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(1) INTERNATIONAL (1) In which country the tallest communication tower named skruty is suituated ?

Answer: Tokyo (Japan) (2) Who is the worlds shortest women who is still alive ? Answer: Jyothi Amge (3) Who is the new leader of North Korea who has been recently elected ? Answer: Kim Jong Un (4 ) How many years have been completed by African National Congress recently ? Answer: 100 yrs . ( 5) Who is the first Indian American person who had been elected as governor for Lousiana in states of U.K.? Answer: Bobby Jindal . ( 6) Which year is called as International Year Of Cooperative according to UNO ? Answer: 2012 year ( 7) Worlds oldest yoga teacher who had been entered in Guinnes Book of Records for yoga recently ? Answer: Bernice Bates . ( 8) After how many years America had totaly set back his millitary army from Irak ? Answer: 9yrs ( 9) Shoedar cruze missile was launched and tested by by which country ? Answer: Iran (10) Who is the American Ambassidor to India in 2011? Answer: Timothy J.Reomer. (11) For how many yrs the great leader of North Korea has headed the country ? Answer: 17 yrs (12) Which is the Worlds first Hydrogen based three wheeler vehicle ? Answer: High Alpha ( 13) Who is the person who had won the election in US Republican in Florida Primary results recently ? Answer: Mitt Romney (14) According to the new census Jan 2012 , what is the % population of China ? Answer: 51.27 % (15) Whos name had been kept for the fly over bridge constructed in Islamabad recently? Answer: Yousaf Raja Gillani .

(16) Who is the President who had signed on millitary spending bills twice recently ? Answer: Barack Obama (17) Which is the nation which joined UNO organisation recently ? Answer: Pakistan .(18) A credit Standard and Poors , due to which reasons it had reduced the rating of France , Italy and other 9 countries recently ? Answer: Debt crices. (19) According to the fortune magazine s annual ranking for 100 besr companies to work for 2012,which company stood first ? Answer: Google. (20) Who inagurated the new mission control centre the SHAR ? Answer: Prathiba Patil (21) Who is the Managing director for the International Monetary Fund ( I M F )? Answer: Christine Legaude . (22) Which was the protest movement that begain against financial greed & curruption in America recently ? Answer: Occupy wall street (2) INDIA & WORLD (1) On 20 Jan 2012, Russia had leased which nuclear powered submarine to India recently ? Answer: K-152 Nerpa (2) Which country has got the deal of 126 fighters to India recently ? Answer: French (3) In American International affairs website which state of Indian borders have been wrongly mapped ? Answer: Jammu Kashmir (4) How many countries have signed the multilateral agreement to check tax evasion and avoidence recently ? Answer: three (5) Which two countries agreed to establish a working mechanism on consultation and coordination on border affairs ? Answer: India & China (6) In which feild India and Japan had made agreement to enhance their cooperation ? Answer: Infrastructure sector (7) What is the place of India in a global press freedom index in the past years ? Answer: 131 (8) On which issue India & USA signed recently ? Answer: Labuor & employment

(9) How many agreements India had signed with Trinidad & Tobago ? Answer: 5 (10) Name the new pact which was signed by the countries recently ? Answer: shade (3) NATIONAL (1) The birthday of the great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam was declared as ? Answer: National Mathematics Day (2) Where will be the first cooperative university will set up ? Answer: Sibsagar (Assam ) (3) Which year is celebrated as National Mathematics day ? Answer: 2012 (4) What is the Total per capital income of all states in India ? Answer: Rs.54,835 /(5) Which ministry had been given to Mr. Ajit singh by the U P A government ? Answer: Civil Aviation minister (6) How many news paper companies have been registered under the Register of News papers for India according to the authority in 2010-2011? Answer: 4853 (7) What is the mascot name for national youth festival ? Answer: Yakhi (8) On which day our national anthem Janaganamana has completed its hundred years ? Answer: 27-12-2011 (9) Who is the first women who had been selected as Javan in Indian Army ? Answer: Santhi Tigga (10) Who is the 19th Director General of Indian coast guard ? Answer: M.P.Muralidharan (11) To whom was the Review commite on the Delhi School Education Act &Rules 1973 (DSEAR-79) report was submitted? Answer: Sheila Dikshit (12) According to the survey done by the Brand Trust Report who is the person who had won the confidence of peoplein the country ? Answer: Anna Hazare (13) In which five years plan the national slum development programme will be launched by the government ?

