view the Shampoo Market in INDIA which is very crowded and becoming Competitive day by day. and the at last evaluating testing reaching conclusion.  Sampling Technique The sampling technique used is Questionnaire. There are many sample designs from which a researcher can choose. word refers to search formulated data. organizing. SAMPLE DESIGN A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population. and hypothesis making or suggested deduction and collecting.  Sample Size Sample size is 150 26 . the of knowledge. whether they fit /carefully conclusions to determine formulating hypothesis. RESEARCH DESIGN Research design is a common comprises defining solutions.

PRIMARY DATA Primary data was collected through face to face interviews while filling up Questionnaires.DATA COLLECTION The following techniques were adopted for data collection: 1. newspapers and research reports that formed the secondary data. SECONDARY DATA Relevant information was gathered from magazines. it is a better 27 . 2. 3. COMMUNICATION APPROACH Face to face interviews was taken as the communication approach since method in cases where slight probing is required.

In attempting to arrive at decisions about the population on the basis of sample information. present. yearly income) and tabulated or plotted as chronologically ordered numbers or data points.  Hypothesis.-Values taken by a variable over time (such as daily sales revenue. A wide variety of statistical tools are available.STATISTICAL TOOLS The structured questionnaire was prepared and administered to the respondents for collecting primary data. Such an assumption is called statistical hypothesis which may or may not be true. monthly overheads.Regression analysis is the study of the nature of relationship between the variables so that one may be able to predict the unknown value of one variable for a known variable of another.  Time series Analysis. This is called null hypothesis. Null hypothesis is generally denoted by the symbol H0. Alternate Hypothesis. often over a four to five year period. 28 . The nature of questions was both close ended as well as open ended. Like Correlation Analysis-Correlation is a statistical relation between two or more variables such that systematic changes in the value of one variable are accompanied by systematic changes in the other kinds of variable. To yield valid statistical inferences. which help in defining the relation between different 5items. These are the basic measures. it is necessary to make assumptions about the population parameters involved. past and future trends.Any hypothesis different from the null hypothesis is called an alternative hypothesis and is denoted by the symbol H1. these values must be repeatedly measured. There are two type of hypothesis Null Hypothesis  Alternative Hypothesis Null Hypothesis-In test of hypothesis we always begin with an assumption or hypothesis.  Regression Analysis. weekly orders.

test) is an important test amongst several tests of significance developed by the statisticians is. we reject the null hypothesis 29 . symbolically written as χ2 is a statistical measure used in the context of sampling analysis for testing the fit as a test of attributes.test is often used to test the significance of population variance i.test as a non. Chi-square.Square Test The chi-square test (χ2.e. the Chi-Square test is applicable to a very large number of problems in practice which can be summed up under the following heads: 1) χ2 – test as a test for population variance 2) χ 2. s2= ∑(x-x-)2 / n ns2= ∑(x-x-)2 3) Number of degree of freedom are worked out by using the following formula: Degree of freedom =V=n-1 4) Obtain the table value of χ2 with reference is the degree of freedom for the given problem and the desired level of significance.parametric test. 1) χ2. Thus.Chi. we can use this test to judge if a random sample has been draw from a normal population with mean (μ) variance(σ20) and with a specified Procedure 1) Set up the null hypothesis H0: σ2 = σ20 and H1: σ2> σ02 2) We compute χ2 by using any one of the following formula: χ2= ∑(x-x-)2 / σ2 or ns2 / σ2 where.test as a test for population variance: χ2. 5) If the calculated value of χ2 > tabled value of χ2 .

Otherwise we accept H0 30 .H0.

LIMITATIONS: The probable limitations of this study are as under : 1. but made to picture as candid as Possible. Samples were randomly selected as per convenience so error is bound to Creep in the observation. 2. The first and still foremost efforts limitations have been was time constraint put the which was clear only and one Month. 3. the respondents was a limiting factor in gaining 31 . The conservative attitude of Information.


1. 33 . Less than 10% of the respondents shampoo and gave the reason that shampoos soaps or the Traditional method of washing cause hair problems. They either hair. Do you use shampoo? Yes No Shampoo Liking Yes No Respondents 150 10 Response 150 people response were yes & other 10 said they use home remedy + shampoo. reveals that refused 90% of the the use of use Female [two each using homemade remedy] the study Respondents use shampoo.

