Minimalism • History o Minimalism emerged during the 1960’s right after Abstract Expressionism and Op Art came right

after Minimalism. Minimalism came to existence because artists felt that the art that was before, Abstract Expressionism wasn’t simple enough. Most artists wanted to make art simpler. Characteristics o Minimalist make their paintings and sculptures that are stripped down to their elemental geometric form, and thrive on simplicity in both content and form. Philosophy o Minimalism allows the viewer to experience the work more intensely without the distractions of composition, theme, etc. Main Artist o Dan Flavin  Dan Flavin is an American artist who was born on 1933 and lived until 1996. Dan was one of the first artists to integrate electric lights (commercial fluorescent light bulbs) into his works of art. He was a type of artist who liked including objects that people use everyday that are easy to find. o Brice Marden  Brice Marden was born in Bronxville, New York, October 15, 1938. Marden’s paintings are created from a particular experience that he has had or in reaction to having spent time in a specific place. Most of Marden’s paintings are either really simple with just solid colors or really messy with scribbles all over. o Barnett Newman  Barnett Newman was born on January 29, 1905 in New York. After the post war period, Newman believed that a completely new type of art was needed. Newman’s paintings gave much attention to the precise physical qualities of his paintings with acrylic paint so that he could achieve contrasts of opacity and depth. Most of Newman’s paintings are in place by dividing his canvases to be vertical with color. Influences o Abstract Expressionism came directly before Minimalism and was stripped of its composition. Op Art came after Minimalism and Op Art had patterns that made it look 3D compared to the 2D art that Minimalism consisted of. o Abstract Expressionism caused Minimalism to surface because of the appearance of abstract art. Abstract expressionism wasn’t simple enough for Minimalist so they made their own art that was stripped down to have simplicity in both content and form.

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