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March-April 2013 Hey team! It’s taken me a while to get this newsletter out, but I hope you’ll think it’s worth the wait. There’s lots of new information in here as always. The most exciting stuff to point out is our new team logo (yeah! we finally get to show it to you!), information about our new uniforms and our tri camp, which will be held in a couple of weeks. There’s lots of other information in here that you’ll be interested in upcoming races to check out, a new recipe from Angie (fish tacos...yum!), and another great reflection from Maggie in Maggie’s Corner. So, check it out and let us know what you think. And, if there’s ever anything else that you’d like to see in these newsletters, please let me know. Happy training! Hannah Hoaglund President

A big hearty welcome goes out to our newest members. The following people have recently joined the Bluff Busters tri team: Dirk Swanson Rob Schroeder Ella Shively Ava Shively Crystal Brunelle Laura Rapp Eduardo Ramirez Melendez

Member Newsletter

New Team Logo

Since little has changed in the way of our graphics since the team’s inception, the board decided it was time to refresh our logo/branding. So, we have been working hard over the winter to update our logo and team materials. Our goal was to keep our signature bright green color and make the new logo and materials as simple and professional looking as possible. As with many popular brands—think of the Nike swoosh—we decided that it was important to represent our team with a design that was abstract, yet symbolic. The design that we choose for our new logo is above. It has three bars of color running through it: one for each triathlon discipline (the swim, bike and run). The middle bar is slightly shifted to represent movement (because we’re active people!) and change (because the challenge of the sport constantly changes us and helps us to grow as people and as a community).

Team Tshirts
This year all members will be receiving a black tshirt (don’t worry, we’ve picked out some “cool” fabric so it can be worn in the summer) with our new logo on it as part of their membership. The shirts will be ordered this spring so we can wear them throughout the season. Watch your email for more information.

Uniforms with the new logo and new graphics will be ordered this year from Mount Borah. We have been working to design a simple and professional looking jersey and expect to see the new design sometime next week. As soon as we have the design, we will send it out for you to look at. In the meantime, stop by River Trails Cycles (500 Holmen Dr, Ste 502, Holmen, WI 54636) to try on some samples uniforms for sizes. Both two and one piece uniforms will be available for men and women. There are two different pad/chamois options, so be sure to check them out while you’re there. Both come with great reviews from Mark at Mount Borah. The uniform orders can be placed through Emily at River Trails Cycles until April 28. They will arrive in early June, a week prior to Got Energy. Thanks to our title sponsor, Don’s Towing, Bluff Busters will be paying for $10 of each uniform set that is ordered by April 28. Any uniform order placed after April 28 will need to go through Mount Borah and will be full price. Prices for the uniforms (before the $10 team discount) will be as follows: Men’s Tri Top $65.00 each Women’s Tri Top $65.00 each Men’s Tri Short $60.00 each Women’s Tri Short $60.00 each Men’s Tri Suit $75.00 each Women’s Tri Suit $75.00 each Add $5 for upgraded Endurance Pad Again, information about the uniform design will be sent out as soon as possible, so watch your email.

Member Newsletter

Team Uniforms

Newbie Scholarship
A big thanks to all of our members who nominated people for our scholarship. We had a great response to our request for nominations. This year’s winner is Eduardo Ramirez. Eduardo has recieved a free 2013 Bluff Busters Tri Team membership, a free entry for the sprint distance Got Energy triathlon (his first tri!), and as much help as the would like from the Bluff Busters to prepare him for his first race.

Mark your calendars for the second annual Bluff Busters triathlon camp. This year’s camp will be held Friday, April 26–Sunday, April 28. Come prepared to learn a lot, train hard, and eat lots of great food (all meals are provided). Rumor has it that a special Bluff Busters triathlon camp brew will be making it’s debut at our evening social as well. The cost for the event is listed below. A discounted rate for the camp is available to those who register before April 19. Registration is limited to 30 people. Before April 19: $15 for members $30 for non-members April 19–26: $20 for members $35 for non-members

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2013 Triathlon Camp

Click here to register

2013 Tri Camp Agenda*
Friday, April 26th Evening Swimming technique, video, drills (Chris Schubert) Pool time for drills and video taping Saturday, April 27th Morning Running technique, interval training (Angie Smith) Run outside (Scott Cooper and Angie Smith) Afternoon Bike technique, interval training, drills, maintenance (Mike Bouska) Brice Prairie for TT and pace line practice Evening Catered mixer at Mike and Connie Dunlaps Sunday, April 28th Morning Swimming intervals (Chris Schubert) Training plans, bricks, transitions (Scott Cooper) Brick workout
*Schedule subject to change

River Trails Cycles Spring Sale
River Trails Cycles annual sale is this weekend! Don’t miss it! By stopping by you’ll be finding some of the following deals: • Tubes and CO2 cartridges are buy 1 get 1 FREE! • All nutrition is 15% off (best price of the season) • All accessories 15% off • All clothing is reduced • Cool weather gear is 25% off • Much, much more! Note: the Bluff Busters discount cannot be used on discounted items. But, these deals are even better than our regular discount!

