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QUESTION 1 A brand new network application is required for the Acme Company, and they are considering the use of a connectionless service. What are the characteristics of a connectionless service? (Select two answer choices) A. It uses a Reliable transport mechanism. B. It uses a Non-reliable transport mechanism C. It is less bandwidth-intensive than connection oriented services D. it uses handshaking QUESTION 2 On the serial interface of a router, an inbound access list is configured to deny all traffic from UDP and TCP ports 21, 23, and 25. All other traffic is permitted. Based on this information, which types of traffic will be allowed through this interface? (Choose three) A. SMTP B. DNS C. FTP D. Telnet E. HTTP F. POP3 QUESTION 3 Which of the protocols below use TCP at the transport layer? (Select four) A. TFTP B. SMTP C. SNMP D. FTP E. HTTP F. HTTPS QUESTION 4 Which of the following protocols utilize UDP as the layer 4 transport mechanism?

TFTP QUESTION 5 Which one of the following protocols uses both UDP and TCP ports for the transport layer operation? A. SMTP D. TFTP QUESTION 7 Although TCP segments differ from UDP segments. sequence number D. sources E. NNTP C. Telnet C. SNMP E. destination port F. Telnet E. checksum QUESTION 8 The corporate head office of Certkiller has a teleconferencing system that uses VOIP . FTP B. HTTP F. HTTPS F. SNMP E. What two segments do they share in common? (Select two answer choices) A. SMTP D. TACACS B. SMTP D. they both contain some common fields. options C. source address B. DNS QUESTION 6 Which of the following protocols utilize TCP? (Choose all that apply) A. TFTP C.(Choose all that apply) A. NTP B.

This system uses UDP as the transport for the data transmissions. what will happen? A. due to the fact that UDP is used? (Select three answer choices. C. DNS B. Which of the following services could have problems in this case.) A. The DHCP Discover message uses a special Layer 2 multicast address as the destination address. E. . QUESTION 9 A legacy network that is prone to errors may have issues with services that use UDP. HTTP F. Telnet C. UDP will not acknowledge the datagrams and wait for a retransmission of the datagrams. B. UDP will pass the information in the datagrams up to the next OSI layer in the order that they arrive. The DHCP Discover message uses FF-FF-FF-FF-FF as the Layer 2 destination address. UDP will send an ICMP Information Request to the source host. UDP will drop the datagrams. UDP will use the sequence numbers in the datagram headers to reassemble the data in the correct order. SNMP E. TFTP QUESTION 10 Regarding DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol). which two of the following choices below are true? (Select two answer choices) A. C. SMTP D. D. If these UDP datagrams arrive at their destination out of sequence. B. The DHCP Discover message uses UDP as the transport layer protocol.(voice over IP) technology.

QUESTION 12 What statements are true regarding ICMP packets? Choose two A. . B. F. They are encapsulated within IP datagrams. They guarantee datagram delivery.The Power of Knowing The exhibit displays the partial contents of an encapsulation header. The DHCP Discover message does not use a Layer 2 destination address. They can provide hosts with information about network problems. The DHCP Discover message does not require a transport layer protocol. QUESTION 13 Exhibit Actualtests.D. The DHCP Discover message uses TCP as the transport layer protocol. Note that all choices should be used when completed. They are encapsulated within UDP datagrams. They acknowledge receipt of TCP segments. QUESTION 11 Drag the Layer 4 network services on the left with its corresponding TCP port number on the right. . E. C. D.

D. A. Acknowledgement Number C. Request Number D. SMTP C. FTP B. Telnet D. Window F. DNS QUESTION 16 Which fields are included in the TCP header? (Choose three). This is an OSI layer 4 header. Data QUESTION 17 .Which of the following are true of the network traffic represented in this diagram? Select three. Source Port B. This is a UDP header B. A. Destination Address E. C. The last PDU received in this session had a sequence number of 292735. This is traffic from an FTP server. This is traffic from an Telnet client. E. QUESTION 14 QUESTION 15 Which of the following protocols use both TCP and UDP ports? A.

None of the above QUESTION 18 Classify terms on the left hand side with their associated descriptions on the right hand side. FDDI frame B. Ethernet frame C.Study the following exhibit: The exhibit above is representative of which of the following data structures? A. (Not all of the answer choices are used) . Token Ring frame E. TCP segment F. UDP datagram D.

QUESTION 19 In the "host to host" layer of the DOD model. BootP . ARP B. TCP D. IP F. RARP C. ICMP G. UDP E. which of the following is a valid connection oriented protocol? A.