THOMAS HOBBES-Leviathan Thomas Hobes’ societal thoughts arose from because of the civil war and inner situation of England in that time. There was weak and unstable political power which rules dreamy the state, everyone was quarreling with the right supposed on the power, at the appearance everybody was rightful. It seems that there were no any peace possibilities. People in the country were living without protection while facing dangers by outsiders. This situation and this atmosphere was made Hobbes having the though that this is the war which was every one fighting each other. According to Hobbes it comes to end by the peace and a rationalistic despotism to be established. It is very natural the human being attitude to fight to everyone on the other hand it is also natural willing the peace not to frighten to be assaulted by everyone to reach his aim. In that case how can be reached the peace? This can be done by justly distributing the requirements to everybody by showing respect. By eliminating the needs giving up the idea of attack will be the final resolution. Those were confirmed by the act that is made by everyone to everyone. The absolute administration belief constitutes the base of philosophy of Hobbes. Ruler has been given endless rights, in this way all rebellions and revolutions will be assumed against laws. Government


is irresponsible for its actions to everyone or every institution.


others are obligated to adjust to the ruler. For this reason, the ruler must have the control of the whole force and authority. According to Hobbes, the sovereignty can be in different types as given to one person, council, from father to son or to be a longlasting ruler. While Hobbes is giving unlimited authority to the absolute ruler, on the other hand the community has to be arranged also with in the frame of societal act. Hobbes put forward that human being nature is not suitable to socialize. Man being under the effect of protection instinct, if it has not communal agreement, commune will act on impulse or suit its interest in order to be able to carry on its existence. According to Hobbes Man eats the Man. Under this reality while every one wants to protect himself in fact he will remain alone without defense. Civil wars are example to this situation. On this route Man must give up to set forth the rights on every thing, therefore it is the one way of societal peace or societal agreement. At this stage Hobbes would invite the mind of human being. Some creatures like ants or bees can become socialized instinctively but the only thing is human being mind which will become socialized the Man. In this way, human being, could have been passed through to a position of natural jurisprudence whereby the mind. The requirements of the mentioned law by all means will occur within the government and it will be get sense in it. It is not enough to be known any action is bad but its definition must be clarified in laws. And all of these it is compulsive the existence of absolute ruler for the social order. For, government will be able to have keen power like a giant. This polity would grasp both politic and religious wardship finally polity will have Olympian power.