Deep beneath the pavement at locations across Europe, chilling tales and petrifying aspects of our history are reenacted, providing eerie, spine-chilling fun for anyone who dares enter the world of the Dungeons!
Delve into the blood-curdling parts of history that your teachers never taught you - learn the torturous methods used by unscrupulous characters to the grisly details of our most prolific killers. The Dungeons offer visitors a thrill like no other attraction, to book simply select which of the Dungeons you wish to visit.
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London Dungeon

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Available rides...if you dare

Jack the ripper
The 1880's were a dangerous time for women to walk alone in London. A prolific killer frequented the dark alleys and quiet streets, preying on London's prostitutes. A dark time has descended on London, take a trip back to the night of the 31st August. Retrace the infamous steps of the mysterious serial killer Jack the Ripper, just a mile from where his first of five murders occurred. Beware he may be skulking in the darkness, watching... and waiting... The impact and effect the vicious deaths had on the already dejected community was astounding. Learn the grisly details and injuries of each victim, the suspects and public reaction to the 'likely' killers all as part of the London Dungeon Jack the Ripper attraction.

Extremis: Drop Ride to Hell
You have been judged and sentenced and now must accept the consequences of your crimes and experience the

Traitor! Boat Ride to Hell
Are you afraid of the dark? Are you petrified of drowning? Do you hate the feeling of falling backwards? Face your fears with the Traitor, Boat Ride to Hell! In the deepest, darkest depths of London a deadly nightmare awaits! Climb aboard the vessel that will lead you to Hell. As you descend rapidly into the murky waters, is the Grim Reaper lurking in the shadows ready to claim his next victim? Prepare to get wet on this heart stopping ride that takes you to Hell and back. Sinister characters and total darkness combine to create a ride that will chill you to the core!

brand new Extremis: Drop Ride to Doo m! Y our

heart pounds with fear as the hooded hangman gleefully guides you into position and your end draws near. Muster all the courage you possess as you step over the trapdoor and prepare for your own hanging! Please be aware: you must be over 1.2 metres tall to experience the Extremis ride.

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