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We are currently preparing students for jobs and technologies that don’t yet exist... in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.


create change
Today’s ‘lifelong’ learners face a very different world than their parents did. They will live longer and have more freedom than ever to choose their experiences, social networks, and values. The rollercoaster of scientific and technological (scitech) change runs faster every year, spinning us irreversibly toward a very extraordinary future. Our planet is wiring up into one vast, instantaneous, transparent and increasingly intelligent global network, which creates amazing new opportunities for business and society. Yet there are great challenges ahead as well. The world is now so interconnected that big problems anywhere are becoming everyone’s problem. This constant change will require today’s learners to change their future faster, learn new technology and networking skills more frequently, and consider the environment they live in from an entirely different perspective. They will also be challenged to keep learning every day and thus should experience these educational duties as a right to learn.

“We can’t solve problems
by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”
- Albert Einstein -



The Internet and technological growth have induced a paradigm shift, changing the way business is conducted. The specialized training and education requirements for current and future employees and the lack of access to diverse employee pools contribute to the problems companies experience in employing a strong and diverse employee base. According to recent studies, ICT skills are becoming an increasingly important entry ticket to all levels of the job market. In addition, the same studies indicate that most European workers see the gap between the expectations of and requirements for ICT skills of their future employers and their own actual skills increase year by year. The gap between demand & supply for ICT literate employees imposes costs on business in the form of lost productivity, hiring and recruiting costs and limits on growth. This calls for a different approach than the actions taken so far, such as changing the place of ICT education in our curriculums, and boosting social inclusion through innovation and training.

How are you helping my child become literate in the 21st century?

evaluate adjust


The world is changing. The exponential acceleration of technology requires all new skill sets. Currently, the technology gap is ever increasing, which means many students graduating and starting their careers don’t have the necessary skills to be proficient in business environments. Also, taking into account the abundant flow of new information being generated every year (estimates claim a contemporary citizen gets presented more facts and figures in one week of information gathering than a citizen living in the 18th century would come across in a lifetime), we should consider adjusting our teaching methods in line with this new reality. In the future, knowledge will not only be about remembering facts, but about the skills to filter out relevant information from this information flow. In the 21st century, literacy will mean being able to adapt to ever evolving technological means and use them to instantly access the necessary and relevant information on a certain topic. The question to be asked is whether the current traditional teaching methods and environments are suited to the task of teaching these skills.

Are you providing the resources and training necessary to be successful in the 21st century society?



So you consider making the switch and integrating an i3 environment? How to get started? Don’t forget that to reap the benefits of technology, and to enable learners to a proficient use in their professional life, it has to be integrated into the curriculum at an early stage. The aim is to propagate the use of technology not as a goal, but as a tool for improving, and ultimately transforming teaching and learning. However, integration of any technology into any curriculum at any point requires reflection about the necessary steps to take and the outcomes to be achieved. Another important point is professional development and support for trainers and teachers, which should prepare them to be proficient in using the technology and devise specific ways and teaching strategies to apply it to their training activities. We have to keep in mind that any technology that is not easily accessible will not be used on a regular basis. As such, the question “Are we providing the resources and training necessary to be successful in the 21st century society?” not only applies to our children, but also to our teachers and trainers.



The VANERUM Group companies manufacture, distribute and/or instal products and solutions which help create i3 environments. By i3 we mean environments that are interactive, integrated and inspiring. These environments result from the application of VANERUM classroom and office solutions, SMART Boards and other easy to use, interactive SMART solutions, traditional whiteboards and projector screens, NEC projectors and displays, intuitive voting and room control systems, digital signage software and static signage solutions by S&D,… Among the outcomes are more efficiënt meetings, stimulating learning environments for youth and adults alike, remote interactive collaboration,… Our mission is accomplished when learners of all ages consider their educational duties as a right to develop.

Digital natives require 21st century solutions
Technologically speaking the learning environment of the future is here today. All technologies are available to address various types of learning across various learning zones. Anytime, anywhere. What we need though, is a solution. At VANERUM group, we are convinced of the benefits that proper use of technology creates. However, we are aware that a number of prerequisites should be fulfilled before these gains can occur. Easy access, a clear definition of the goals, evaluation of the best teaching method - be it technological or not. As an example, teaching verbal interpersonal skills might not benefit from using chatting programs, e-mail or concept mapping software,... Based on our experience we will very gladly help you determine the best solution for your needs.



