“Linkage between Intensity of Conflict, Institutional Development and Economic Development”

Intensity of conflict:
“The intensity of a conflict between two parties can be seen as a function of both the level of attraction each of the parties have around a given issue or context, and the level of agreement the parties have about how to look at and make meaning about the issue or event. The greater the level of attachment to the circumstance and the greater the differences in perspective held by each party, the greater will be the felt intensity of the conflict”

Institutional development:
Institutional development is the creation or reinforcement of the capacity of an organization to generate, allocate and use human and financial resources effectively to attain development objectives, public or private. It includes not only the building and strengthening of Institutions, but also their retrenchment or, liquidation .In the pursuit of institutional, sectoral, or government-wide rationalization of expenditure. Institutional Development Is typically aimed at Improving and strengthening the following:       Internal organizational structures. Management systems, including monitoring and evaluation. Financial management (Budgeting & Accounting, Auditing, Procedures) and planning systems. Personnel management, staff development, and training. Inter-institutional relationships. Institutional structures of sub sectors or sectors; legal framework.

Economic development:
“Economic development generally refers to the sustained, concerted actions of policymakers and communities that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area. Economic development can also be referred to as the quantitative and qualitative changes in the economy”

which is the more the institutional development is.   Management of Human resources Training and development etc. there has been a great hindrance in the Economic development of the country. One big issue with high conflict intensity in our country is the Kalabagh dam. Had this dam been built. Linkage between Institutional development and Economic development: The link or relation between institutional development and Economic development of direct nature. Thus intensity of conflict becomes a very important thing to be averted for every government in the World. Although its results are unknown although as per definition this will ultimately work towards betterment of the Economy as people get more trained and thus get good jobs across the country and finally there is more economic development . Thus it becomes an obligation for every government in the World to work for as much institutional development as possible which would ultimately lead towards more and more economic development of the country. Lastly and most importantly more and more electricity could have been produced using water thus increasing the output of many societies and making the life styles of people better. Due to differences in the view points amongst the provinces of Pakistan. Example: About three years back. It could also have generated jobs for dam workers. which was based upon many different things including. Example: One great example about this can come from our own country Pakistan. the more will be an increase in Economic development and vice versa. many problems related to water shortage would have been solved leading towards more availability of water for the citizens of our country making their lives better. the East European nation of Moldova introduced its institutional development plan.Linkage between intensity of conflict and Economic development: The link between Intensity of conflict and Economic development is of indirect nature. The more there is intensity of conflict the lesser is the Economic development and vice versa.

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