Dandruff was the to use more than one problem which led the consumer 34 . according to shampoos Able to simultaneously.2. After for 16 of 20 sample and sunsilk coming to be Pantene with brand is used more followed by organics. most important was hair the hair requirements. Analysis The brand survey or showed a Type of number of reasons for consumers using more than one No single shampoo. Which of the following brands of shampoo have you purchase? Pantene Organics Sun silk Clinic plus Others (please specify) PANTENE SUNSILK ORGANICS CLEAN OTHERS &CLEAR MALE FEMALE 7 5 5 3 4 2 8 8 3 3 6 4 2 0 PANTENE SUNSILK ORGANICS Series 3 Series 2 Series 1 CLEAN &CLEAR Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Response It can account this been seen that clinic all clear has been next tried by most people that 12. fulfill all the consumer.

shampoo at a time. Some people use two or more shampoos for change. simultaneously. just 35 .

hair type -. Factors you consider while purchasing a shampoo? RANK THEM ACCORDING Hair type Packaging Price YOUR PRIORITY: Fragrance Hair problem Availability Response FEMALE: 10 female: -. -. price to be one after fragrance and In hair case of males 6 male followed had the same And levels this of priority that starts from problem by fragrance. But then packaging.Hair types -.Price -.Packaging -.Availability -.Hair prob.Fragrance -. -.Price --Packaging It can be concluded priority said of that [Section-2] 4 male: -.Availability In the above response few 3 girls responded price followed by packaging.Packaging --Availability --Fragrance in case of females most have the same levels of 3 of them buying the brand and so the order remains the same.Hair problem -.3. section 1 of males differs with 36 .Hair type -. MALE: [Section-1] 6 male: -.price -.Fragrance -.Hair prob.

section by hair 2 with respect to levels of as section 2 priority is of price followed type and then fragrance. 37 .

Who influence you to purchase the brand? Family Advertisement Other MALE FEMALE FAMILY 3 5 Doctor Self DOCTOR 5 7 ADVERTISEMENT SELF 10 8 10 5 OTHERS 2 4 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Family Doctor Advertisement Self Series 3 Series 2 Series 1 Response Almost all responded that purchase of a Shampoo. it‟s the role of adv. At times and then reference also helps selecting a brand. That actually led to a ANALYSIS The is role which advertisements play cannot influence be neglected. Consumers to the in the age group 17-25 [target group] are more innovative as compared age groups.4. Next the role of self that is the consumer family. According to study it found that advertisements comes the doctor and the consumers a great deal himself someone‟s in selecting a comes in Shampoo. It has been observed from the study that females other 38 .

shampoo their hair twice a week. while males prefer using shampoo on alternate days. 39 .

5. 13 their brand led to hair of prompted both sex of the about the hair loss consumer responded reason etc. has consumers to use more that than one brand simultaneously. These Frequently changing quality account [male and female] availability is one of the factor which to a certain extent. the non many occasionally. Do you change your shampoo? Frequently Occasionally Never FREQUENTLY 5 3 OCCASIONALY 9 11 NEVER 7 6 MALE FEMALE 10 Series 3 5 Series 2 Series 1 0 Frequently Occasionally Never ANALSYIS It can be concluded that consumers consumer a majority also tend of the consumers to for 8 test the change their shampoo of new and launches. they never change changing brand When asked problems like they responded that 40 .

moderately medical benefits equal to Organics and less than others and high quality higher than others. High fragrance higher than Organic and Sun silk and equal to Pantene. moderately high medical Benefits. Rank different attribute with each brand according to your preferences? Strongly Agree (1) Neutral (3) Strongly disagree (5) BRAND ATTRIBUTE SUNSILK CLINIC ORGANIC PANTENE OTHERS Agree (2) Disagree (4) 1. moderately high Medical benefits lower than Pantene and Organics and nearly equal to Sun silk Pantene. high Fragrance equal to Clinic the and moderately higher than high price higher than high others. [2 male & 3 female] Organics: had moderately low price lower than others. [3 male & 4 female] Pantene : had others. 3. and high Quality higher than Sun silk and Organics lower than 41 . high Fragrance higher than Sun silk and lower than Pantene and Clinic. lower than Clinic and Sun silk and equal to Pantene and high quality higher than Sun silk and lower than others. [2 male & 3 female] Clinic: had moderately low price lower than Pantene and Sun silk.6. 2.

[1 male & 2 female] Sun silk had moderately low price higher than others and lower than Pantene. medical others.4. moderately high fragrance lower than others. benefits Higher than others and moderately high moderately high quality lower than 42 .

How many times you shampoo your hair in a week ? 1-2 5-6 1-2 4 8 3–4 7 and above 3-4 4 4 5-6 Above 7 - Male Female 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 2-Jan 3–4 6-May 7 and above Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 ANALYSIS When asked about how many times the consumer They responded 60 % that 1-2 times conclusion use to shampoo their hair ? in a week and rest 40 % responded more can be drawn on people using 1-2 times than 1-2 times.7. 43 . A further or 3-4 times.

