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Psihologie Clinica

1. 101 Healing Stories for Children and Teens Using Metaphors in Therapy - George W. Burns 2. COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR THERAPY WITH OLDER PEOPLE - Ken Laidlaw 3. COGNITIVE THERAPY FOR CHRONIC AND PERSISTENT DEPRESSION Richard G. Moore 4. COMPREHENSIVE HANDBOOK OF PSYCHOTHERAPY VOLUME 1 PSYCHODYNAMICOBJECT RELATIONS - FLORENCE W. KASLOW 5. CONTEMPORARY CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY 2nd Ed - Thomas G. Plante 6. Core Processes in Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Advancing Effective Practice - Denise P. Charman 7. Counseling and Psychotherapy theories in context and practice - john sommersflanagan 8. Culture and Psychotherapy A Guide to Clinical Practice - WenShing Tseng 9. Drawing the Line Art Therapy with the Difficult Client - Lisa B. Moschini 10. Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy - Michel Hersen 11. FAMILY THERAPY Concepts, Process and Practice 2nd Ed - Alan Carr 12. Feeling Good The New Mood Therapy - David Burns 13. Handbook of Brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Frank W. Bond 14. Handbook of Couples Therapy - Michele Harway 15. HANDBOOK OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT 4TH ED - Gary GrothMarnat 16. Interviewing and Diagnostic Exercises for Clinical and Counseling Skills Building - Pearl S. Berman 17. Introducing Cognitive Analytic Therapy - Anthony Ryle 18. INTRODUCTION TO THE PRACTICE OF PSYCHOANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY - Alessandra Lemma 19. LSD Psychotherapy - Stanislav Grof 20. PLAY IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND PSYCHOTHERAPY Toward Empirically Suppor ted Practice - SANDRA W. RUSS 21. Psychological Interventions In Early Psychosis A treatment Handbook - John Gleeson 22. Psychosynthesis A Psychology of the Spirit - Ann Gila 23. Psychotherapy and Counseling in the Treatment of Drug Abuse - Lisa Simon Onken 24. Psychotherapy Of Psychosis - Chris Mace 25. PSYCHOTHERAPY WITH SUICIDAL PEOPLE A Person-centred Approach Antoon A. Leenaars 26. Research Methods in Clinical Psychology An Introduction for Students and Practitioners,2nd Ed - Chris Barker

Psihologia Educatiei

27. Simple Treatments For Complex Problems A Flexible Cognitive Behavior Analysis System Approach To PsychoTherapy - Kimberly Driscol 28. Social Anxiety and Social Phobia in Youth Characteristics, Assessment, and Psychological Treatment - Christopher A. Kearney 29. The case Study Guide To Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Of Psychosis - David KingDon 30. The Interpretation of Dreams - Sigmund Freud 31. The Meaning Of The Dream In Psychoanalysis - Rachel Blass 32. Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality - Tad James 33. Treatment of Recurrent Depression - John F. Greden 34. Adapting Educational and Psychological Tests for Cross-Cultural Assessment Charles D. Spielberger 35. Essentials of Psychological Testing - Susana Urbina 36. The Ambiguity of Teaching to the Test Standards, Assessment, and Educational Reform - William A. Firestone 37. Essentials of KABC-II Assessment - Alan S. Kaufman 38. Teaching Psychology A Step By Step Guide - Sandra Goss Lucas 39. The Pursuit of Excellence Through Education - Michel Ferrari

Psihologie judiciara, criminologie

1. A Matter of Security The Application of Attachment Theory to Forensic Psychiatry and Psychotherapy - Gwen Adshead 2. CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGY and FORENSIC TECHNOLOGY A Collaborative Approach to Effective Profiling - Helen M. Godwin 3. Criminal Psychology - HANS GROSS 4. The Psychology of Interrogations and Confessions A Handbook - Gisli H. Gudjonsson

