BUILDING, INSTITUTIONAL & HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (Grant No.TF 057684) SPECIFIC PROCUREMENT NOTICE (Ref: CABIHRD/VC/01/09) Consultant required: Individual Consultant to undertake a comprehensive technical and financial feasibility study for the provision of a video-conferencing capability for the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS). This Specific Procurement Notice follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) for this project that th appeared on 9 April 2007 1.0 Background The Government of Southern Sudan has formulated a project on “Capacity Building, Institutional and Human Resources Development (CABIHRD)” which is being financed by the Multi Donor Trust Fund for Southern Sudan (MDTF-South). The MDTF-South pools resources of donors and the GoSS for the reconstruction and development of Southern Sudan. The MDTF is managed by the World Bank and all MDTF resources are used in accordance with the procurement and financial procedures of the World Bank. It is intended that part of the proceeds of this grant will be applied to eligible payments under the contract for provision of consultancy services in undertaking a comprehensive technical and financial feasibility study for the provision of a video-conferencing capability for GoSS. The implementing Ministry on behalf of the Government will be the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services. 2.0 OBJECTIVES The objective of the services is to complete a detailed technical and financial study to determine how to cost effectively deploy, in addition to the voice and data traffic currently being transported on the network, a reliable 768kbps video conferencing capability, including a video switching bridge to serve the 11 sites. 3.0 DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES The Consultant shall perform all services necessary to assist the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services to achieve the objectives stated above; and in doing so shall perform all the required tasks, including but not necessary limited to the following: Part A. Survey 1. Complete a review of the existing VSAT infrastructure by sampling three of the eleven sites to assess its capabilities and limitations, if any, to transport the VC system to be recommended and installed. The Consultant MUST indicate clearly in his final report whether the existing infrastructure of the VSAT can support video conferencing maintaining prioritized bandwidth; in the case where it cannot, the Consultant should recommend what kind or level of minimum additional infrastructure will be required to support VC service. 2. The Consultant will review the existing arrangements and assess the required administrative arrangements and budgetary provisions for administering the VC system including defining the optimal organisational plan; staffing requirements with job descriptions and minimum qualifications and estimated annual budget requirements for implementing the VC system Part B. 1. The consultant will conduct a study to assess the technical steps to be taken and the costs for the provision of a pilot video conferencing capability between Juba and one other State. This State will be selected after discussion with the client. The consultant will complete a review of the buildings where


it is planned to install the VC facility at the two sites and identify all infrastructure requirements and other issues related to the successful deployment of the VC service. 4.0 EXTENT OF SERVICES It is envisaged that the services will require key professional staff inputs of approximately six (6) calendar weeks of which at least five shall be in-country. 5.0 REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE: The Individual Consultant shall have the following minimum qualifications:  A Bachelors Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Computer Engineering/Science or equivalent.  At least 7 years experience in the maintenance and management of VSAT networks, broadband and VC systems. Experience with VSAT/VC management, installation, operation or maintenance.  Demonstrated experience, based on the provision of references and evidence, in conducting technical and financial feasibility studies in the ICT area.  Familiarity with both the technical and financial aspects of providing VC facilities based on VSAT platforms and bandwidth pricing structures is an essential requirement of the task.  Demonstrated experience of having conducted similar studies preferably for implementing VSAT based VC facilities for governments will be an advantage.  Fluency in English language; and  Experience with a developing country setting, preferably in an African post-conflict context. Southern Sudanese nationals and women candidates are particularly encouraged to apply. 6.0 Selection and Compensation. The consultant will be competitively recruited and appointed by the GoSS in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (May 2004: revised October 2006). Compensation will be based on qualifications. 7.0 Equal Opportunities Employment. The Government of Southern Sudan is an equal opportunity employer and women are strongly encouraged to apply. While the post is not reserved for Sudanese nationals and will be filled on merit, Sudanese nationals and candidates from the Region with competent skills are encouraged to apply. 8.0 Application. Interested Consultants may obtain Full Terms of Reference in writing using the e-mail th address and copied to starting 16 March 2009. Applicants should submit a cover letter with comprehensive Curriculum Vitae and relevant documents in plain sealed envelopes with the consultancy reference and name marked on top to the address below or th forwarded using the e-mail address below by 6 April 2009 and at 5:00 PM East African mean time. Further information is available at the address below from 9:00AM to 5:00 PM James Tipo Akol, Project Director, CABIHRD, Ministry of Labour, Public Service & Human Resource Development. Ministry Complex, Juba Southern Sudan. E-mail: Tel: +2499 12 553790/ +256 477 10 3135