44 .8. Followed by 100 ml and 250 ml. The rest packs and because available terms of size price and necessarily bigger pack. What is the Size of the pack you purchase most often? 100ml Sachets 100 ml to 250 ml above 250 ml Male Female 100ml 2 1 100ml-250ml 1 2 sachets 5 4 Above 250ml 2 3 15 10 5 0 100ml 100 ml to 250 Sachets ml Category 4 Series 3 Series 2 Series 1 ANALYSIS It can be concluded that sachets are most used because of its convenience and that is higher the price. People who use sachets use it as trial to see go for 250 ml primarily the effectiveness and if they to buy of going are the other for satisfied then they small options sachets because of not are used not going again and in again. Next Comes to be 250ml because of its price again pack lower the price.

Pantene. Sun silk. of viewership went to clinic. of viewership In TV but in magazine & Newspaper they had different viewership. ANALYSIS It says that T. 45 .V. media as in Magazine highest number of viewer ship went to Clinic. In which media you have seen the advertisement of these brands? BRAND SUNSILK CLINIC ORGANICS PANTENE MEDIA TELEVISION Male Female 10 10 6 4 8 Male female 10 10 9 8 7 9 Male Female 10 10 6 5 4 4 Male 10 7 4 Female 10 5 7 NEWSPAPPER 6 MAGAZINE RESPONSE Reveals same that in TV as media the for ads advertisement all the of all responded have had the In case of print frequency of seeing the brands. Organics. In case of Newspaper the maximum no.9. Pantene. is best media for advertising for all kind of advertising and it has best Opportunity for the brand to penetrate in market. in decreasing order. All of the brands have equal no. organic & sun silk in decreasing order.

antidandruff and Hair repair needs of the consumer. Sun silk to a large extent fails to satisfy hair nourishment. CLINIC: [8 males & 9 females] the consumers of Clinic were most satisfied with all the Attributes of the shampoo. Level of satisfaction you are getting from your shampoo brand? Highly Satisfied Neutral Highly dissatisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied ANALYSIS The maximum satisfied consumers were of Clinic users and then comes organic.10. SUNSILK: [4MALES & 6 FEMALES] Satisfaction level with Sun silk was the last rated among The customer. Pantene. Clinic All Clear provides high satisfaction to the consumer as far as anti dandruff quality of the shampoo is concerned. 46 . This shampoo is needed to be improved upon the anti . Sun silk. PANTENE: [5 MALES & 8 FEMALES] Next on the list is Pantene.dandruff and hair repairing qualities which the consumer finds is lacking to a certain extent. ORGANIC: [7 males & 9 females] the consumers of organic were satisfied with all the Attributes of the shampoo except hair repair to some extent and fragrance.


satisfied with their People normally shampoo twice a week or three to four times a week.  People buy those shampoos giving them maximum benefits.e.FINDINGS OF THE STUDY  It has been observed that people use not only shampoos but home remedy is also preferred because of its uniqueness of effectiveness.   their shampoo i. And then the newspapers. people normally buy sachets available followed by above 250-ml  Most people know of the brands through advertisements. 48 . People also use more than one shampoo or keep two shampoos  Most people have tried one or more shampoos but hardly find any differences. Except for clinic all clear and organic in which respondents have positively agreed of best shampoo than others. 1st hair problem and combination of by price. Most people change their shampoos occasionally they are but there are people current who never change brand. Most pack.   benefits followed An advertisement is the one that influences a lot than any other factors.e. Next come magazines. Female normally look for shampoo matching with their hair type but then male fragrances look for i.

49 . advice is indifferent advertisements. He is indifferent to advertisements and independently makes the major decisions  of his life. provides Good  Company. BRAND IMAGE OF SHAMPOOS AS A PERSON The survey reveals that the Organics user with his Impressive personality and is Similar and Friendly behavior provides Good Company. gives good company and has an impressive personality. The Pantene consumer is very friendly. He seldom seeks advice and is indifferent to advertisements as he is independent in taking major decisions in his life.  The user of Clinic all clear is quite innovative while he also does his jobs meticulously. He is similar to most nature. people due to his friendly The consumer He of seldom Sun seeks silk is totally from independent others and in making major to decisions. quality brands. His to most people. He is Outgoing to most people. similarity provide good company and accord him an  impressive personality. He independently takes decisions and never seeks any advice from others. Satisfaction is These and are the maximum drawn with attract people most using clinic and organic. Although he is meticulous but lacks innovation. which because of perceived brand image. He is meticulous and similar to most people although he is outgoing he is not much of an innovator. The user of Head & Shoulders has an Outgoing personality and can is meticulous in nature although and independently impress People easily. He taken decisions. outgoing and friendly nature.