Psihologie generala
1. Encyclopedia Of Applied Psychology - Charles SpielBerger 2. Investment Psychology Explained Classic Strategies to Beat the Markets Martin J. Pring 3. Psychology and Law Truthfulness,Accuracy and Credibility 2nd Ed Amina Memon 4. Psychology of Intelligence Analysis - Richards J. Heuer 5. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and Persuasion - L. J. Shrum 6. Winning Chess Psychology - Pal Benko

7. FINANCIAL RISK TAKING An Introduction to the Psychology of Trading and Behavioural Finance - Mike Elvin 8. Mechanical Trading Systems Pairing Trader Psychology with Technical Analysis - RICHARD L. WEISSMAN 9. Psychology in Chess - Nikolai Krogius 10. Trading to Win THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MASTERING THE MARKETS - Ari Kiev 11. Qualitative Research In Psychology Expanding Perspectives In Methodolgy And DEsign - Paul Camic 12. Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology 2nd ed - Hugh Coolican

Psihologia sanatatii
1. HANDBOOK OF PEDIATRIC PSYCHOLOGY IN SCHOOL SETTINGS Ronald T. Brown 2. RESEARCH COMPANION TO ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY - Alexander Stamatios 3. Psychology In Diabetes Care - Frank Snoek 4. The Handbook of Work and Health Psychology 2nd Ed - Marc J. Schabracq

Psihologie industriala si organizationala

1. Companies Are People, Too Discover, Develop, and Grow Your Organizations True Personality - Sandra Fekete 2. Discrimination at Work The Psychological and Organizational Bases - Robert L. Dipboye 3. International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Vol 18 - Cary L. Cooper 4. International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Vol 19 - Cary L. Cooper 5. International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Vol 20 - Gerard P. Hodgkinson 6. Managing Psychological Factors in Information Systems Work An Orientation to Emotional Intelligence - Eugene Kaluzniacky 7. ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY A SCIENTIST-PRACTITIONER APPROACH - Steve M. Jex 8. Personality And ORganizations - Benjamin Schneider 9. Personality and Work Reconsidering the Role of Personality in Organizations Murray R. Barrick 10. Psychological Management of Individual Performance - Sabine Sonnentag 11. RESEARCH COMPANION TO ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY - Cary L. Cooper 12. RESEARCH IN ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Vol 25 - Barry Staw

13. RESEARCH IN ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Vol 26 - Barry Staw 14. Resizing the Organization Managing Layoffs,Divestitures, and Closings Maximizing Gain While Minimizing Pain - Kenneth P. De Meuse 15. Role of General Mental Ability in Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology - Deniz S. Ones 16. The Psychology of Leadership New Perspectives and Research - David M. Messick 17. Work and Life Integration Organizational, Cultural, and Individual Perspectives Ellen Ernst Kossek

1. A HISTORICAL DICTIONARYOF Psychiatry - EDWARD SHORTER 2. Advances in Psychiatry Second Volume 3. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry A Comprehensive Textbook 3rd ed - By Melvin Lewis 4. Clinical Child Psychiatry,2nd Ed - William M. Klykylo 5. Current Clinical Strategies Psychiatry - Rhoda K Hahn 6. ESSENTIALS OF PSYCHIATRY - Jerald Kay 7. Families and Mental Disorder From Burden to Empowerment - Norman Sartorius 8. HANDBOOK OF DEMENTIA Psychological, Neurological,and Psychiatric Perspectives - PETER A. LICHTENBERG 9. Kaplan & Sadock's Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry 7th ed - Benjamin J. Sadock 10. Principles and Practice of Geriatric Psychiatry 2nd ed - John R. M. Copeland 11. New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry - Michael G. Gelder 12. Psychiatric Diagnosis And Classification - Mario Maj 13. Psychiatric Slavery - Thomas Szasz 14. Psychiatry In Society - Mario Maj 15. Psychiatry Made Ridiculously Simple - William Good 16. TextBook Of Biological Psychiatry - Jaak Panksepp 17. TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY Methods for Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychiatric Assessment - Robert Granacher 18. UNCOMMON THERAPY THE PSYCHIATRIC TECHNIQUES OF MILTON H. ERICKSON - JAY HALEY

