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) Find Out
Skim-read and underline the key words in each of the following articles: Automaticity:

Driving and cellphones:

2.) Think about It Now, take the quiz at the following link:

3.) Get Ready Using the vocabulary in the following table, complete the text below: NOUNS task participation scientist crash performance ADJECTIVES distracted controlled hands-free handheld automatic VERBS to pass to multitask to get into to divert to brake to process

We have all heard that using a (1) hand-held cellphone while driving is dangerous. However, did you know that using a headset or other (2) hands-free device can also increase your chance of (3) get into an accident?

In a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, (4) scientists suggest that drivers talking on all kinds of cellphones are equally (5) distracted. Consider what is necessary when you drive a car. You have to perform two types of (6) tasks: (7) controlled decision-making and (8) automatic reactions to changes in traffic. While driving, you consciously decide to (9) pass a stalled car or make a U-turn. In addition, you subconsciously (10) process visual information such as a red light and (11) brake to stop your car. Together, these mental activities require considerable brain (12) performance.

By adding other activities such as cell phoning to your driving, you are (13) distracted, which can have a negative impact on your driving (14) performance. Conversing on any kind of cellphone (15) divert your attention from the road. In turn, your conscious decision-making abilities are weakened, and your subconscious reaction time is slowed down. For instance, as you concentrate on your conversation, you might not notice that stalled car or red light. Consequently, you might be involved in a sudden (16) crash

Sources: American Psychological Association PC World

4.) Watch & Listen Now, watch the following videos and note the key words: Driving drunk vs. driving while using cell phones:

5.) Discuss Write down your answers to the following questions (truthfully):

1. Do you talk on a cellphone while driving? If not, why not? 2. What is dangerous about talking on a cellphone while driving? 3. Is using a cellphone on speakerphone safer than using one while holding it in your hand? Why or why not?

4. Do cellphone conversations while you are driving differ from those you have with other passengers? How?