How SOCIAl DYNAMICS and COllABORATION drive new ideas. progress. Decide. learn.


How furniture, rooms, technology and trainers improve • How we acces information • Visuals and content for group presentations • Interactive collaboration • Technological education

How INTERACTIVE and INTEGRATED environments and tools, experienced trainers and the right recources, INSpIRE learning. Add ergonomics, aesthetics and function for great design that builds excitement.

i3 learning environments
interactive · integrated · inspiring

Training center / IT lab
In this 1:1 setup, every learner works independently on a pC connected to the other learners and the trainer. The latter keeps an overview of all activities in the room , using technological equipment and interpersonal interaction. The furniture is designed to accommodate ICT tools and to provide an ergonomically correct, technologically enhanced environment. Use traditional (white) boards for supplementary writing surface and displaying static content.







This 1:1 setup allows the use of laptops and the voting system enables real time feedback and progression tracking from every learner. The raised Optimax furniture provides increased line of sight and better options to interact during frontal group teaching, while the work stations in the back facilitate individual work or collaboration in small groups.

Meeting room
The meeting rooms we envision are fully equipped to enable quick and easy meetings where technology is no longer a time consuming liability, but a valuable tool that facilitates knowledge exchange between local and remote collaborators. In this particular boardroom a large public display replaces the traditional static display media, yet flipcharts and lockable whiteboard cabinets perfectly complement the technology in the room, e.g. for short meeting sessions that do not require extensive follow up.




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Distributed zone
The distributed zone is used for lounging, relaxing, brainstorm sessions, group work or personal tasks which require deep concentration. It can be a local or remote location which offers network connections and audiovisual options when necessary. The classic signage in the depicted zone points the way to the other rooms in the building and visitors stay up to date with relevant live information through the digital signage system.

This room is equipped with modern ergonomic furniture that is pleasing to the eye. It has plenty of whiteboard space in the front where teachers and students can share information, an array of contemporary ICT and audiovisual options, and strikes a good balance between digital inclusion and the presence of modern teaching tools the majority of teachers are able to use every day.

i3 learning


interactive · integrated · inspiring


group milestones...

VANERUM was founded by Robert Van Erum. He started with the import of school furniture and blackboards from Germany to Belgium.



Start of own production line of blackboards.



Introduction of a revolutionary “rail” system: boards glide on and under a rail.

A distribution center is opened in paal for the product lines Easyrail and Easytex.

The first showroom in Germany is opened in Bochum.

Vanerum acquires Elbe, a producer of metal furniture.


The first showroom in Holland is opened in Houten.



Construction of new head office and production plant in Diest.




VSV becomes a VANERUM Group member, completing the market approach.

VSV opens a new distribution center and head quarter in Wervik.

A new building near Utrecht in will group the activities.

is co Holla Vane



The company is transformed into a corporation.

The first automated coillaminating line for the blackboard production is installed.


VANERUM acquires Crahait, a production unit for enamel sheet production.


VANERUM becomes the largest and most complete manufacturer of school furniture in Belgium and one of the leading producers of blackboards in Europe, by integration and reorganization of the different Business Units.


After introduction of several product lines, VANERUM completes the program by offering solutions for audiovisual communication.

is constructed in Houten Holland. This location Vanerum and VSV

VANERUM becomes a ISO 9001 Certified company.

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S&D acquires SCS, adding safety audits and services to its signage portfolio.

VANERUM Group acquires a 50% share in Stelterpartners, rebranding it VANERUM STElTER and consolidating its presence in the USA.


VANERUM Group is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of total learning environments. With its 40 years of experience, VANERUM Group is changing the way people teach and learn throughout the world with products that excel in making the bridge between tradition and technology and ergonomics. Our ultimate goal is simple: to make the places where people study, present, communicate, teach and learn, as appealing, productive and healthy as possible and to achieve total customer satisfaction at all levels.



The VANERUM Group companies are represented in the geographical areas of Western Europe and North America. With offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Northern America, a reseller network ranging from France to Switzerland, Spain and Taiwan and sharing its experiences with its suppliers based in Canada, Taiwan and Japan, VANERUM Group has its hand on the pulse when it comes to the evolutions and applications of educational, collaborative and corporate audiovisual systems all over the world. Moreover, the transatlantic dimension of the group challenges us to constantly keep questioning our views on the way to implement i3 environments in our domestic markets.


