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Even the New York Times is now suspicious about Monsanto and GMO

When that long time house mag of The Politically Correct Though Police and
The Scientific Dictatorship, The New York Times starts to question the science
ehind one of the New World !rder"s sacred cows it"s a sure sign attitudes are
The target of a recent NYT article was $onsanto%s so&called science of
genetically&engineered food crops# You may e aware 'you ha(en"t een li(ing on this
planet if you"re not) that *enetically engineered organisms or as they are more
informally known genetically modified seeds ha(e een hyped as one of the great
hopes of science for feeding a gloal population of + illion that is increasing
e,pontentially# $onsanto are the leading iotech company manufacturing genetically
modified seeds and ha(e estalished a near monopoly on seed for staples like corn,
soya, -.
Genetically modified organisms - one of science's sacred cows?
/ike the great Caron Dri(en 0nthropogenic *loal Warming scam, those who
worship science and ha(e made it their religion kept telling us the science was settled,
there was no douting the results, genetically modified food crops were the only way
forward# Well the science was not settled on either climate change or *$ foods#
1or the past 23 years, independent researchers ha(e een attacking $onsanto
sponsored science in (arious ways, and finally the NY Times has 4oined the crowd#
5ut it%s the way $ark 5ittman, lead food columnist for the Times maga6ine,
layes into oth $onsanto"s dodgy research methods and the complicity of
go(ernment in letting the fascistic corporation write its own rules that really rings
the whole *$! house of cards crashing down# Writing in his 0pril 2 column, 7Why
Do *#$#!#%s Need Protection.8, a reference to the so called $onsanto Protection
5ill, 5ittman opens with9
7*enetic engineering in agriculture has disappointed many people who once had
hopes for it#8
0s in9 the party%s o(er, turn out the lights#
5ittman e,plains9 7-genetic engineering, or, more properly, transgenic
engineering : in which a gene, usually from another species of plant, acterium or
animal, is inserted into a plant in the hope of positi(ely changing its nature : has een
What he means is the results of research not controlled y $onsanto and their
usiness partners shows the claimed increased yields from *$ crops can only e
achie(ed y gi(ing *$ plants fa(ourale conditions o(er non *$ sowings#
0s if this weren%t enough, 5ittman spells it out more specifically9 7;n the nearly
23 years of applied use of *#<# in agriculture there ha(e een two notale =successes,%
along with a few less notale ones# These are crops resistant to $onsanto%s >oundup
hericide '$onsanto de(elops oth the seeds and the hericide to which they%re
resistant) and crops that contain their own insecticide# The first ha(e already failed, as
so&called superweeds ha(e de(eloped resistance to >oundup, and the second are
showing signs of failing, as insects are ale to de(elop resistance to the inserted 5t
to,in ? originally a acterial to,in ? faster than new crop (ariations can e
5ittman continues, commenting
that superweed resistance was a
foregone conclusion@ scientists
understood, from the earliest days of
*$!s, that spraying generations of
these weeds with >oundup would
gi(e us e,actly what we ha(e today9
failure of the technology to pre(ent
what it was designed to pre(ent# The
weeds wouldn%t die out# They would
retool and thri(e#
7The result is that the iggest crisis in monocrop agriculture : something like +3
percent of all soyeans and A3 percent of corn is grown using >oundup >eady seed :
lies in glyphosate%s inaility to any longer pro(ide total or e(en predictale control,
ecause around a do6en weed species ha(e de(eloped resistance to it#8 *lyphosate is
the acti(e ingredient in >oundup#
Bust as the weeds de(eloped resistance and immunity to the hericide, insects that
were supposed to e killed y the to,in engineered into $onsanto%s 5T crops are also
That"s how e(olution works# Why is it that scientists, the (ery people who are
always anging on aout e(olution when faith is mentioned, ha(en"t the first clue
how it works# The (ery same thing has happened in humans where diseases that
scientists claimed has een (irtually eradicated y penicillin are now making a
comack and antiiotic resistant acteria are now spreading diseases from
tuerculosis to gonorrhea among the population#
1i(e years ago a left wing rag like the New York Times would ne(er ha(e printed
New crop varieties
such a complete demolition of *$! plant technology# Now it seems the attitude is
7well, e(eryody knows so why other lying any more#8
