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Agrupamento Vertical de Escolas Azeitão

EB 2 3 de Azeitão – 2010/2011
First Name: __________________
Surname: ________________ Number: ________
Date: __________________________________________ 6 th form
Class ________
Evaluation: ______________________ Teacher: Paulo Bonito Enc. De Educ.________________
O teu teste apresenta dificuldades a nível de:
Compreensão Escrita
Correcção das frases
Interpretação Textual
Falta de atenção
Construção frásica
Falta de estudo

English Evaluation Test 5A – The Past Simple
1 – Reading Comprehension
- Read the text carefully
Last summer holidays Rui Silva and his family travelled to England. They went by
plane and they stayed in London for three days.
On the first day they enjoyed a full English breakfast at the hotel. Then they visited
London on a red double-decker bus. In the afternoon they saw the Tower of London. Rui and
his sister took photos of it.
On the second day they watched the Changing of the Guard at the Buckingham
Palace. They also looked at the famous Big Ben. At lunch they had fish and chips in a
restaurant and they liked it. In the afternoon they stopped in Trafalgar Square. They listened
to an open-air concert.
On the third day they went to Madame Tussaud’s Museum by underground. They saw
amazing things there. All their favourite stars were there. Mr. Silva was very happy and he
took photos of his family with the Royal Family!
During their holidays they didn’t go to bed late because they were always very tired in
the evening.
I – Say if the sentences are TRUE or FALSE


1. They stayed in London for three years.
2. On the first day they saw Madame Tussaud’s Museum.
3. They had fish and chips for lunch on the second day.
4. They liked it.
5. They travelled by underground on the third day.
6. Mr. Silva wasn’t happy.
7. He didn’t take photos of his family.
8. They were never tired.
II – Correct the false statements

Did they stay in London? ___________________________________________________________________________ 4.______________________________________________________________________________ ___ III – Answer the questions about the text 1. on the second day? ___________________________________________________________________________ 8. What did they enjoy at the hotel on the first day? ___________________________________________________________________________ 5. How did they go there? ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. Silva take photos? ___________________________________________________________________________ 7. What did they see in the afternoon? ___________________________________________________________________________ 6. Did Mr. How were they in the evening? ___________________________________________________________________________ 2 . Did they go to bed late during their holidays? ___________________________________________________________________________ 12.Writing Production O teu teste apresenta dificuldades a nível de: Produção Escrita Perguntas pessoais Falta de estudo Construção frásica Falta de atenção Ordenação de frases Ortografia I – Answer the questions about you a) Did you have English yesterday? ________________________________________________________________ b) When were you born? ________________________________________________________________ c) How old were you last year? ________________________________________________________________ d) Where were you born? ________________________________________________________________ e) Did you study for the test? ________________________________________________________________ f) How did you come to school today? ________________________________________________________________ g) What did you eat at breakfast? ________________________________________________________________ 2 . Where did they go on the third day? ___________________________________________________________________________ 11. Where did they stop in the afternoon? ____________________________________________________________________________ 10. What did they eat in the restaurant. Where did the Silvas travel last summer? ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. Did they hate it? ____________________________________________________________________________ 9.

h) What time did you go to bed yesterday? ________________________________________________________________ II – Build sentences with the words a) cinema / went / the / last weekend / to / we _________________________________________________________ b) home / 10 o’clock / at / they / came _________________________________________________________ c) didn’t / to / I / travel / New York / last week _________________________________________________________ d) studied / he / after school / Sciences _________________________________________________________ e) didn’t / Bob / to / go / by / bus / school _________________________________________________________ f) he / computer / at / played / games / home _________________________________________________________ III – Read the information and write a text Name: William Shakespeare / famous dramatist and poet Born: 1564 / Died: 1616 (Age: 52 years old) Born: England / Nationality: English Wife: Anne Hathaway / Three children William Shakespeare _________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______ English Evaluation Test 5A – The Past Simple . De Educ.Use of English Evaluation: _______________________________ Teacher: Paulo Bonito Enc. He ________________ (help) Johnny with his 3 .________________ O teu teste apresenta dificuldades a nível de: Conhecimento Explícito da Língua Passado Simples (afirmativa) Verbos regulares (Passado) Falta de estudo Passado Simples (negativa) Verbos irregulares (Passado) Falta de atenção I A – Fill in the blanks with the Past Simple (regular verbs) 1 – Yesterday Kate’s father _______________ (arrive) home at 6.00 pm. Before dinner he ______________ (work) with his computer.

. She ______________ (take) photos.________________________________________________ b) She did her homework. a) When ________________ you __________________? I got up at 7 o’clock. . I B – Fill in the blanks with the Past Simple (irregular verbs) a) Tessie and Mary ________________ (go) to Lisbon. d) Mary ________________ (be) very sick. . g) What ______________ they _____________ for breakfast? They ate bacon and eggs._________________________________________________________ e) You arrived at 2._____________________________________________________ g) It was easy. II – Write the sentences in the negative form a) They visited the National Gallery. b) What time ____________ he _____________? He travelled at 9. . Then she _______________ (visit) her cousins. e) When ______________ she ____________ the bag? She bought it last week._________________________________________________________________ h) They were unhappy. b) They _______________ (buy) two dolls. . c) Tessie _____________ (see) the Statue of Liberty.________________________________________________________ f) We watched TV yesterday. h) Where __________ they ____________ dinner? They cooked dinner in the garden. After dinner he _____________________ (watch) TV and _________________ (listen) to music.homework. c) How ______________ he ________________ to work? He went to work by bike.________________________________________________________ d) I had dinner at home. IV – Write short answers for the questions (x – no / v – yes) a) Did he go to the park last weekend? (x) ___________________________________ b) Did your friends go out last week? (v) ____________________________________ c) Was it windy yesterday? (x) ____________________________________________ d) Were they late for school? (v) __________________________________________ e) Did she wash the car? (x) _____________________________________________ f) Did you get up early? (v) _______________________________________________ g) Did he have lunch at school? (x) ________________________________________ h) Were there any dogs in the street? (v) _____________________________________ 4 . e) They _________________ (get up) very early. . f) What _______________ you ______________? I wanted to have a good mark. 2 – Last Saturday Kate ____________________ (study) in the morning. . g) She _________________ (eat) meat and ____________________ (drink) water.30 am. d) When ____________ she _____________? She played last Sunday. In the evening she ___________________ (surf) on the net.__________________________________________________________ III – Complete the questions with the Past Simple Example: Why did he come early? He came early because he was tired. .________________________________________________________ c) He went home by bus.

Good Work! Enjoy your Easter!!! 5 .

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