Answer: 12th five years plan (14) Who had launched the Interanet Prahari Project worth of 299 crore recently? Answer: P.Chidambaram (15) The ISRO chief Madhavan Nair and other three who were blacklisted in which deal, the government quit them away? Answer: Antrix Devas (16) From which year the implementation of common medical entrance test will be conducted according to the medical council of India ? Answer: 2013 (17) Which is the nodel agency for all anti -terror activities in the country, for which the government gave approval recently? Answer: National counter Terrorism Centre (18) Who is the chief guest for the Pravasi Bharathiya Devas conference held at Jaipur on Jan 7th 2012 ? Answer: Kamal PerseBissesor (19) Where was the United Nation Research center for the North-East set up recently ? Answer: Guwahati (20) From which year the implementation of common medical entrance test will be conducted according to the medical council of India ? Answer: 2013 (21) Name the project which was inagurated by Mr.Chidambaram recently worth of 299 crore ? Answer: Interanet Prahari projet (4) STATES (1) The Panch Parmeshwar scheme was launched by which state government ? Answer: Madhya Pradesh (2) In 2010-2011 ,what is the per capital income of Andhra pradesh ? Answer: Rs.60,458/(3) Name the chief minister who had won the award for great vaccine innovation ? Answer: Nitish Kumar (4) According to the report presented by the central government our state debt in the year 2010-2011 is ? Answer: Rs.1,32,805 crore (5) Which Indian company is going launch a new diesel plant in Gurgoan recently ? Answer: Maruthi (6) The bullet train between which two states will announced in railway budget 2012? Answer: Ahmedabad-Mumbai (7) For the year 2012 in which place Andhra pradesh stood in urbunisation?

Answer: 17th (8) For how many Assembly seats election have been held in Uttarakhand on 30th Jan 2012 recently? Answer: 70 (9) Which state governors period has been extended by one year by the government recently ? Answer: Andhra pradesh (10) Which state had agreed for the establishment of internal state board for pranahita- chevella sujatha sravanti project ? Answer: Maharashtra 911) Who is the person replaced in the place of E.Sridharan for Delhi Metro Rail M D on 31st Dac 2011? Answer: Mangu singh (12) In which state the 10th Pravasi Bharathi Divas event inagurated from Jan 7th to 9th 2012 ? Answer: Jaipur (13) What is the total strentgh of Muncipalities in the state A .P ? Answer: 161 (14) Who is the governor of Tamilnadu who has been appointed recently ? Answer: K.Rosaiah (15) Which are the two states where assembly elections had been held on 30 th Jan 2012 ? Answer: Punjab ,Uttarkhand (16) The assembly polling were held on 28th Jan 2012 for how many seats in Manipur ? Answer: 60 (17) In which place our state warangal NIT stands according to the survey done by the country ? Answer: 8th (18) According to the national election commision which state minister had been ordered to cover the status of elephants which are election symbol of the party recently ? Answer: Uttar Pradesh (19) For many seats the assembly election had been held in Punjab ? Answer: 117 (20) Which state University had given Dr. to the Bangladesh P.M Shaik Hassina recently ? Answer: Tripura (21) In which state the united nation research center for north -east set up ? Answer: Assam (22) Which is the first state to issue e-stamp papers in all denominations in India ?

Answer: Delhi (23) According to the National child Right which state stood in top one position ? Answer: Kerala (24) Which state topped in the list in utilizing the fund for minorities according to the minority affairs ministry? Answer: Jammu & kashmir (25) How many new tourism projects have been sanctioned for Jammukashmir by the union government? Answer: 7 (5) CONFERENCES (1) In which city the geospatail world forum 2012 conference was held recently ? Answer: Hyderabad (2) Which is the forum which had conference on the current & relavent issues on global problems recently? Answer: World Economic Forum (WEF) (3) On which issue the conference is being organized by International Advanced Research centre for powder metallurgy and new materials (ARCI) recently ? Answer: Nano science technology (4) On which issue President Pratibha Paatil constituted a committee recently ? Answer: Production of Agriculture sector (6) AWARDS AND HONOURS (1) Who had been awarded Sialedra Kumar singh award by the (UPA) chair person Sonia Gandhi? Answer: D.Balavenkatatesh verma (2) To whom the Guljarilal Nanda Bharat Sevak Samaj has been awardedby Kerala government? Answer: T.K.Nair (3) The prestegious International sports Association Fair play is awarded to which player? Answer: Mahendrasingh Dhoni (4) How many people have been awarded the prestegious Man Asia award from India ? Answer: 3 persons (5) The Mahatma Gandhi International Award for peace & Reconsilation award has been presented to whom ? Answer: Dalai Lama (6) Who had given the 2011 FIFA Best player award on 9th Jan 2012? Answer: Lionel Messi (7) Who has been shortlisted for UKs Biggest contemporary Art Prize , Artes mundi recently?