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Membership Dues
If you haven’t had a chance to renew your Bluff Buster membership, or if you’d like to join the club, be sure to do so soon. Starting May 1 we’ll be communicating information about events and activities only to those who have paid this year. Our online registration process makes it easy! You will find the online registration information on our blog here. The following people have paid their 2013 team dues as of April 12: Gretchen Benjamin Adam Binsfeld Matt Binsfeld Monica Bodoh Michael Bouska Shannon Brozak Crystal Brunelle Stephan Brunelle Michael Castle Scott Cooper Mike Dunlap Nathanial Ganrude Nancy Gansen Lynne Gaustad Karen Gibson Randy Gibson Jen Gregas Joe Gregas Cami Haley Taylor Haley Sridhar (Vijay) Hari Jennie Hartzheim Bruce Hegge Hannah Hoaglund Sven Hoaglund Denny Hoskins Cristen Houlihan Steve Johnson Russ Leeser Michael Linse Jamey Makepeace Jenni Loging Amanda Manock Brenda Maxwell Dave Maxwell Rachel Maxwell Dave Mocco Mike Mulroy Charlie Nelson Eric Nissen Rod Perry Steve Pitts Denise Probert Eduardo Ramirez Melendez Laura Rapp Jenni Roberge Larry Schmidt Francis Schmitz Kim Shively Ella Shively Ava Shively Mark Schiess Rob Schroeder Elizabeth Seramur Joshua Shively Barb Sims Pam Starcher Jane Stull Dirk Swanson Lauren Swartz Brian Treadway Emily Vance Julie VanDenHeuvel Marco Vriens Jennifer Werlein Dan Wilhelm

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If you paid your 2013 membership before April 12, but your name is not on this list, please email us at

Upcoming dates and topics:

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Triathlon Seminars

April 15: Strength and flexibility, by Scott Cooper and Mike Bouska May 20: Race strategy, by Scott Cooper

Location: Schmidty’s (3119 State Road, La Crosse). Time: 6:00–7:30 pm (socializing 6:00–6:30, seminar at 6:30)
Come early to order drinks and food!

Past Seminars
If you missed our past seminars, be sure to check out our blog for a recap and PowerPoint slides from the presentations. Information is available for the seminars on metabolism and nutrition, training plans and racing technology. The sessions were also recorded. To view them, click on the images below.

Nutrition & Metabolism


Racing technology

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Bluff Busters on Strava

We have created a Bluff Buster Tri Team club to help our members connect. Strava is a online app that lets you track workouts with any GPS enabled device (Garmin forerunner, edge, smart phone, etc.) for free. It is a great tool to keep in contact and share our workouts and race results with the team. With our busy schedules it is nice to see how others are doing, even if we can’t always be training together. Plus, a little friendly competition makes us all faster and more motivated to get out there. It is easy to join, you first have to create a free account on (you can link it to your facebook account and won’t have to remember another password). Once you have created an account, join our club by searching for clubs under explore or following this link. As the season progresses, we will be hosting some virtual segment competitions to help people track fitness and gear up for race season. We look forward to seeing all of you “out there”.

Monthly Time Trials
Our most recent time trial was held on March 24. The winners are listed below. The next time trial will be held in May. Watch your email for more details. March short course male and female winners: Mike Bouska Julie Van Den Heuvel March long course male winner: Mike Dunlap

A big thanks goes out to Subway for sponsoring this event!

We’re starting to look for volunteers to help out at Got Energy triathlon in West Salem. We’ll need help packing up the trailer at the Main Y on Friday, June 7, setting up the swim and transition areas on Saturday, June 8, during the race, and following the race (for tear down). Please let us know if you will be willing to help out for an hour or two over the weekend.

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Got Energy Volunteers

5K on the Runway
Volk Field is doing their 5K on the Runway again this year. The race will be held June 1 at 8:00 am. There will be a pancake breakfast afterwards and the course is guaranteed to be flat! The cost of the race is $20 and proceeds benefit the freedom honor flight and the Tomah VA. For other race and training opportunities, please see pages 6–8 of our February newsletter.

Y Cycle Weekend
If you’re looking for some local bike races to check out this season, be sure to consider the Y Cycle Weekend June 29 and 30. On Saturday, the Brice Prairie Time Trials will be held, followed by the Y30 and Y Not 30 ride on Sunday. Information about all three races can be found here.

Next Board Meeting
Our next board meeting is at 6:00 pm on May 6 at the Bodega. As always, it is open to all. Feel free to join us if you like.

Ironman TriClub Discounts
As we announced a couple of months ago, the Bluff Busters are a part of the Ironman Tri Club. This means that we’re eligible for many team competitions and awards thoughout the year. It also means that we get some pretty sweet deals on triathlon related products and gear. Below are a couple of deals that are being extended to our team.

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LAVA magazine

is offering members a 9 month
subscription for ONLY $19.95 ($2.21 per issue, or a 68% savings). They are also running a sweepstakes for a pretty neat Kona slot, training package, VIP stuff for folks who buy a subscription. To take advantage of this offer, follow this link.

20% OFF
TYR products on This is a year-long discount guys and won’t expire until December 31, 2013! Discount Code: IMTRI13.