1. An Atlas of DEPRESSION - David S. Baldwin 2. An Atlas of SCHIZOPHRENIA - Martin Stefan

3. Anxiety Disorders An Introduction to Clinical Management and Research - Eric J.L. Griez 4. Attacking Anxiety and Depression 5. Bipolar Disorder - Mario Maj 6. CLASSIFICATION OF DEVELOPMENTAL LANGUAGE DISORDERS Theoretical Issues and Clinical Implications - Ludo Verhoeven 7. Dementia 2nd Ed - Mario Maj 8. Depressive Disorders 2nd Ed - Mario Maj 9. Disasters and Mental Health - Mario Maj 10. Early Detection and Management of Mental Disorders - Mario Maj 11. Eating Disorders - Mario Maj 12. Handbook of Eating Disorders 2nd Ed - Janet Treasure 13. Handbook of Personality Disorders Theory and Practice - Jeffrey J. Magnavita 14. Mind, Meaning, and Mental Disorder The nature of causal explanation in psychology and psychiatry, 2nd Ed - Derek Bolton 15. Mood Disorders A Handbook Of Science And Practice - Mick Power 16. Pain And Depression An InterDiscipinary Patient-Centered Approach - M.R. Clark 17. Personality Disorders - Mario Maj 18. Personality Disorders in Modern Life 2ND ED - THEODORE MILLON 19. Phobias - Mario Maj 20. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ISSUES AND CONTROVERSIES - GERALD M. ROSEN 21. Schizophernia 2nd ed - Mario Maj 22. The Adolescent with Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) - Amanda Kirby 23. The Economics Of Gender And Mental Illness - Dave Marcotte 24. The Gale Encyclopedia Of Mental Disorders - ELLEN THACKERY 25. The Handbook of Memory Disorders 2ND ED - Alan D. Baddeley 26. ATTACHMENT ISSUES IN PSYCHOPATHOLOGY AND INTERVENTION Leslie Atkinson 27. CHILD PSYCHOPATHOLOGY - Robert T. Ammerman 28. COMPREHENSIVE HANDBOOK OF PERSONALITY AND PSYCHOPATHOLOGY VOLUME 1 PERSONALITY AND EVERYDAY FUNCTIONING - Jay C. Thomas 29. COMPREHENSIVE HANDBOOK OF PERSONALITY AND PSYCHOPATHOLOGY VOLUME 2 ADULT PSYCHOPATHOLOGY - Frank Andrasik 30. DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOPATHOLOGY 2ND ED Volume One Theory and Method - DANTE CICCHETTI 31. DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOPATHOLOGY 2ND ED Volume Three Risk, Disorder, and Adaptation - DANTE CICCHETTI 32. DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOPATHOLOGY 2ND ED Volume Two Developmental Neuroscience - DANTE CICCHETTI 33. Essentials of Child Psychopathology - Linda Wilmshurst 34. Evolutionary Developmental Psychopathology - Ian Pitchford

35. HANDBOOK OF PERSONOLOGY AND PSYCHOPATHOLOGY - Stephen Strack 36. MMPI-A Assessing Adolescent Psychopathology 3rd Ed - Robert P. Archer 37. PSYCHOPATHOLOGY FOUNDATIONS FOR A CONTEMPORARY UNDERSTANDING - James E. Maddux 38. Psychopathology of Everyday Life - Sigmund Freud 39. The Corruption Of Reality A unified Theory Of Religion Hypnosis And Psychopathology - John Schumaker 40. The Divided Self An Existential Study in Sanity And Madness - R.D. Laing 41. THE MASK OF SANITY - Hervey Cleckley

