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Anarchy is the Answer
FIght  the  police  state.   Give  the  people  back  their  power.   Local  governance,  local  control.  

T he P o li ce S t

g n i m o C Is
What You Allow is What Will Continue
Abdulrahman  al-­‐Awlaki     16-­‐year-­‐old  American  citizen   NOT  suspected  of  terrorism   Targeted  and  killed  by  US  drone  strike     Oct  14,  2011    

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We  all  know  this  is  going  to  happen.   The  writing  has  been  on  the  wall  for   years  now.     It  is  time  to  unchain  ourselves  as  a   species,  cast  off  our  shackles  and   make  the  peaceful  world  which  we   all  want.     Only  through  an  abolition  of  the   state  can  we    achieve  humanity,   abolish  legalized  theft,  stop  the   wars,  and  end  the  police  state   before  it  starts.  

s d i K l l i K s Drone
Asheville, NC

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The News They Won’t Tell You, Part 1
Buy  this.  Sell  this.  Give  this  away.


  http://bit.  In  essence.  DHS  plans  to  buy   The  Department  of  Homeland  Security  has  purchased    around  150  million  rounds  of   ammunition  each  year  since  2009.  the  US   military  has  given  itself  the  authority  to  kill  anybody  it   wants  from  the  skies  without  trial  or  attempt  to  pursue   justice.  killing  as   many  as  3.6  BILLION  rounds  of  ammo  “to   significantly  lower  costs.     The  United  States  has    given  itself  the  ability  to  kidnap  anybody  for  any  reason  and   detain  them  in  internment  facilities  against  their  will.”     Targeted  strikes  are  a  direct  attack  on  a  known  target.  Signature  strikes  in  Afghanistan  are   killing  an  average  of  4.”  the  US   has  conducted  366  drone  strikes  since  2004.  70  million  of  those  have  been  given  to  US   Customs  and  Border  Protection.465.   http://bit.8  children  per  day.  They  have  built  “domestic   relocation  facilities”  for  FEMA  and  is  hiring  concentration  internment  camp   personnel  through  the  Army.  including  844   The US Plans to Have Armed Drones HERE Buy Your War Bonds Today! It’s  a  good  time  to  be  in  the  weapons  business.581  people.  They  are  also  preparing  for  mass  death  (US  HR6566)     .  you  can  be  assured  there  will  be  civil  unrest  and  the   government  is  going  to  want  to  keep  power.  and  when  it  does.”  That’s  enough  bullets  “for  domestic  use”    to  KILL  EVERY   AMERICAN  FIVE   http://bit."  These  are  not  to  be  confused  with   “targeted  strikes.  The  economy  is  going  to  collapse   very  soon.  By  the  Government’s  own  “estimates.    And  these  are   just  the  ones  they’re  admitting.   Signature  strikes    are  an  attack  based  upon  the   behaviors  of  the  person  on  the  street.   http://bit.   The s t s i r o r r e T ou se Are Not g to Y in y L is t n e m T he Go v ern n f o r a L o ng T im e e An d it Ha s B e On Signature Strikes: What is a Signature Strike?   Many  in  the  media  like  to  hype  the  fact  that  these  are   “signature  strikes.  and   wounding   Police  in  the  US  are  now  given  an  option  to  equip  their  drones  with  weapons.