(13)From Task 4 (12) above, create and maintain your own personal development plan.

[Learning Outcome 4 – Records; Assessment Criteria P7 (Personal Development Plan)
Name: Kalpesh Chandracant

My specific learning goals How I will achieve this

How this will be measured

When I will achieve this by Until January 30th By August 1st

People who can help me with this.

Personal objectives

Able to share with idea with other person Good communication

Build self confidence

Communication well with By self notice improvements people. Use natural skills to interact with the people.

Training, personal supporter, Teacher, personal support person

I would like to speak with Reading, writing, people very kindly. And hold understanding the my skills subject/object. Uses a libery, college, enrol in ESOL course or tuition.

Professional objectives

to build a computer

Internet, reading ,high thinking Internet, user-guide , reading , practicing, book Internet, book, training course

When I finished the target

November 1st


Understand the computer infrastructure Create own Web site

Knowledge of computer device.

June 25th By weeks 10th February

Teacher Teacher, personal supporter