1. Brain Facts A PRIMER ON THE BRAIN AND NERVOUS SYSTEM - THE SOCIETY FOR NEUROSCIENCE 2. Brain, Vision, Memory - Charles G. Gross 3. Clinical Neuropsychology A Practical Guide to Assessment and Management for Clinicians - Laura H. Goldstein 4. Elements of Molecular Neurobiology 3d ed - C. U. M. Smith 5. Foundations Of Physiological Psychology 6th ed - Neil Carlson 6. Fundametals Of Human NeuroPsychology - Bryan Kolb 7. Handbook Of Functional Neuroimaging Of Cognition 2nd ed - Roberto Cabeza 8. Introducing Evolutionary Psychology - Oscar Zarate 9. Methods of Behavior Analysis in Neuroscience - Jerry J. Buccafusco 10. Neurological Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience - Mark D'Esposito 11. NEUROSCIENCE 3rd Ed - DALE PURVES 12. Principles of Physiological Psychology - Wilhelm Wundt 13. Psychiatry as a Neuroscience - Mario Maj 14. SYNESTHESIA Perspectives from Cognitive Neuroscience - Lynn C. Robertson 15. TEXTBOOK of CLINICAL NEUROLOGY - Christopher G. Goetz 16. The Behavioral Genetics of Psychopathology A Clinical Guide - Kerry L. Jang 17. The Cognitive Neuropsychology Of Schizophrenia - Crishtopher Frith 18. THE MIND AT NIGHT The New Science of How and Why We Dream - Andrea Rock 19. Theoretical Neuroscience Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Neural Systems - Peter Dayan, L. F. Abbott

Psihologie cognitiva
1. Active Vision The Psychology of Looking and Seeing - John M. Findlay 2. Behavior Analysis and Learning 3rd Ed - W. David Pierce 3. Cognition and Multi-Agent Interaction From Cognitive Modeling to Social Simulation - RON SUN 4. Cognitive Science Dictionary

5. 6. 7. 8.

Decision Analysis for Management Judgment 3rd Ed - Paul Goodwin Decision theory A Brief Introduction Foundations Of Cognitive Psychology - Daniel Levitin Grounding Cognition The Role of Perception and Action in Memory, Language, and Thinking - DIANE PECHER 9. Handbook Of Cognition And Emotion - Tim Dalgleish 10. Human Language And Our Reptilian Brain The Subcortical Bases Of Speech Syntax and thought - Philipe Lieberman 11. Learning And Memory The Brain In Action - Marilee Sprenger 12. MIND AS MOTION - Explorations in the Dynamics of Cognition - Robert F. Port 13. Modularity in Knowledge Representation and Natural-Language Understanding Jay L. Garfield 14. Perception and Illusion Historical Perspectives - Nicholas J. Wade 15. Phenomenology Of Perception Merleau 16. Power Versus Force An Anatomy of Consciousness The Hidden Determinants Of Human Behavior - David Hawkins 17. Psychology Of Intelligence Analysis - Rcihards Heuer 18. RATIONAL CHOICE AND JUDGMENT Decision Analysis for the Decider REX BROWN 19. Rational Choice Theory Advocacy And Critique - James S. Coleman 20. Scientific and Technological Thinking - Michael E. Gorman 21. The Conscious Mind - Owen Flanagan 22. The Mit Encyclopedia Of The Cognitive Sciences - Robet Wilson 23. The Neurophysics of Human Behavior Explorations at the Interface of the Brain, Mind, Behavior, and Information - Mark E. Furman 24. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ATTENTION - Elizabeth A.Styles 25. The Science Of Mind - Ernest Holmes 26. The Science Of The Mind, 2Nd Ed - Owen Flanagan 27. Thinking Psychological Perspectives on Reasoning,Judgment and Decision Making - David Hardman

Psihologia dezvoltarii
1. Adolescent Psychological Development Rationality Morality and Identity 2nd ed - David Moshman 2. Figments of Reality The Evolution of the Curious Mind - Ian Stewart 3. Research Manual In Child Development 2nd ed - Lorraine Nadelman 4. Child Development - Neil J. Salkind 5. HANDBOOK OF ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY - RICHARDM LERNER 6. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development - Brian Hopkins 7. Young Children's Cognitive Development