Answer: Sheela Gowda (8) Who is the person who had conferred the Ashoka Chakra on 63rd Republic Day by the president Pratibha Patil ? Answer: Lt.Navdeep singh (9) To which award the Indian American sciencetist Venkataram Ramakrishna has been selected by the Britan ? Answer: Knight hood (10) On which date the Infosis 2011 awards have been awarded recently at Banglore ? Answer: Jan 9th (11) Which university has honoured Dr to Bangladesh P.M Shaik Hassina recently ? Answer: Tripura university (12) For the yr2011 who had won the perstegious (CNR ) sahitya puraskaram recently? Answer: Ratna Markandapuram Srinivas 913) Who has been presented with pride of India award by the Indian -American community in Washinton? Answer: Mallikarjuna Kharge (14) Which university had got the honour Universities with potecial for excellence? Answer: Ossamania university (15) Who is the Bollywood actor who had received a green globe award from Arnold Schwaizenegger recently ? Answer: Abishek Bachan (16) How many researchers got Infosis prize for the year 2011, which was presented by the former president A.P.J Abdul Kalam? Answer: 6 (17) Who had won the best steel company of India for the year 2009-2010 ? Answer: Steel Authority of India (18) Where was the 69th golden globe awards been presented on 15 th Jan 2012 ? Answer: Los angeles (19) Which award has been given to the famous music director A.R Rahamn for the muisc composing for the song If I Rise ? Answer: Critics choice movie (20) Name the person Who had run barefoot 150 km in 24 hours and made a new world record ? Answer: Abhijeet Buruah (7) SPORTS & GAMES (1) Who is the first Indian women to have received an International Grand Master tittle in the game of chess championship to get gold medal ? Answer: Koneru Humpy

(2) Who has been selected for player of the year award given by all India football assocaition ? Answer: Sunil chhetri (3) Who had won the world super series batmintton tittle ? Answer: Wang-Yihan (china) (4) In which country the womens team chess championship tournament held ? Answer: Turkey (5) For the year 2011, who had been selected for International Tennis Federation Woeld champion award? Answer: Novak djikovic (6) Which country had won the Hopman cup tennis tittle which held on Jan 7th 2012? Answer: Czech republic (7) Where will the Assia criket cup matches 2012 will be conducted ? Answer: Bangladesh (8) For which game Abinav Bindra won gold medal ? Answer: Air rifle shooting (9) In which place the South Central Asian Gymnastics championships event held recently ? Answer: Dhaka (10) Who is the person who had won the FIFA Ballondor award recently ? Answer: Lionel Messi (11) International player for batmiton Sina Nehal has ranked which place recently? Answer: 4th (12) Who are the two Indian shooters who got selected for the London olympic games ? Answer: Manavjeet singh sidhu & Imran Hassankhan (13) Who is the first Indian tennis player who won the carier mens doubles grand slam 2012? Answer: Leander paes (14) In the Archery championship from AP Jyothi surekha got which medal ? Answer: Gold medal (15) In which place India stood in the International test series ranking ? Answer: 3rd place (16) In which country the 2012 Olympic Hockey tournament is going to be held ? Answer: London (17) Who is the Indian criket player who stood in top ten positions according to ICCranking ?

Answer: Sachin tendulkar (18) Which is the country who had invited the sand artist Sudharshan Pattnaik from Odisha to parcipate at the International Sand Championship recently? Answer: Japan (8) ECONOMY (1) What is the revised economic GDP growth rate for 2011-2012 financial year ? Answer: 8.4 % (2) Which are the two countries where female infant mortality is higher than male infant mortality? Answer: India & China (3) India had signed a TIEA agreement with which country ? Answer: Guernsey (4) What is the national infant mortality rate reduced from ? Answer: 50 % to 47 % (5) What is industrial growth rate in Dec 2011 ? Answer: 3.1 % (6) How much can a customer transact per day by way of mobile banking ? Answer: Rs.50,000/(7) How much money is government going to spend on economic census for the year 2012? Answer: 800 crore (8) Name the bank which has been opened by SBI, which is exclusively for women customers ? Answer: Vasundhara Jubilee Senoritia (9) What is the minimum investment amount per client managed by portfolio manages decided by SEBI ? Answer: Rs.25,000 to 5,00,000 (10) How much of fund is spent on improving quality education by all states in 2009-2010 in a survey ? Answer: 1% (11) Which country had successfully launched an observation satillite into orbit above earth recently? Answer: Iran (12) Who will audit the performence of the schemes under the ministers of rural development ? Answer: Comptroller & Auditor General of India (13) Regarding to check tax evasion & avoidance India had signed a multilateral agreement with which countries recently ? Answer: France &German