TYR recommends the following products: Men’s Tri: Women’s Tri: Equipment: Goggles:

by Angela Smith BA, MA, CFT, SNS

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s athletes, the composition of our bodies does have an impact on maximum performance. The tricky part is to lose the fat and keep and/or gain muscle. Ideally, this quest is best tackled during the off-season in order to focus your pre/ in-season nutrition and training program on maximizing performance. There is a lot of information out there and many of them look at carbohydrates as “bad,” or nutrients to minimize or stay away from. But, did you know that fat will burn better when in the presence of carbohydrates? Complex carbohydrates are very important to maintain blood sugar levels and provide a constant source of energy. In addition, complete proteins (especially those rich in branched chain amino acids, BCAA) are valuable to growth and repair of muscle tissue. Try this recipe for Fish Tacos – rich in quality carbohydrates and complete proteins!

Fish Tacos
1 lb cod (or other whitefish of your choice) ¼ cup onion, diced 1 cup corn (frozen, or cut of the cob) 1 red bell pepper, diced 1 can black beans (Kuner’s® Jalapeno black beans with lime juice) 1 cup cooked quinoa ¼ cup salsa verde Shredded lettuce/ or cilantro Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes McCormick® Perfect Pinch Caribbean Jerk seasoning Whole wheat tortillas Coat both sides of the fish filets with Caribbean jerk seasoning. Sautee onion in a small amount of olive oil until soft. Add corn, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes until the corn has some brown color to it. Add diced red bell pepper and continue to cook for a few minutes. Can of black beans (juice and all), quinoa, and salsa verde. Let simmer while broiling fish. Broil fish until it just flakes with a fork. Place about ¼ cup of corn mixture on a warmed whole wheat tortilla, lay a 3 oz portion of fish on top, and then top with shredded cilantro or lettuce. Fold tortilla and enjoy! Should make 6-8 tacos Nutritional Information | Calories/ taco 300

Member Newsletter My Biggest Pet Peeve
(One of them anyways!)
by Maggie Fournier I recently travelled to Las Vegas for work. I therefore looked up some Masters Swim programs that I could join in order to get a swim workout in. I settled for a swimming pool not too far from my hotel and I showed up one morning for their 5:30 am workout, eager to meet some new people and get a good workout in. I showed up on pool deck and walked up to the coach to introduce myself and find out which lane I should get in, standard good etiquette from a guest swimmer. Someone pointed out the coach in question, an older man who was a previous UNLV swim coach. Coach: Can I help you? Me: (duh! I’m on deck with my swimsuit on, what do you think?) My name is Maggie and I am in town for the week. I was wondering if I can join you for swim practice this morning? Coach: Did you swim in college? Me: No Coach: In high school then? Me: Nope Coach: ... Me: I’m a triathlete. Coach: ... At that point, I am irritated and feeling quite small, not sure what’s going on. I have already been judged, before the sun is up, without even putting a single toe in the water. He then proceeds to make it even worse. Coach: My master swim team is already full and I am not taking any new swimmers. I usually train swimmers, not triathletes...with the exception of this guy (he then points out to a guy warming up in the pool). He is a Stud Triathlete, well known in the area, and has been training with me for 13 years. Me: (and I care because...?) Cool! Coach: I’ll tell you what, you’re already in your swimsuit, I’ll give you a try then we’ll see how it goes. continued on next page

Maggie’s Corner

He proceeds to point to the lane he wants me in, which is way too slow for me. I don’t argue. At this point, I am pissed and sad at the same time. Why do I need to justify that a triathlete can be a good swimmer, cyclist, and a fast runner? Does it mean that because I train in 3 sports, I am inferior in all of them? This made me think quite a bit, about being a triathlete. More often than not, I feel like if I don’t belong to a specific place. I try to train with swimmers, cyclists and runners, so that I can learn from those athletes who are more efficient, faster in a single sport. I often time feel like I need to justify the fact that I train for 3 sports, but in my mind and body, it is only one single sport. I love the way my body feels when I get out of the water and have to sprint to transition. And the way my legs remember how to start running after being on a bike for so long. I love having to transition between them all, having to be efficient and it never gets boring. Don’t you love it when people ask you: “which sport are you best at”? My answer is usually, “all 3 of them, I’m a triathlete.” Things are changing though, and I’ve certainly witness the evolution and awareness of the sport for the past 10 years. It’s becoming more mainstream and recognized...although some people didn’t get the memo. After a swim set in my lane, Coach sees that I don’t belong there and proceeds to switch me the lane where The Stud swims in...The last set consisted of 3x 400 descending (which means each 400 getting faster). Nobody was eager to lead (which is usually harder for the leader, since there is no one to draft off). I therefore volunteered, starting the workout with The Stud at my feet. I went out at a controlled pace, but proceeded to go hard for the last one, just like the workout was meant to be. In doing so, I dropped The Stud...which earned me a smile from Coach on deck, and an open invitation to join his team anytime I’m in Vegas! I hope Coach now knows that triathletes are swimmers too. Be proud of your sport, I certainly am. Cheers! Maggie

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Maggie’s Corner (continued)