Psihologia personalitatii
1. Emotional Design Why we Love Or Hate everyday things - Donald Norman 2. Personality And Intellectual Competence - Adrian Furnham 3. PERSONALITY UNDER STRESS WHO GETS ANGRY AND WHY INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN COGNITIVE APPRAISAL AND EMOTION 4. The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution - P. D. Ouspensky 5. International Handbook Of Personal Construct Psychology - Fay Fransella 6. Personality Theories - George Boere 7. The Psychology of Emotion From Everyday Life to Theory - Kenneth T. Strongman 8. The Psychology of Self-Esteem A Revolutionary Approach to Self-Understanding that Launched a New Era in Modern Psychology - Nathaniel Branden

Psihologie Sociala
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Applications of Nonverbal Communication - Ronald E. Riggio Experiments with People Revelations From Social Psychology - Robert Abelson Media Psychology - David Giles Representations of Death A Social Psychological Perspective - Mary Bradbury THE SOCIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY OF TERRORISM WHO BECOMES A TERRORIST AND WHY 6. Culture And Psychology Textbook 7. International Encyclopedia Of The Social & Behavioral Sciences 8. Introduction to Social Psychology 9. ONLINE CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY Understanding and Influencing Consumer Behavior in the Virtual World - Curtis P. Haugtvedt 10. The PSychological Foundations Of Culture - Mark Schaller 11. WHY SEX MATTERS A Darwinian Look at Human Behavior - Bobbi S. Low

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 01 - History Of Psychology Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 02 - Research Methods in Psychology Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 03 - Biological Psychology Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 04 - Experimental Psychology Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 05 - Personality And Social Psychology Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 06 - Developmental Psychology Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 07 - Educational Psychology Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 08 - Clinical Psychology Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 09 - Health Psychology

10. Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 10 - Assessment Psychology 11. Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 11 - Forensic Psychology 12. Handbook Of Psychology - Vol 12 - Industrial and Organizational Psychology 13. DMT The Spirit Molecule A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences - Rick Strassman 14. Madness A Brief History - Roy Porter 15. Man's Search For Meaning - Viktor E. Frankl 16. PSYCHOLOGY'S GRAND THEORISTS How Personal Experiences Shaped Professional Ideas - Amy Demorest 17. Quantum Consciousness The Guide to Experiencing Quantum Psychology Stephen Wolinsky 18. Mapping Psychology 1 - Dorothy Miell 19. Quantum Psychology How Brain Software Programs you and Your World Robert Wilson 20. The Beginner's Guide to Quantum Psychology - Stephen H. Wolinsky 21. The Great Ideas of Psychology Part I - Daniel N. Robinson 22. The Psychological Assessment of Political Leaders With Profiles of Saddam Hussein and Bill Clinton - Jerrold M. Post 23. Social Amnesia A Critique of Contemporary Psychology - Russell Jacoby 24. The GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA of Psychology 2ND ED - BONNIE STRICKLAND 25. The Principles of Psychology Vol I, II - William James 26. Studies_in_the_Psychology_of_Sex 27. Adapting Educational and Psychological Tests for Cross-Cultural Assessment 2005 28. Criminal Psychology 29. Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology 2nd ed., 2001 30. Handbook of Psychological Assessment 31. Handbook Of Psychology - Personality And Social Psychology (Malestrom) 32. Handbook of Psychology - Vol.10 - Assessment Psychology - Wiley (2003) 33. Introducere in psihanaliza - Sigmund Freud 34. Journal of personality and social psychology 35. Positive Psychology 36. Visible Thoughts - The New Psychology of Body Language 37. Freud-Interpretarea viselor

Dictionare, enciclopedii
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. dictionar de psihologie_larousse Dictionar psihologie Larousse Dictionnaire Psychologie Psychanalyse Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy Laplanche & Pontalis - Vocabularul Psihanalizei Dictionar de psihiatrie La Rousse Dictionar de termeni psihanalitici

8. Dictionar_de_Psihologie_Humanitas 9. Encyclopedia of Psychology 10. Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology (2001) 2Ed 11. Postel J. - Dictionar de psihiatrie si psihopatologie clinica