(14) What is the gross national income grew in the year 2010-2011 ? Answer: 7.9 % (15) Which powered ATMs are going to be installed in the rural areas by the government ? Answer: Solar power (16) What is the GDP growth percentage for the year 2011-2012 according to the government estimation ? Answer: 6.9 % (9) SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (1) Scientists had produced a artificial human semen which will help in what? Answer: Infertile men (2) Which beverage can be treat tremors in humans recently ? Answer: Alcohol (3) High speed bullet train was launched by which country at Quingdao ? Answer: China (4) Which missile was successfully test fired by India recently ? Answer: Agni-1 (5) From which place the Interceptor missile was launched successfully? Answer: Orissa (6) The earth observation satellite from where it was launched recently ? Answer: Sriharikota (7) Which country has invented the worlds fastest K-computor recently ? Answer: Japan (8) Which is the earth -size planet orbiting in space discovered by the NASAs kepler? Answer: kepler- 20e & 20f (10) PERSONS IN NEWS (a) APPOINTMENTS (1) Who has been appointed as microfinance ombudsman for the SKS microfinance ? Answer: Virghese Jacob (2) Who is the 19th Director general of Indian coast Guard ? Answer: M.P.Muralidharan (3) Who is the new 7th chief minister of Arunachal pradesh ? Answer: Naban tukisworn

(4) Who is the new advocate general who was appointed by state government ? Answer: D.Sundharam reddy (5) Who is the independent Director of Infotec enterprises for the year 2012 ? Answer: Vikas sehgal (b) RESIGNS (1) Who is the person who is US ambassdor to India resigned in the year 2011 ? Answer: Timothy Roemer (2) Which state minister had resigned recently after indictment in illegal mining scan ? Answer: Karnataka (3) Who is the women general secretary for SAARC who resigned recently? Answer: Fathima Dhiyana Saeed (c) DEATHS (1) M.B.Hussan Farook who died recently was the governor of which state ? Answer: Kerala (2) The former deputy chief minister P.Jaganath rao who died recently worked in which year cabinet ? Answer: 1982 (3) Freedom fighter of Indian diplomacy who was an architect of Indo-soviet treaty passed away in New Delhi on 31st Jan 2012 ? Answer: A.K.Damodharam (d) VISITORS (1) Who is the P.M of Thailand who visited India and has been the chief guest for the 63rd Republic Day ? Answer: Yingluck Shina Watra (2) Who is the president of Mali who visited India recently ? Answer: Amadou Toumani Toure (3) Kamla persad Bissesar is Prime minister for which country who visited India recently ? Answer: Trindad &Tobago (4) Which countries P.M is Sheik Hasina who visited India on 12th Jan 2012 ? Answer: Bangladesh (e) OTHERS (1) Who is the Myanmar oposition leader who is standing for parliment on 1st April by election in 2012? Answer: Aung San Suu Kyi (2) What did the pakistan supreme court said against its P.M Yousaf Raza Gilani recently ?

Answer: Not an honest man (3) Who had been Jailed more than 20 years for charging against secretly filming T.V documentery ? Answer: Sarah Ferguson (11) PLACES IN NEWS (1) What is the magnitude of earth quake on rickter scale which took place in Japan recently ? Answer: 7 (12) ABBREVIATIONS -Nil(13) BOOKS IN NEWS (1) Who is the author of the book who wrote 20 great personalities of India ? Answer: Gopalkrishna Gandhi (2) Who wrote the book Pharaoh & the King ? Viswanath Venkat Dasari (3) Which is the book writen by MarkTuly recently ? Answer: Non stop India (4) Who wrote the book The sence of an ending ? Answer: Julian Barnes (5) Who is the author who had recieved Business Book of the year award 2010 for his book Fault lines? Answer: Raghuraman rajan (14) COMMITTEES (1) Who had constituted a committee to increase the productivity of agriculture sector? Answer: Pratibha Patil (2) Where was the 19th ASEAN summit took place ? Answer: Bali ( Indonesia) (3) To whom the review committee on the Delhi Education Act & Rules 1973 submitted its report ? Answer: Sheila Dikshit (15) DAYS AND DATES -Nil-

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