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Title of Module Assessment Task

Business Organisation and Policy A recent assignment given to executive MBA students asked them to link strategic change with a significant innovation adopted by their organization. One student based his response on the introduction of self-scanner checkout terminals in a British supermarket. This student failed in his assignment. (a) Explain why you think he failed by discussing the differences between strategic and tactical/operational planning. Define the substantial differences between the levels of corporate planning (business policy) and illustrate this with examples of alternative time-scaling, management involvement, decision-making levels, significance of the changes and so on (60) (b) Students should also explain exactly what innovation is and what impact it might make on growth strategies. In this respect reference to the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeters idea of major innovation sending gales of creative destruction through the economic systems should be discussed particularly with regard to long wave business cycle theory. Refer also to the short and medium range business cycles (e.g. the Kitching and Juglar) and their relevance in this context. (40)

Assessment format and due date Word limit Assessment criteria

Report format using appropriate sub-headings with an introduction, summary conclusions and bibliography. Submit 09.04.13. Later submissions may be delayed in returning them. All assignments must be on-line. 2,500 (+ or 10%) Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria Business style report explaining how business cycles are linked to innovation and how business strategies are influenced. Evidence of extensive reading and research. Use of accepted citation systems such as Harvard. Emphasis will be placed on originality i.e. work, which is clearly the students own. Robust treatment of narrative along with insights will gain marks. Maximum marks for each section

Content, style, relevance, originality


Format, referencing, bibliography Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion



Students should conform to the conventions of the above assessment format in the preparation if their assignments. The relevant assessment criteria have been stated to enable and guide students in the preparation of their work. Achievement of the learning outcomes and the application of relevant theories to the assessment task should be demonstrated. A Turnitin Report is essential.