Hotel Management Information System –A Study

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          Introduction – Hotel Ramee GuestLine Questions on Hotel MIS system Organization Hierarchy Flow of MIS Work Flow MIS Project Details POS system Screens Layout MIS Reports Conclusion

Mumbai is home to a fascinating mix of traditions with an endless range of attractions from the ancient and modern world.Juhu is a delightful boutique hotel conveniently located in the heart of Mumbai's famous Juhu beach area.Introduction on Ramee Guestline Hotel  Ramee Guestline Hotel . Just 100 meters from Juhu beach and within easy reach of Mumbai's new commercial and entertainment centre.Juhu Maintains the traditions of hospitality and service for which Ramee Hotels are renowned the world over. . Milind (EDP Manager for Juhu). a short drive from both the airports and the railway station.  The person which we interact was Mr. The commercial and financial hub of India and a shopper's paradise.  Ramee Guestline Hotel .

 The following were the questions consider while getting information          What is the hierarchy system of your company and the flow of information? what is the medium of coordination between inter department? What are the software used in the process? How does the MIS help the system ? How are able to calculate growth and profits in a certain period? Is there any updates done in the recent period to enhance the MIS system? has it affected the organization? Is there any checks on the MIS system? Which are the levels of decisions taken at? Are there any back up plans? BCP ? securities? .

Organization Hierarchy Hierarchy Restaurant Manager Main Chef Stores Manager Accounts Bar Manager Disc Manager Restaurant Manager EDP Manager Bar Team Disc Team Restaurant Team EDP Team .

Flow of M.S Flow Stores Dept Kitchen Dept Finance Dept IT Dept .I.

Restaurant Basic Work Flow Flow Customer Restaurant Staff KOT Bill Order Interface Kitchen Staff Restaurant Staff Store Interface Kitchen Interface Order against KOT Inventory Requirement Kitchen Staff Requirement Send Stores Staff .

Volume( KOT wise/Inventory wise/Hotel wise)  Shows the revenue generated per day/week/month by Hotel  Shows difference between the potential revenue and the actual revenue generated by the process .MIS Project The MIS-Project plays a major role  Maintenance of a master file (Details of Inventory)  Maintenance of databases  Maintenance of the Inventory records  Co-ordination between Staff to improvements in the work Cycle  Co-ordination with the Finance to purchase or cash transaction  Sending periodic process based reports (Daily/ Weekly/Monthly )  Showing Graphical trends of Growth.

Microsoft Windows operating system Basic System which Can be used as Centralized Server LAN Network Client Server Application Routes/Switches Reports send to Head office as Excel file (System generated reports on Crystal reports.MIS Project (Technology & software used)        POS system from Fiesta Corp. which can be transfer in Excel file) .

T. Executive 3 •Decisions •Installations •Securities •Permissions •I.T. Dept I. Team Software • Windows 2000 server • Microsoft Outlook • Cisco Routing • Microsoft Office .T. Managers •Program managers •Team managers •M. Manager •Roles : •Maintenance •Upgrades •I.S.T.T. Executive 1 I.EDP Department I. Administration I. Executive 2 I.T.T. Executive 4 I.I.T.

KOT – Kitchen Order Taken Layout .

Define Waiters. Check cancellation Reasons. Selling Price at different times. Outlets where they are sold. Integration with core modules enables two-way communication giving access to billing instructions and online posting of checks to Guest Ledger. . Selling Price Types. costing and variance monitoring. Order Cancellation Reasons. Cooking Instructions.Point of Sales     Define Menu. It allows the user to create and print KOTs at remote locations. Define Happy Hours. Integration with Inventory. KOT Printing Locations. Types of Discounts. Recipe Costing & F & B Control modules provides management information for reordering.

Define Time Limit For Hours (KOT) .

Generate Bill (KOT) .

KOT – Recipe Details .

Item Master (Inventory) .

Stock transfer (Inventory) .

Stock Details on Outlets (Inventory) .

I .Account Balances (Accounts) Accounting MIS .

Ledger Details (Accounts) .

Purchase Voucher (Accounts) .

MIS Report               Consumption by product and by category Inventory value by product and by category Consumption compared to sales – by category Combined inventory value of locations and stockroom Product list by sequence Purchase orders by Supplier Stock Receipt reports for each Purchase Order Request and Issues reports for activity between Storerooms and Sales Centers. Product list by cost price Product list by sales price Full/empty bottle weight list Discontinued product list Value on hand for combined product locations Consumption compared to sales by category  Products below PAR by supplier .

Revenue summary (MIS) .

Audit Trail Report (MIS) .

Conclusion… Flow of MIS/Data is a continuous chain Flow of information varies at various levels Prime decisions are done at top level management Smaller level decisions are done at every supervisory level There are several rooms for improvements for co ordination to minimize the turn around time for tasks  More innovations/ideas will certainly improve standards      .

Suggested Report (MIS) Daily Collection report Date Mode Debit Master Card Visa Card Cash Credit Total Suspended Amount Staff used Total revenue for Day KOT 1452 215668 1212157 45656 240 1475173 5000 250 1469923 BAR 87546 2121 3256 445 0 93368 484 100 92784 Guest System Liquor 2555 21216 242 548254 0 572267 700 0 571567 54866 45424 44 242 0 100576 0 400 100176 Disc 4445 474 545 5454 0 10918 0 0 10918 .

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