What e(eryody knows, or at least e(eryody who matters to the New York
Times, is that the game is up, go(ernments and international ureaucracies like the
Cnited Nations and the ;$1 'oth controlled y gloalist ankers) might continue
telling the lie in the hope that Bosef *oeels was right and in the end it will ecome
true, ut The Times sees no point in supporting this Scientific Dictatorship scam any
longer# *enetically $odified !rganisms were ne(er aout feeding the poor, they
were aout concentrating control of the food supply in the hands of a few powerful
/ike most newspapers that rely on print sales for their re(enue The New York
Times has struggled for some years# While it is easy to lame this on the internet
things are seldom as simple as they appear to e# The print media ha(e aandoned
their role of holding politicians and corporate interests accountale for their actions#
;t would take an editor and a C<! of considerale courage to capitali6ie on this
column y commissioning a series of e,poses on the gigantic scientific confidence
tricks that ha(e een pulled off y 5ig 5iotech, 5ig Pharma, the caron cap and trade
pirates, the anks and so many more industries that found it easier to preser(e profits
y stealing from ta,payers than trying to compete with 0sian ri(als# When and only
when newspapers like the New York Times resumme their campaigning role as the
champions of Boe and Bosephine citi6en will they see sales pick up and people
ecome more willing to pay for an online suscription# The pulic see a ton of
corporate propaganda deli(ered to their mail o, e(ery day, it"s known a 4unk mail,
why should they pay for what are allegedly news stories ut in reality are 4ust
regurgitated (ersions of the press releases sent out y corporate pulic relations
0 well managed campaign can gi(e a pulication enough momentum to carry it
forward for se(eral years# Set the news hounds loose on a story, task them with the
e,pose of failure, dishonesty, malfeasance and corporate or political crime, to lift the
glossy skin of modern society and e,pose the corrupt, maggotted mess underneath,
return to traditional 4ournalistic (alues like protecting sources and formerly reticent
researchers, corporate employees and go(ernment officials will queue to spill the
eans# We all know society is corrupt to the core ut such a cosy atmosphere e,ists
etween the media, corporate and financial interests, go(ernment with it"s politici6ed
legal system, academic community, ci(il and military ser(ice and academics that
those who should e speaking out ha(e seen many others efore them thrown o(er
the cliff, people know that in the witch hunts directed against truth tellers, the little
people who try to do the right thing are dispensile#
0 story like $onsanto could e a
game changer, at the moment the march
towards gloal fascism led y the
ankers and multinational corporations
seems unstoppale ut it would only
take one crusading newspaper to say
7They can stuff their ad(ertising udget
- the truth matters@ it is etter to die on
our feet than li(e on our knees,8 and
people would realise the game isn"t o(er y a long way# 0ll we need to do is oycott a
company"s products#
$onsanto are e,tremely (ulnerale, they ha(e put themsel(es in a position where
the usiness is hea(ily reliant on *$ seed# With a concerted effort, with the truth
aout how *$ crops do not produce higher yields, irrigation and fertili6er are
responsile the impro(ement 'e(er wondered why a $onsanto contract requires only
the fertili6ers and pesticides they specify are used and lays down strict conditions on
watering.) aout the independent research that has linked *$ foods to many health
prolems in humans 'all ruished y the $onsanto propaganda machine of course
ut all ale to stand up to honest scrutiny,) and cause en(ironmental damage in
li(estock and natural (egitation#
The truth matters
!nce the we of deceit has unra(elled enough, the complicity of go(ernment a
the human health nd the academic community would e implicated# 0ll those gli
statements aout 7noody has gotten sick from *$!s8 will e(aporate in the wind#
;t will ne(er happen of course, the same anks that own $onsanto own The New
York Times and own or e,ercise some kind of control o(er they companies The New
York Times must sell ad(erti6ing space to# 5ig 0g too ig to fail, so much acreage
around the world is tied up in *$! crops that to an them now ecause the
technology was ne(er properly tested, the discredited research filtering system of
peer re(iew has een e,posed as est pals" re(iew and the companies in(ol(ed ha(e
already een hammered for criminal acti(ity in other areas#
0s long as the media is part of the same estalishment that (iews the *$!
