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Software Engineering-II (CS605) Assignment No.

Subject: Software Engineering-II Instructor: CS605 Objective: Assigned: 05-04-2007 Due Date: 11-04-2007

Assignment No. 2

Assignment Marks: 20 Attached Files: Non

1- The objective of this assignment is to develop skills to analyze how estimation is being performed in Software Engineering.

1234This is an individual assignment. You will submit your work individually through your logins. Write your name at the start of the assignment. Do not copy and paste any thing from the internet. Your work must be original. Please note that you must do your own work. If any one found copying from another student, no marks will be given to him/ her. 5- Deadline for this assignment is 11 th April, 2006. This deadline will not be extended. 6- No assignment will be accepted through email before and after the due date. 7- If you have any problems, feel free to mail at

Case Study

a) Described below is a description of a small system, a “Student Information System” in Virtual University of Pakistan, in which user can search the record of any student in VU of Pakistan. Identify all ILFs, EIFs, EIs, EOs, and EQs for this problem.
Calculate the unadjusted FP count for the application. 15 Marks

The following information is maintained by the system: Student details- Student id, name, address, semester Course details- course id, name, credit hour, Grading details- Student id, Course id, marks The software system needs to provide the following functionality: to add, change and delete students from the system to add, change and delete course information to make inquiries on students using either student id or name to make inquiries on courses to provide a report of the students in the VU to provide a report of the courses offered by the VU Following is the complexity Matrix for ILF/EIF Complexity Matrix for ILF/EIF RETs 1 2-5 >5 1-19 low low Average DETs 20-50 low Average High Greater than 50 average high High

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Software Engineering-II (CS605) Assignment No. make and educated assumption and justify your assumption. Note: If the information is not directly available. but the goal to produce a product within the next year. © Copy Right Virtual University of Pakistan 2 .EO and EQ DETs 5-15 low Average High FTR <2 2 >2 1-4 low low Average Greater than 15 average high High b) What team structure for the following situation would you choose and why? 5 Marks You have been appointed a software project manager for a company that services the genetic engineering world. Your job is to manage the development of a new software product that will accelerate the pace of gene typing. The work is R&D oriented. 2 Complexity Matrix for EI.