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Quotation for FIN-400 Fried Instant Noodles Production Line (Make in China, Japanese Fuji Technology)

I. Process
Salt, alkali, water Raw material (wheat flour)Mixingagingcompound folding and dividing rollingcontinuous the rollingcut into


noodle fryingarrangingcooling

dividinginspecting and conveyingpackingfinished products

II. Technical Parameter of FIN-400 fried instant noodle line 1. Output: 90,000cakes/8h, 653g-803g/cake (noodle size is decided by both parties after discussion) 2. Power: ~85.5kw(without packing part), Bag packing power: 15kw; cup packing power: 57kw; 3. Steam Consumption ~2000Kg/h 4. Area cover:90M(L) x6.0M(W) x8M(H) 5. Operators: Noodle processing: 5-6, 6. Length of roller: 400mm. 7. Cutting speed; 0~55cuts/min(speed suggested:47cuts) 8. Mixing time; ~15min. 9. Steaming time; 120S 10. Frying time; 90S. 11. Cooling time; ~140S.

Equipments List

1. .SCREENING SIEVE: 1 UNIT Function: this machine can screen flour with high granularity precision, which can separate impurities and flour continuously.

specification: 1000350mm Material: body: SUS304, frame: carbon steel power: 1.5kw

Function: this machine can convey the after sieved flour by air evenly and then convey it to flour storage tank. Characteristics:

Its of high capacity, which is easy to maintain and easily to be located according to factorys size. Besides, flour input can be located separately and easy to be clean and maintained. Main parts: quantitative storage tank: 9501160

mm volume:200kg/time, body: SUS304, frame: steel, power: 1.5+5.5kw, screening machine: 0.25kw. Complete with air closing switch, powder input, pipes and air filtrating device and air valves. 3. Alkali Water Tank: 1 unit Service capacity: 1500L Tank body Material:: SUS3161.5mm,Single mixing shaft: SUS316;supporting base:SUS304, mixers motor: 0.55kw, pump: 0.55Kw, 1 unit; 4. Quantitative Liquid Adding Device: 1 unit Specification: volume: 1.5m, Tank body: SUS3161.5mm, complete with level displayer, connecting pipe, vales and pneumatic valve; supporting base:SUS304, liquid adding pump power: 0.55kw 5. Dough Mixer: 2units Specification: 2980900950 adding quantity: 200kg/time Material: mixer tank: SUS304#3.0mm thick; mixer shaft, mixing blade, and discharge gate are all made of SUS304, utter shell: SUS304; complete with frame, driving components: steel; the discharging door can be automatically opened (the air compressor is prepared by customer); Motor: 6.5/8 kw: 1 unit, with speed reducer and frequency transducer. 6. Aging Feeder: 1unit Specification: dough pan: 1800430mm , The bucket body of the round dough pan :1.5mm: Discharging gate, feeding rod: SUS304; Supporting frame: common steel with spraypaint; rotating speed: 3RPM, Driving motor: 1.1kw, with speed reducer. 7. Compound Roller: 1 unit Specification: 300015301300mm . Altogether: 3 pairs of alloy steel rollers, of which the specification is 250400(W) mm for rolle r,; 300400(W) mm for roller

; Noodle sheet conveying belt: compound plastics fiber belt Outer shell and sealing board: SUS3041.0mm; wall board: steel; frame and feet: SUS304 square pipe, motor: 5.5kw, with frequency transducer and photoelectric control to adjust speed. 8. Continuous Roller: 1 unit Specification: 47509321230, Material: alloy steel, roller, 6 pairs of alloy steel rollers with the following dimensions: 250400 (W)mm for roller I, 216400 (W)mm for roller II, III 165400 (W)mm for roller IV V, 155400 (W)mm for roller Driven by frequency transducer. Noodle cutter: 1 pair of 1.375mm and 1 pair of 1.25mm. 2 sets of Forming case and one set of forming device: SUS304 side board of press roller: edible PP rigid plastic; wall board: A3 chrome plating, frame: sealing board for frame: SUS3041.0mm; frame: steel, base: SUS304 square pipe 6 motors plus speed reducer: 1.5 kW3+2.2 kW2+4 kw, with frequency transducer and photoelectric control to adjust speed. 9. Steamer: 1 unit, Specification: 180007801050mm, effective length: 18000mm Material: Conveying belt and supporting chain: SUS304, tunnel shell and C2052 chain: SUS304, enforced frame: steel, There is thermal layer inside the steamer and cooling parts in 1m of the front section and 2.5m of the rear section. Cooling fan: 0.3kw2 Inside the steamer, 2 units of SUS30442mm steam injection pipe, of which the flow rate is adjusted by valve. inner layer of steamer shell: SUS3041.2mm; outer layer of steamer shell: SUS3041.0mm; The entire chain track: 40mm40mm3mm, damp discharging pipes, supporting feet: SUS304, double metal temperature meter: 2 units, steam pressure displayer: 1 set. Cylinder choke valve: 3 units and cover lifting motor: 1.5kw 10. Cutting folding and dividing machine: 1 unit Specification:900+280014001830mm, rolling ways; 0-55times/min; outer shell: SUS3041.0mm; Frame: SUS3046.0mm; Driving shaft: SUS304, base feet: steel, complete with speed reducer and motor: 1.5kw2 , which is driven by PLC and encoder. 11. Fryer: 1 unit Specification: 1190017501560+2800mm; frying pan is made of SUS304 complete with auto-lifting device and retractile smoke discharge pipes. Main parameters: Frying time: 90s, oil temperature: 125-155, steam pressure: 0.8-1.0Mpa Frame: A3 steel with spray-paint, bracket: A3 steel with spray-paint; smoke pipe: 1.0mm

