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Laurien Angelista, Miss Teen Curacao models a gown by Walid Atallah, holding creations by Lomar Photograph Bala Santosh


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m i l l i o n a i r E fa s h i o n & b e a u t y

While diamonds can be a designer’s fancy, cement can be another’s. While one of the models can be a Miss universe aspirant, another could have been discovered in the mall, with mommy. We set about discovering the superlatives at Dubai’s most celebrated fashion event, with a little help from the organisers


Millionaire report

ubai International Fashion Week, the second edition, became a time for superlatives. While Miss Teen Curaçao decided to grace the ramp, complete with crown, designers were vying to show their best, most expensive collections at the show. The organisers walked the malls of Dubai and turned up with talent. Dubai women now have a reason to dress up for grocery shopping, as they are wont to do anyway. Everyone knows fashion, especially on the runway, is about extremes – whether in terms of costs, which go into hundreds of thousands of dollars, or popularity that translates into waiting lists far beyond what the medical profession can aspire to, or manhours spent on sending the model out dressed just so. Flitting between the models backstage and catching designers when they paused for a breath, Millionaire took a peek at the superlatives > of DIFW.

Walid Atallah at DIFW with models wearing his creations


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m i l l i o n a i r E fa s h i o n & b e a u t y

Walid atallah
Atallah never ceases to impress. He possesses the ability to make white drip with opulence. Beige becomes shiny, glittery gold under his care. Then, he adds a diamond or two. Walid Atallah claims to be the first designer to use diamond and precious stones as an integral part of his designs. He has designed one of the most expensive wedding dresses estimated at $1.2 million.

This DIFW introduced Dubai to Lomar, a brand of men’s thobes made by the Saudi designer couple Loai Nassem and Mona Al Haddad. As the DIFW progressed you would spot young Arab men wearing one of these creations which add a traditional touch to the contemporary with a metal zip or even radium. Clad in a sporty blue one, sitting cross-legged with his laptop, Nassem was the best advertisement for his brand – every inch the USeducated Saudi graphic designer. The more expensive ones, he says, are for grooms and cost $1,000. Inspired by contemporary designs, Nassem is known to name his creations.

Stefan Buchmann
If you don’t know what a Bajuzin is, Buchmann will tell you that it is easily the most expensive item he has in his fur closet, a mere €70,000. Designer and owner of the fur label Pelzwerk Hamburg, the fur couturier from Germany brought to Dubai a

A detail of a Lomar thobe

A model walks the ramp in a gown by Lilli Spina

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m i l l i o n a i r E fa s h i o n & b e a u t y

collection of Haute Couture and limited design edition furs. He says he is inspired by each of the countries that he shows in. We will wait to see what he makes of Dubai when it comes to inspiration for furs. Handmade, of course.

lili Spina
Lilli Spina Atelier was born from the love and passion of architect and stylist Lilli Spina. In 2007, Spina launched a premium collection of revolutionary evening dresses to a discriminating niche market. Her most expensive creation at DIFW? A gown made of Italian satin and French lace, at €1,800.

ruBin Singer
It appears that Dubai is already an inspiration. Singer presented a gold dress made of gold treads, silk and metals especially for the finale. At $18,500, it is the most expensive creation he made for the DIFW. The collection is inspired by construction materials such as cement, steel and glass, titled ‘Under construction’. with inputs from Dianne Keith Consignado

A model sports furs by Stefan Buchmann

A model in a creation by Rubin Singer

Mona Al Haddad and Loai Nassem, Lomar


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