Karyl Stephanie L.

Villanueva Legal Professionalism Midterms

Block G01 No.11280832 Atty. Pura Calleja

…And Justice For All

1. What is the difference between trade and profession? The words trade and profession have long been used interchangeably, for people often believe that they are one and the same. However, in reality, they are two very different words. Trade, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is the business or work in which one engages regularly. While a profession, still according to the same trusty dictionary, is a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation. Trade is a line of work in which a person engages in mainly for the purpose of gaining remuneration. In contrast, profession is a line of work in which one engages in regardless of the benefits he or she may gain. Some say that professionals do what they do for the sake of fame, but I believe that they do it because it is what gives them the feeling of wholeness as a human being. The best example of a profession is law. It is a practice in which duty to public service is the primary consideration. Being a lawyer may be a trade for most corrupt and crooked people but to honest and moral lawyers, “Law is a profession and not a trade” (Funa, D. (2009). Legal and judicial ethics. (1st ed., p. 51). Quezon City: Central Book Supply, Inc.).

2. What makes a person a true professional?

3. Another quality that a professional should possess would be to be caring about what they do. A lawyer should also be conscientious. In fighting for a client. A lawyer should also be honest. Though the Code of Professional Ethics does not state and inclusive enumeration as to what the qualities of a good lawyer are. But from the very definition of profession. a person does what he does not for the consideration of money buts because he likes what he does and he cares about what he does. A profession is differentiated from a trade in that in the former. In their practice. more important than the possession of legal learning is the requirement for morals. Lastly. one must equip themselves with the much needed knowledge. professionals mostly deal with complicated matters such a human lives. A lawyer should be obedient. a lawyer should do no falsehood and to do no falsehood means to be honest in all his dealings. What are the qualities of a good lawyer? (Based on the Code of Professional Ethics) In the admission to the bar. Professionals are esteemed to possess honesty and integrity and it all starts from being a disciplined individual. one must abide by its rules. there is no hard and fast guideline to deem one a professional. one must at least have the specialized knowledge. these qualities can be inferred from it and from the Lawyer’s Oath. To be equipped for this difficult responsibility.What makes a person a true professional? Unfortunately. it is very easy to twist lies just so the judgment would be in . one should have discipline. to be called a professional. To be able to support its Constitution. As stated in the Lawyer’s Oath.

He chose to do what was right instead of bending over for someone’s political game. the pledged to uphold justice no matter what was at stake for them. If lawyers were like Arthur and his comrades. Engaging in law is a profession and not a trade. . Most have forgotten that when they have taken their oath to be a lawyer.his favor. 4. a true lawyer is always guided by his conscience and always speaks the truth no matter how dire the consequences are. the film’s protagonist Arthur Kirkland was a lawyer. Arthur was the kind of lawyer every lawyer aspired to be: Conscientious. Arthur Kirkland was indeed a commendable character. it was accurately able to portray how the justice system is. a lawyer should not be covetous of money. He unveiled the truth despite it possibly ruining his career. How relevant is the film to the present? Is it relevant? Why? The film And Justice For All is very relevant to the present. What kind of lawyer is Arthur? In the courtroom drama And Justice For All. he chose to be dictated by his conscience. Although he had a high regard for the law. then perhaps justice would really be given to those who seek it. Lawyers should be least concerned about making money and should instead be mindful only of bringing justice. most lawyers nowadays have the tendency to see money or fame as their life’s objective. Despite it being an old film. Lastly. 5. However. Sadly. The world would certainly be a better place if all lawyers were like that.

but not all of them are guilty. At present. The film was set in a time very similar to the present. On the other hand. The film was also able to portray how those in power abuse their power by deciding based on their whim alone. when they wanted it. some criminals are yet to be apprehended and so they roam the streets as free people. I find no one else to blame but the lawyers and judges themselves for some of them really are guilty of the sins that the film attributed to them. Some are still out in the loose. . Some of them were framed for the crime purported to them while some were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. but the majority of them are pretending to be normal innocent people.Numerous people are imprisoned every day. It showed that the oppressed were not given the time of day while those in power were prioritized simply because they had the means to get what they want. Perhaps the world would be a better place if all lawyers were to observe the same discipline and dedication he has shown. However. there are only a minority of lawyers who are like Arthur Kirkland. It actually made me sad to think that lawyers and judges were viewed that way even in the past.

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