frying boxes:8 lattices/lane, chain box and lid are made of SUS304; thicken chain: C2052 with stainless steel; Shield: SUS4301.0mm; Bracket: paint steel. Oil heating system: Heat exchanger: 80 : 1 set, 1 unit of cycling oil pump: 11kw, dreg filtrating machine:0.55kw, 1 unit of gear pump: 1.5kw, 1 unit of oil adding pump,:1.5kw 1 unit oil tank 3.0m3 SUS3042mm ;1unit of lifting motor: 2.2kw Complete with electric adjusts valve; pipes and valves and etc accessory; driven speed reducer and motor: 2.2kw, which is controlled by PLC and encoder. 12. Oil Filtrating Device: Specification: 1200540795mm air collecting device: SUS304 fan: stainless steelmotor:1.1 kw2. 13. Cooling Arranging conveyor: 1 unit Specification: 1235012241600mm, cooling fan: 4kw2+5.5kw, rod arranging style conveying, supporting and leading chain: SUS304. C2052stainless steel chain, frame and shield are all made of SUS304. Driving components are stainless steel, drive speed reducer and motor: 075kw, which is controlled by PLC and encoder synchronously. 14. Box Exchanging Device: Specification: 40001624950mm, frame is stainless steel. This part is driven by cooler. 15. Dividing Conveyor: 1 unit Specification: 22501224980mm, conveying belt: PU polyurethane, frame and driving parts are stainless steel. Driven speed reducer and motor: 0.55kw. 16. S-style Checking Conveyor: 2units Specification: 3000186850mm. CC18SB flat top chain, frame: SUS304; driven wheel: PP plastics, driving shaft: stainless steel, speed reducer and motor: 0.55kw. 17. Electric control panel (without packing part): 4 units Use PLC and encoder to control the whole production line synchronously without packing process. Encoder: Guangyang, touch screen: Siemens, Breaker: Schneider, Heat Relay, AC Contactor, Frequency Transducer: Mitsubishi or Fuji. IV Quotation(FOB Guangzhou) Total price for the line of FIN-400: USD315,700 Note: the quotation is available for 30 days. V Others 1. Payment Terms: 1). 40% of the TOTAL AMOUNT under THE CONTRACT should be paid by T/T to the designated account of Party A as down payment within 10 working days counting from the date of signing this Sales Contract. 2). 60% of the TOTAL AMOUNT under THE CONTRACT for the Fried Instant Noodle Production Line should be paid by T/T to the designated account of Party A within 10 working days counting from the date of receiving the notice of Equipments finished. Project Implementing and Relative Items 1. Cycle for manufacturing the production line: 120 working days (not include the legal

holidays); Time for installation and commissioning: 30~40 working days. 2. Shipment terms: Buyer should arrange the shipment and pay the freight. If indeed has the difficulty, we can manage this for the buyer, but the buyer should pay for any expense occurred. 3. Right and Responsibility: Both Party should abide the sales contract seriously, otherwise, would take the responsibility for breach of the CONTRACT. If any normal technology improvement happened or any equipment changed, both parties should inform each other by written notice in time. Installation, Adjustment, Training and Maintenance. 1. Free charge of installation and commissioning of the EQUIPMENT: the seller will dispatch technicians (2~3) to supervise and guide the installment and adjustment of the EQUIPMENT. Expenses for Visa, food, accommodation and traffic (including round-trip from Guangzhou to the installation & commissioning spot and local traffic) to be occurred to the technicians shall be on Party Bs account. Party B shall provide the work subsidies of USD30.00/day (SAY US DOLLAR THIRTY ONLY) per technician and be responsible for the local insurance and tax of the technicians. 2. Project installation guide and training: The buyer has fully prepared for the installation and commissioning of the EQUIPMENT under the contract, then seller will send technicians to the spot for installation, during the installation and commissioning, the technicians will guide and train the workers. 3. Warranty service period for the production line is ONE YEAR. After the guarantee period, the buyer
should pay for the maintenance events and any technical improvement. Any big machinery technical improvement and changes shall be negotiated by both parties amicably and confirmed by another agreement. Guangzhou Cereals Scientific Research Institute South Food Machine Development Center