VANERUM Group approaches the market both directly as through the distribution channels. Each customer level is served by specialized Business Units. This model ensures direct insight in the quality of the distributed products and guarantees the highest standards of service towards end user customers. The different market entrances also provide an extensive insight into the specific demands and goals of various types of customers and consumers. The main beneficiaries of the VANERUM Group companies are public services, Education and B2B environments. Through its VSV reseller channel, VANERUM Group also provides to a broad range of other end users and consumers.




AV Integrator

IT reseller

Retail channels




Health care



End User





Health care

Channel customers and end users VANERUM Group structure

Affordability Design • Service


Presentation specialists

interactive media solutions



Health care

B2B (events)


Higher education

Lifelong learning

B2B (Training)





Health care

We constantly keep questioning our views on the way to implement i3 environments in our domestic markets

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT At VANERUM Group we are truly convinced that the future is bright. We see the challenges and problems, the exponential evolution of how our world looks and how it is technologically equipped as a chance to keep growing, to keep evolving and to keep changing for the better. Our current outlook also reassures us most key decision makers in our society are currently fully aware of our future challenges and will react collectively and appropriately to us see smoothly through all required transitions.

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ENVIRONMENT/SUSTAINABIlITY VANERUM Group is committed to respecting the The natural environment participates and in reducing the environmental impact of its activities. company environmental protection projects aimed at preserving natural resources for future generations. CORpORATE SOCIAl RESpONSIBIlITY VANERUM Group is wholly committed to playing an active role in improving the world in which we live. Conscious of the needs of our social and natural environment and the role of the business world as a motor for change, we actively promote a policy of sustainable corporate development and support initiatives to benefit the community, and projects that bring access to new technologies closer to everyone. One specific aim pursued by VANERUM Group through its actions as a socially responsible company is to recognize and support the execution of projects that contribute to the use of new technologies and ergonomics with particular emphasis on children. We believe that new technologies and the emphasis on ergonomics are a basic ingredient in the improvement of quality of education and of life. VANERUM Group also particularly supports MOBIlE SCHOOl. Mobile School, a non-profit organization, develops educational material for outreach activities with children on the streets.


MAIN COMMERCIAl pARTNERS Our main commercial partners are companies with an interest in interactive audiovisual communication environments. VANERUM Group carefully evaluates the available products of potential suppliers before including them in our solutions offering, which guarantees the longer life cycle of the products supplied, and helps to reduce the TCO of your ICT installations.

pARTNERS IN EDUCATION In each market that is served, the VANERUM Group companies partner with other leading organizations that support our philosophy regarding ergonomics, design, i³ environments and technology. The interaction and knowledge exchange allows us to ompliment and leverage our vision. On this growing list of partners are educational publishers, hardware and software manufacturers, lRE repositories, public institutions, non-profit organizations,...

what’s in it for you?
COMMUNICATE EFFICIENTlY Efficient interactive communication is instrumental if one wants to achieve effective knowledge exchange. Our solutions will help you to share your ideas clearly, elaborate on concepts easily, teach, meet, study, collaborate and eventually progress. OpTIMIZE RESUlTS A well equipped environment allows you to achieve your goals quickly and thoroughly. Win time in teaching and training, reduce travel costs and misunderstandings,... i3 environments help you optimize your results and resources by providing qualitative and complementary learning solutions. INSpIRE Effective communication makes for smooth understanding and powerful inspiration. Time savings make for a well balanced professional and personal life. By helping you interact with, involve, empower and inspire learners and peers alike, i3 environments help you feel good and motivate you to new challenges.

communicate feel


The main areas of activity of the VANERUM Group companies are public services, Education and B2B environments. Through its VSV reseller channel, VANERUM Group also provides to a broad range of other end users and consumers.

DISClAIMER Despite the care and attention that went into creating this book, it is possible that the information published here is incomplete or inaccurate. The information on our website is modified daily and possible changes can be made at any time with immediate effect and without notification of any kind. A reader or visitor may not publicize or duplicate copyrighted material or other information included in this magazine without the consent of VANERUM Group (not even through their own network). We can give no guarantees that the information in this book is fit for the purpose for which you consulted the information. We exclude all liability for any direct or indirect damage of any kind, deriving from or in any way associated with reading this magazine or the temporary inability to consult our site. REpRODUCTION RIGHT This publication is protected by copyright. Would you like to scan, digitally store, copy or use the articles commercially or for teaching purposes? First find out from the VANERUM Group company what is allowed: More information at

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