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Great Depressions
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awayat gas stationsand was a particupromotion movie for theaters. larlypopular Westinghouse even offered an entire set pitchersand food storagepieceswith of Many peoof the purchase a refrigerator. ple acquired through entiresetsof dishes giveaways bright alone.With its cheerful, price points) (and very accessible colors glasswas a welcome reliefin Depression
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THE coLLEcroRs My stepmother collects Depression glass. glass. Stacksand stacksof Depression Her c ollec t ion i s e n t i r e l y g r e e n , b u t t h e r e the consistency ends-she has piecesfrom dozens of patterns. Many, like Ballerina, Dogwood and Heritage,featurelacy details covering the entire plate-but geometric patterns,likeAmericanPioneer, and graphic patterns,like Circle,have all found a home in her collection.And she uses it. "Oh, good! Oh, I like that," says dealer and collectorEd Pailer. Pailerhas collected glass since he inherited a few pieces of Fiestaware. After having some successat glass. auctions,he was drawn to Depression

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"l liked colors, some thepatterns, of and the Whilehe was likeColumbia, justlovely." are colorsof the glass, to attracted the different Like my or he collectsmostlyclear, crystal. Pailerusesthe piecesin his stepmother, to others do so. and collection encourages Tselvposrsn glass, similar a kindof glassware Elegant glass, alsoproduced durwas to Depression by Whilemanufactured ing the Depression. machine, the pieceswere hand-finished, that, unlikewith Depression which means glass,the mold markswould have been ground out and a craftsman would have madesurethat the piecelay flat on a surthey may havemadecuts face.ln addition, glass usually is lighter than Elegant by hand. glass, because its higher of and Depression quality, these piecesare more expensive. With a little study,evena fairly untrained eye shouldbe able to tell the difference them. between THE FoR sPEcrALrsr meets Class Collectors Heart America of of on the 4th Tuesday the month at 7:70 Community Christ Church, S. 801 of An club in lgth Street BlueSprings. active the this since1977, grouphosts Depression EraGlassand PotteryShowand Saletwice a year at the RogerT. SermonCenterin Thisyear's datesare March lndependence. 20th and 2lst and October2nd and 3rd. for website furtherinformaCheck club's the of and tion on collecting to be notified any changes: dateor location HOACCis a member of he National TheirwebDepression ClassAssociation. site is another great resourcefor inforglassand national mationon Depression meetings:

Whatto lookfor
With over 90 patterns to choose from (collectors as often refer to designs ranging "from Adamsto Windsor"),and with a host of colors includinggreen,yellow, pink, blue and clear,or crystal,there is sure to be somethingfor everyonewho glass.And wants to collect Depression with prices rangingfrom 50 cents for a common piece, to thousands for very It is not unusual find mold marksand to that straw marks, which are indentations whenthey were strawmadeon the pieces placedon it to dry. Theseflawsare part so of the charmof the pieces, they do not glasswill certainlyhold up to Depression everydayuse, but the dishwasheris its will bring enemy: Frequent dishwashing on that cloudy,murky finish that cannot be correctedand ruinsthe piece'svalue. Color variationwithin pieces is acceptable, but stay away from glasswhich is glass not very is The qualityof Depression high(afterall,mostof it wasgivenawayor cracked, foggyor cloudy. chipped, in Peopletend to build their collections (That being said,if you're usingpiecesin the two-dollar range,maybe the convenienceis worth it.)O soldfor pennies), expectto find imperso fections-manypieceswill have bubbles Don't worry about it. and inclusions, severalwaysrBy color,pattern or manufacturer. And becausepeople often start to collecting fill in a patternthey'veinherited,it can be best for a noviceto start by focusing a specificcolor. on

it's rareoptions, easyto start a collection. affecttheir value. Here are a few thingsto note when you're on the hunt'