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MDS1 ANG Ancient Greece: Myth, Art, War Essay 1

Write an essay on one of the topics below. Each question refers to an extract in the Iliad which should form the main basis of your answer.

Qu. 1. Iliad 3.146-183: Helen and Priam view the battlefield from the walls of Troy. How is the past, present and future of Troy interwoven into a text which technically narrates only a few days in the 10th year of the war? Qu. 2. Iliad 16.431-461: Zeus ponders whether to save his mortal son Sarpedon. What role does Zeus play in the outcome of battles in Iliad? Are there any limitations on his power? Discuss this question in relation to this passage, comparing and contrasting examples in the extracts from the Iliad in your lecture/tutorial readings. Qu. 3. Iliad 21.70-135 (Lykaon supplicates Achilles, Achilles kills him). Consider Achilles' response to supplication in this passage. How does this compare to his attitude in the extracts from the Iliad in your lecture/tutorial readings?

Please note:
1. 2. 3. 4. A scanned version of each section of text is available in the Essay 1 folder on LMS. You are expected to read secondary sources and to incorporate their ideas and arguments into your essay. In addition to the readings on your tutorial reading lists an extended bibliography is also available in the Essay 1 folder on LMS. Your essay must be fully and correctly documented, ie have references and a bibliography using the Harvard system. Marks will be deducted if this is not done. You are required to submit this essay electronically via Turnitin as well as in hardcopy by the deadline. This should be done by clicking on the Essay 1 Turnitin icon in LMS, which will instruct you to upload your essay. More information on Turnitin is available on LMS. Please note that you can resubmit your essay as many times as you like if you have made alterations between the activation of Turnitin and the deadline but that after the deadline you will not be able to resubmit your essay. You can also view your own originality report if you have concerns about over- dependence on secondary sources please see Gillian Shepherd if you have any questions about the report. You must submit the Turnitin receipt with the hardcopy of your essay. Essays not submitted via both methods will be deemed unsubmitted. Remember you must also submit a signed copy of the La Trobe University Statement of Authorship (cover sheet) with your hardcopy. This is available via the link on the right hand panel of the LMS site. Please put your student number (but not your name) and tutorial group on the hardcopy of your essay. Make sure the essay pages are securely stapled together (no paper clips, no loose sheets). The date and time of your submission as recorded by Turnitin will be referred to if there is any doubt about the receipt of your submission. Please note that the penalties for late submission are severe. If you have any problems such as illness which may affect your ability to submit the essay on time, please ensure you fill in an extension request form and supply third party supporting evidence. If you read an academic article or book via an electronic resource you should cite it as hardcopy, not by the URL.

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REMEMBER: Websites are NOT acceptable secondary sources Essay Deadline: 4.30pm Monday 8th April 2013 Word Limit: 1500 words