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1. CAUNTION Caution: is a functional text in the form of instructions for someone to do or not do something.

This caution can be a phrase (combination of words), clausa (sentence), or in the form of drawings / mark / sign.

2. GREETING CARD A folded card bearing a message of greeting, congratulation, or other sentiment, usually sent or given on a special occasion or holiday.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices.

The invitation is an invitation-shaped leaflets or letters, which are typically used to invite people to attend a particular event. The invitation is something that must exist when creating an event, so that the people who are invited know the event will be held.

The announcement is a letter addressed to the public, a group of audience without having to know who and how many readers, and anyone has the right to read, but not all that interested readers

6. DESCRIPTIVE 1. Involving or characterized by description; serving to describe. 2. Concerned with classification or description: a descriptive science. 3. Grammar a. Expressing an attribute of the modified noun, as green in green grass. Used of an adjective or adjectival clause. b. Nonrestrictive. 4. Linguistics Of or relating to the study or the description of a language or a specific stage of a language, with emphasis on constructing a grammar without regard to historical development, comparison with other languages, or advocated norms for correct or proper usage.

7. RECOUNT 1. To narrate the facts or particulars of. See Synonyms at describe. 2. To enumerate.

8. PROSEDURE 1. A manner of proceeding; a way of performing or effecting something: standard procedure. 2. A series of steps taken to accomplish an end: a medical procedure; evacuation procedures. 3. A set of established forms or methods for conducting the affairs of an organized body such as a business, club, or government. 4. Computer Science A set of instructions that performs a specific task; a subroutine or function.

A narrative (or story) is any account that presents events connected, and can be organized into various categories: non-fiction (eg New Journalism, creative non-fiction, biography and historiography), fictional accounts of historical events (eg anecdotes, myths , and legends), and fiction proper (ie literature in prose, such as short stories and novels, and sometimes in poetry and drama

10. LABEL Label is a complete description of the packaged goods that contains ingredients used to make the goods, how pengggunaan, side effects and so on. Form label a) Signs with writing. b) The image on the packaging of food beverages and other goods. c) brochure or flyer that is inserted into the container or wrapper.

11. Report 1. An account presented usually in detail. 2. A formal account of the proceedings or transactions of a group. 3. Law A published collection of authoritative accounts of court cases or of judicial decisions. Often used in the plural. 4. Common talk; rumor or gossip: According to report, they eloped. 5. Reputation; repute: a person of bad report. 6. An explosive noise: the report of a rifle.

12. ADVERTISEMENT 1. The act of advertising. 2. A notice, such as a poster or a paid announcement in the print, broadcast, or electronic media, designed to attract public attention or patronage.

13. LETTER LETTER is a means of communication used to convey information in writing by one party to another