Chapter 1 - 3

The town of Treegap, the Foster’s home, and the wood is described. Winnie and the Fosters are introduced.

Winnie also discovers the source of the “fairy music”, it’s Mae Tuck’s music box.

The Tucks are introduced. They have looked the same for 87 years. Mae Tuck is going to meet her two sons in Treegap.

The Tucks describe their life after drinking from the spring and explain that they will take her home once she understands why she cannot tell anyone about it. They shower her with attention and make her feel at home.

Chapters 8-12
09/11/2012 - 09/12/2012 Winnie is to go stay with the Tucks for at least a night to make sure she understands and to answer all of her questions. She really likes being around the Tucks. The man in the yellow suit was behind some bushes listening to the whole story when Mae told it though. They all arrive at the Tuck’s cottage where Winnie learns all about the Tucks and their life. Their life is different from everything she’s used to and she enjoys it.

Winnie decides she will run away in the morning.

Chapter 4 - 5
09/07/2012 - 09/08/2012 The man in the yellow suit arrives at the Foster’s. He asks Winnie various questions about a family. Winnie’s Grandmother is bothered by this and has Winnie go inside, but before that happens they all hear a tune coming from the woods. Winnie;s Grandmother calls it “fairy music”.

Winnie sneaks out the next morning and ventures into the wood. She finds a large clearing with a giant tree in the center. It’s here that she meets Jesse Tuck. He is covering up a spring.

Winnie and Angus Tuck go out in the boat and he explains to her all the reasons the spring must be a secret. They come back only to hear from Miles that their horse was stolen.

Chapter 6-7
09/09/2012 - 09/10/2012 Winnie finds out about the spring, so the Tucks kidnap her. She is frightened, but does nothing. They later explain to her that drinking from the spring results in eternal life and that they must keep it a secret.

Chapters 13-25
09/13/2012 - 09/14/2012 The horse was taken by the man in the yellow suit, who takes it to the Foster’s home and tells them that he knows where Winnie is.

As they are on their way. Yellow suit guy was killed by Mae though. . Jesse suggests that when Winnie turns 17. Everything works out and Winnie spends the rest of her summer contemplating eternal life. and explains that he did it in exchange for the Foster’s wood and that he will be selling the water from the spring. Jesse arrives and gives Winnie spring water to drink when she’s 17. Winnie is fishing with Miles Tuck. the yellow suit guy arrives. Winnie sneaks out that night and meets the Tucks at the jail. The next day the constable and yellow suit go to get Winnie. Winnie is brought home. they cannot be charged. During breakfast. The constable arrives. He came to get Winnie. the man in the yellow suit says that he’ll get Winnie back if they give him the wood. They rescue Mae and the Tucks say goodbye to Winnie. He also tells her an escape plan for Mae. that she should drink from the spring too and her and Jesse can get married and stay young forever together. so she’s in trouble. he is going to take Winnie to her family and Mae Tuck to jail.Winnie sleeps on the sofa at the Tuck’s. Back at the Foster’s. but b/c she stood up for the Tuck’s.

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