His similarity to most people. 50 . his impressive personality and friendly nature always provide good company.

by guiding the expectations about the shampoo experienceprocess called a product enhancement. associations and images that people have of a shampoo brand Determine the demand ways in which side of the brand equity equation. hair and Dandruff‟s etc.  Identify the key benefits such as hair strengthening. missing form shampoo and makes them the USP of new brands. by creating a halo of superiority around the brand via a mechanic termed “Interest – Status”. shiny and healthy Hair.for instance.  Second. the advertisement needs to be remembered. and keep your Hair target group. There are two key advertising related factors First.RECOMMENDATIONS & SUGGESTIONS  Target those people who use shampoo and trust the shampoo as their best solution for hair Care. Second the message should relate in product. some way to the experience of „using‟ the This is important because its main influence is at the point of trial. And deliver the same of high quality and at the same time positioning the Brand as solution for your hair problem healthy to that and which also rejuvenate your hair.  The ideas. First.  Look falling for different problems for which people use shampoo for hair care. There are two is likely to influence perceived product advertising performance.  Develop quality and brand image so that by trial of your brand leaves with a good image and then followed by usage of bigger pack which then will be used by them. does it 51 . The USP could be rebuilding damaged hair.

create any expectation of what the shampoo would “feel like to your hair” i.e..  Use country wide sampling activity benefit of shampoo backing up the to purchase. Here these people are almost satisfied with their current brand because the core features the consumer looks for is being derived from delivering the improved should their brand. to acquaint potential customers with the effort with advertising to convert intent  Offer value for money impetus for the decision to use the product more intensively  Again benchmark the company that has well positioned itself in the minds of the consumer and they [consumers] rarely changes their shampoo. After a gap of sometime check which are the packs that are bought most and assure their availability?  Last but not the being the male least there are separate issue that have to deal with and then growing demand of herbal and female factor shampoo. changing frequently and/or drawing the crowd towards your brand. other positive occasionally and  Go for strategic sizing and pricing. Looking at 52 . how will it take care of your hair and especially to your specifications. But the advertiser should always bear in mind that the benefits proclaimed are in line with what the product can actually deliver. Have those packs available in the market so that people have a wider option available and presence of your brand. And so it one will make them switch to your brand but be well advertised and substantiated this action of company will have effect of attracting those switchers.

Like the Colgate has done there by building a well with the already launched product of herbal toothpaste. Second point.First male. Can the company in the same line of chemical shampoos change the perception in the mind of the consumer of effects and at the same time advertise about their shampoo and/or extension and chemical shampoo having no side of using the possible advantages can they come up with a herbal shampoo as the product Brand image. [Rejuvenate shampoo that improve from the current position and healthy etc.     The advt. solution for hair problem and thus improving and rejuvenating them.. If yes please go ahead but probe before you plunge.e. And so the company communicate better to the [male & female] that they may have is of can develop the brand image and quality and target group of these core benefits of your brand i. point the Female normally factors have of buying a shampoo are different than A female less problem of falling hair than male and so they look for those hair of their hair. ] But one common problem dandruff‟s. Slogan could be : Expert care for every type of hair Extra protection for your hair Remove dandruff‟s in seconds 53 .


The study reveals that Pantene has been tried by most of the consumer (16 %). The survey showed a number of reasons for consumers using more than one brand or type of shampoos simultaneously. Price of the product. significant role. and self. according to the 55 . Organics and Clinic Plus both (11 %). Awareness about the product regarding the ingredients the consumers. important role in the purchase. According to the study Pantene is the most consumed (20 %) brand of shampoo. The consumers of shampoo are very sensitive and he is very much aware of is very high in the products. No single shampoo. Family influence. Organics forms only 5 % of the total shampoos consumption. Attributes Attributes of like a particular reasonable brand also play an price. Head & Shoulders and Clinic Plus both account to 15 % of the total shampoo consumption and Sun silk is less consumed than these (14 %). Hair problem. Advertisement.CONCLUSION Conclusion of survey reveals that the consumer behaviours depend on the following reasons: . By the analysis we can conclude that consumers in the shampoo market are not much conscious about the price but its quality plays important role. which have been tried by the consumers.Product quality. & medications plays its quality. Influence of hair problem and assurity to solve that problem given by the doctor and family is also very high. fragrance. Next comes Sun silk. Doctor‟s prescription. Influence in the purchase of the shampoos mainly depends on the brand.

