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Jack Galmitz
New York, New York 2013

Copyright ImPress 2013 New York, New York All rights reserved

For Donna and Sabine

It only takes one the doctor said

brut marking a tree art

lights along the quay

the night touched

type in a writing prompt

the muse has served

what about the trees


frightening evening

a length of cable

delicately sticks to



a book of poems men wield saws

she put on her slip

time split

xxxxxxxxxx a woman

smoking a cigarette waiting out the rain I, too, am falling at my own pace

under an awning

abandoned warehouse black

shattered window glass

each brick fired and placed a place reached in an hour in love of the better place

a church in the slums

by car or train or other conveyance

-mood railroad pen puzzle


the image of Henri Pousseurs sounds

Like a bullwhip in the air

AMEN a man wo/men men a-m-n

in the trajectory before I was born that began


forming the cement hearing


join the jackhammer

the saxophonists solo Soledad

next to the pharmacy a white building

the dark woods

Ganglion without networks


The wild child

one word stanzas versus

how do I find

when did whence disappear

A Monogram

Did bagpipes play ceremoniously when thence went away

it fits betweent the woodwinds and the brass

Adolphe Sax said

the earth looks different larks ascending

the waterfall flowing backriver


a serpent wont stop turning

the saxophone

entering the tunnel

a trains gender

perserverance furthers

making hexagrams

in the rain my son watches

in the used car lot

a dog crying



HISTORY It depends

encrypted unrecognizable

the Mona Lisa

a house and sky of trapezoids

rests on the scaffold (ad adagio thinking)

the sign painter

the cooing of a dove in the computer

color mood desire month position weather whether sometimes other

on the light the sheets

her shape depends

emery mine at Naxos Island boring

brought Karlheinz Stockhausen

raised in silence

when words were things


The Japanese formed parties to view the