industry as a way of ringing the dream of gloal totalitarian go(ernment to
realisation we are fighting a war of attrition##
Centrali6ing the food supply in the hands of a few corporations means the
population of the world, in the near future, will eat or not eat according to the dictates
of a caal of unelected academics, ureaucrats annd illionaires# >edistriution of
asic resources to the people of <arth, from such a control point, is what *loalism is
all aout#
So if we cannot rely on the media to fight for the cause of freedom are we
defending a lost cause# Not at all, no cause is lost until the last man falls# 0nd there
are plenty of men and women still standing# /ike the ones who pulished this9
70 reakthrough report on the nutritional density of genetically&modified '*$)
corn crops demolishes all e,isting claims that *$!s are 7sustantially equi(alent8 to
non&*$!s# <ntitled 23D2 Nutritional 0nalysis9 Comparison of *$! Corn (ersus
Non&*$! Corn, the paper re(eals not only that *$! corn is greatly lacking in
(itamins and minerals compared to non&*$! corn, ut also that it is highly to,ic and
filled with deadly crop chemicals like glyphosate '>oundup)#8
The owners of the log say the report was shared with
them y De Dell Seed Company, Canada%s only non&*$! corn seed supplier, which
otained it from a $innesota&ased agricultural company called ProfitPro# !(erall,
the paper found that non&*$! corn is 20 times richer in nutrition, energy and
protein compared to *$! corn#
The log summarises the report9
Concerning energy content, as measured in terms of <>*S, non&*$! corn was
found in tests to gi(e off 3,400 times more energy per gram, per second compared
to *$! corn, an astounding (ariance# 0nd as far as its o(erall percentage of organic
matter is concerned, non&*$! corn was determined to ha(e nearly twice as much of
this (ital component compared to *$! corn#
Non&*$! corn contains sustantially more potassium, magnesium, calcium,
sulfur and manganese
The field comparison also e(aluated indi(idual nutrient de(iations, which
re(ealed some shocking facts# Potassium, which is necessary for energy production
and proper cellular function, is arely e(en present in *$! corn, ha(ing clocked in
at 3#A parts per million 'ppm)# ;n non&*$! corn, howe(er, potassium le(els were
more than 13 times higher, testing at +#2 ppm#
The disparity was e(en worse for magnesium, which tested at a mere 3#2 ppm in
*$! corn# ;n non&*$! corn, howe(er, magnesium le(els were found to e 46
times higher than in non&*$! corn# Similar (ariances were oser(ed for calcium,
sulfur and manganese as well, with the contents of each eing 12.4, 14, and seven
times higher, respectively#
!n the other hand, non&*$! corn was found to e free of chlorides,
formaldehyde, glyphosate, and other harmful chemicals, while in *$! corn they
were identified in dangerously high le(els# 0ccording to an analysis of the report y, *$! corn contains aout 19 times more glyphosate than
is permitted as a ma,imum in drinking water y the C#S# Environmental rotection
Agency '<P0), and 130 times more glyphosate than has een found in tests to cause
organ damage in animals#
Similarly, *$! corn contains dangerously high le(els of formaldehyde,
according to the report# 0 pre(ious study conducted y Dr# Don Euer on *$!s
re(ealed that #+A ppm of formaldehyde is to,ic if ingested y animals# 0s it turns out,
*$! corn contains 200 times more formaldehyde than this ma,imum safety
These shock findings are at great odds with the claims continually eing made y
agri&genocide giant $onsanto# !n its corporate wesite, $onsanto claims that
appro(ed genetically&modified '*$) crops are 7sustantially equi(alent8 to non&
*$!s, meaning they are not nutritionally different from non&*$! crops# 5ut as this
study shows, these claims are patently false, and indicate that $onsanto is engaged in
a gloal agricultural scam ased on complete lies#
7*lyphosate is a strong organic phosphate chelator that immoili6es positi(ely
charged minerals such as manganese, coalt, iron, 6inc, copper, etc# that are essential
for normal physiological functions in soils, plants and animals,8 e,plains Dr# Euer
aout how *$! crop chemicals literally destroy the nutrient content of *$! crops#
To learn more aout how to a(oid *$!s in the food supply, (isit9
!ome critics of GM"s claim human genes
have #een inserted into food crops.
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