php me Table For A Computer Based GRE(Graduate Record Examination) Total Testing Time: 2hours and 30 minutes There are totally Three Sections i)Verbal Ability ii)Quantitative Ability iii)Analytical Writing Before starting to answer the Questions,you will get the Tutorial messages. It contains messages on how to use mouse ,how to scroll the text and how to answer the questions. It can't be skipped ,its mandatory. i)Verbal Ability: Your academic success will depend on your verbal abilities,especially your ability to understand. Time Allowed: 30 minutes Description: The verbal section consists of 30-questions.These fall into four categories. i) 5-7 Sentence Completion Questions ii) 6-8 Analogy Questions iii) 6-10 Reading Comprehension Questions iv) 8-10 Antonym Questions i)Sentence Completion Questions: In the sentence completion questions , you are asked to choose the best way to complete a sentence from which one or two words have been omitted.It test a combination of reading comprehension skills and vocabulary. ii)Analogy Questions: These are Vocabulary Questions.They test your understanding of relationships among words and ideas. There will be one pair of word given in the question.We must choose the another pair that is related in the same way. Note: Not all the questions are familiar for us.So at that time we have to guess the right answer.One of the easiest way is to eliminate the wrong answer one by one.I think this is the easy way to guess answers for unfamiliar questions. iii)Antonym Questions: These questions are the most straight-forward vocabulary questions.We have to find the opposite the word given. Follow Elimination method,if you dont know the answer. iv)Reading Comprehension Questions: From the name,we come to know that a passage will be given and then a set of questions will be

asked to regarding the passage. ii)Quantitative Ability: Time Allowed:45 minutes Description: This section contains 28-questions.These fall into three categories: i) 14 quantitative comparison questions ii) 10 discrete quantitative questions or standard multiple choice questions. iii) 4 data interpretation questions i)Quantitative comparison questions: This is logical and mathematical part.In these questions, there are two quantities,one in column A and other in column B.Four possible answers for this type of questions are The The The The quantity in Column A is greater quantity in Column B is greater two quantities are equal relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

ii)Discrete quantitative questions: The way to answer this type of Questions is to work on thr scratch paper given.This section contains only logical problems. iii)Data Interpretation Questions: A Graph or pie chart is given.From the given data,questions will be asked.This is the most easier part in Quantitative ability iii)Analytical Writing: Here comes the final part.It contains two tasks. Time Allowed:45 minutes i)Writing an essay from our point of view. ii)Writing an essay analyzing the line of reasoning in an argument. The marks for this sections given by Two trained readers. Highest possible score is 6. Note:As soon as you finish the Verbal and quantitative sections,your marks will be displayed. Few Words about GRE: 1. No negative marks. 2. Not even a single question can be left unanswered. 3.Once you confirmed your answer,it can't be changed later, Good Luck.. Still confusd about GRE.I have attached several screen shots of Computer Based GRE with this post.

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