29 are more innovative as from the study that shampoo on size pack of compared to the other age groups. From the survey it was found that the Medium shampoos with quantity of 100 ml to 250 ml is the most frequently purchased pack. 56 . Consumers in the age group below 20 and 20 . while males prefer using alternate days. At times someone‟s reference also helps in selecting a brand. According to study it is found that even advertisements influence the consumers a great deal in selecting a shampoo. Sun silk to a large extent fails to satisfy hair nourishment. was important at a hair able to fulfill all the hair requirements. Hair type or hair problems are found to be more significant as compared to the fragrance. Some people change. But these two upon the anti –dandruff and hair repairing qualities shampoos need to the consumer improve which finds is lacking to a certain extent.availability of People plays a select shampoo(s) very important tend to shift to another brand due their brands. Dandruff was the consumer to use more than one or more shampoos simultaneously. The satisfaction level lies in the range from 1-1. Hair type also selecting shampoo consumer take care to select the shampoo according to their hair type. the most shampoo just for problem which led use two time. According to our sample 51 % of the people across different age groups and income groups prefer this packaging. A significant figure of 57% of the consumer to non . The role which Advertisements play cannot be neglected.Next the list are Organics and Clinic Plus. with role. It has been observed females shampoo their hair twice a week.consumer. The consumers of Head & shoulders of on are the most satisfied with all the attributes the and the range falls in the interval of 2.5. Hair problems are the most important one.3 on the scale of 1-3.5 . anti dandruff and hair repair needs of the consumer. packaging and price of a shampoo. reference While to their a hair problems.

provide good company and accord him an impressive personality. Advertisements play a significant role in the purchase decision of the consumers. Ayur needs to improve upon all its attributes as the satisfaction level for all of them lies in the range of 1 . He seldom seeks advice from others and is indifferent to advertisements. provides Good Company. hair repair. outgoing and friendly nature. Although he is meticulous but lacks innovation. But it lacks all other attributes such as removing hair problems etc. satisfaction is very low on the scale. than the role models The survey reveals that the Organics user with his Impressive personality and Friendly behavior provides Good Company. 60 % of the consumers remain unaffected by the of the seal. The conditioning. He is meticulous in nature although he independently takes decisions. 33% of consumers are influenced by the advertisements of shampoos they use. He is Outgoing and is Similar to most people.Clinic All Clear provides high satisfaction to the consumer as far as anti dandruff quality of the shampoo is concerned. He is similar to most people and due to his friendly nature. hair nourishment. more attention to. The user of Head & Shoulders has an Outgoing personality and can impress people easily. His similarity to most people. The relatively new a Clinical Laboratory decisions of the on a shampoo bottle does not concept of using the seal of much influence the purchase use consumer. The message in the advertisements is paid shown in the advertisements.2. 57 . The consumer of Sun silk is totally independent in making major decisions. He is indifferent to advertisements and independently makes the major decisions of his life.

gives good company and has an impressive personality. The user of Clinic Plus is quite innovative while he also does his jobs meticulously. He seldom seeks advice and is indifferent to advertisements as he is independent in taking major decisions in his life. his impressive personality and friendly nature always provide good company. His similarity to most people. He is meticulous and similar to most people although he is outgoing he is not much of an innovator. He independently takes decisions and never seeks any advice from others.The Pantene consumer is very friendly. 58 .

Business world 59 www.BIBLOGRAPHY     Phillip Kotler . marketing management.scribd.

Who influence you to purchase the brand? Family Advertisement Other Doctor Self 60 . Which of the following brands of shampoo have you purchase? Pantene Organics Sun silk Clinic plus Others (please specify) 3. Do you use shampoo? Yes No 2. Factors you consider while purchasing a shampoo? RANK THEM ACCORDING Hair type Packaging Price Fragrance Hair problem Availability YOUR PRIORITY: 4.QUESTIONNAIRE Name Age Place : : : ………………………………………………… ………………………………………………… ………………………………………………… 1.

In which media you have seen the advertisement of these brands? SUNSILK CLINIC ORGANICS PANTENE 61 . What is the Size of the pack you purchase most often? 100ml Sachets 100 ml to 250 ml above 250 ml 9. Do you change your shampoo? Frequently Occasionally Never 6. How many times you shampoo your hair in a week ? 1-2 5-6 3–4 7 and above 8.5. Rank different attribute with each brand according to your preferences? Strongly Agree Neutral Strongly disagree Agree Disagree 7.

Level of satisfaction you are getting from your shampoo brand? Highly Satisfied Neutral Highly dissatisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied 62 .10.