INDIAN STOCK BROKING INDUSTRY The Indian broking industry is one of the oldest trading industries that have been around even before the establishment of the BSE in 1875. Despite passing through a number of changes in the post liberalization period, the industry has found its way towards sustainable growth. In 1860, the exchange flourished with 60 brokers. In fact the 'Share Mania' in India began when the American Civil War broke and the cotton supply from the US to Europe stopped. Further the brokers increased to 250. At the end of the war in 1874, the market found a place in a street (now called Dalal Street). Historical records show that as early as 1864, there were about 1,000 brokers with the stock markets functioning from three places in Mumbai; between 9 am to 7 pm at the junction of Meadows Street and Rampart Row, from day break 9 am and from 7 pm to early hours of next morning at Bazargate. Reports on stock markets around that time indicate that an ordinary broker in 1864 earned about Rs. 200 per day, a huge sum in those days. The boom period came to an abrupt end in 1865. “Never had I witnessed in any place a run so widely distributed nor such distress followed so quickly on the heels of such prosperity” thus wrote Richard Temple, who served as the Governor of Bombay at that time. An interesting aspect is that despite the collapse of the stock market, most of the brokers met their payment commitments. The Equity Broking Industry in India has several unique features like it is more than a century old, dynamic, forward looking, and good service providers, well conversant, highly innovative and even adaptable. The regulations and reforms been laid down in the Equity Market has resulted in rapid growth and development. Basically, the growth in the equity market is largely due to the effective intermediaries. The Broking Houses not only act as an intermediate link for the Equity Market but also for the Commodity Market, Foreign Currency Exchange Market, and many more.
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The Broking Houses has also made an impact on the Foreign Investors to invest in India to certain extent. In the last decade, the Indian brokerage industry has undergone a dramatic transformation. From being made of close groups, the broking industry today is one of the most transparent and compliance oriented businesses. Long settlement cycles and large scale bad deliveries are a thing of the past with the advent of T+2 settlement cycle and dematerialization. Large and fixed commissions have been replaced by wafer thin margins, with competition driving down the brokerage fee, in some cases, to a few basis points. There have also been major changes in the way business is conducted. Technology has emerged as the key driver of business and investment advice has become research based. At the same time, adherence to regulation and compliance has vastly increased. The scope of services have enhanced from being equity products to a wide range of financial services. Investor protection has assumed significance. Major Players in the Region
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Religare Securities ICICI Direct India Infoline Security Pvt. HDFC Securities Indiabulls Kotak Securities Fortune Equity Brokers India Ltd Sharekhan Securities MotilalOswal AnandRathi Securities

PRODUCTS OFFERED BY STOCK BROKERS. The survey also revealed that in the past couple of years, apart from trading, the firms have started offering various investment related value added services. The sustained growth of the economy in the past couple of years has resulted in broking firms offering many diversified
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mutual funds. more than 33% of the firms are engaged in providing company research services. a host of other value added services such as fundamental and technical analysis. forming 90% of the firms in the sample. Additionally. trading IPO mutual funds internet trading depository services company research investment advisory arbitrage fundamental analysis technical analysis RBI relief/ tax saving bond merchant banking investment banking company fixed deposits margin financing mergers & acquisitions technology products portfolio management 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% From the above figure it can be seen that 67% firms are engaged in offering IPO related services. 48% of firms deal with depository services. However. company research etc. Company research is another lucrative area where the broking firms offer their services. More than 50% of the sample broking houses deal in mutual fund investment services. investment banking. the core trading activity is still the predominant form of business. arbitrage etc are offered by the firms at different levels. Atria Institute of Technology Page 3 .FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD services related to IPOs.

J. Commodities Trading. LIST OF SUBSIDARY COMPANIES:  M/s. Maharashtra Mr. Distribution of Mutual Funds. Atria Institute of Technology Page 4 . is engaged in providing a range of Financial Services right from Equities and Derivatives trading. SERVICES and Distribution Services TOTAL ASSESTS 25096lacs TOTAL REVEUNE 9140lacs M/s. is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd and is SEBI registered Category I Merchant Banker. Portfolio Management Services. Equity Research. Stock Broking.Vice Chairman & Managing Director Investment Banking. It has recently got approval from SEBI to launch its Portfolio Management Services (PMS).POONJA.Chairman KEY PEOPLE Mr. Fortune Financial Services (India) Ltd.T. ESTABLISHED ON 14 JUNE 1991 HEADQUARTERS Mumbai. NIMISH C SHAH.  M/s. IPO & Insurance products and also Investment banking services.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD COMPANY PROFILE BACKGROUND AND INCEPTION: Fortune Group which comprises the holding company Fortune Financial Services (India) Limited and its wholly-owned subsidiaries. Fortune Commodities & Derivatives (India) Ltd. Corporate Advisory. Fortune Equity Brokers (India) Ltd.

Mutual Funds & Bonds AMFI registered mutual fund distributors and is also engaged in the distribution of IPOs.  Depository Fortune provides flexible and cost-effective depository services which include online account management or limited power of attorney to speed up settlement pay-inprocess. medium and long term investment needs.  Derivatives segment Fortune provides trading calls and various hedging and risk management strategies for trading in the derivatives segment. It is also a Depository Participant of Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. Fortune Financial Services (India) Ltd. HNI and retail clients with personalized services to facilitate the execution of buy and sell orders in a flawless and efficient manner on both BSE & NSE segments. Fortune Financial Services (India) Ltd. Fortune Credit Capital Ltd. Atria Institute of Technology Page 5 .FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD  M/s.  Internet trading (Equity & Commodity) Fortune provides user-friendly solutions for trading through www.fortunetrade.  M/s. The services provided by this entity include  Equity segment Fortune offers customized solutions for clients based on their short. payment gateway with major banks like HDFC and AXIS to live streaming quotes and intra-day calls.  M/s. for institutional. Fortune Financial India Insurance Brokers Limited. is 100% subsidiary company of M/s.  IPOs. Fortune Equity Brokers (India) Ltd Fortune Equity Brokers (India) Ltd. Tailor made solutions are provide to each & every investment It offers broking services in the Cash and Future & Option Segments of the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited.

 Broking: Fortune is acorporate member of NSE and BSE.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD VISION.  To be a leading investment intermediary for transaction through both online and offline medium. MISSION and QUALITY POLICY VISION  To be the top most company for providing investment advisory and financial planning services in India. Atria Institute of Technology Page 6 . MISSION To educate and empower the individual investor to make investment decisions through quality advice and superior service. QUALITY POLICY  Integrity  Transparency  Professionalism  Client driven approach  Long-term relationship  Broad outlook PRODUCT/SERVICE PROFILE  Investment banking and Corporate advisory services: Fortune is Category 1 merchant banker providing clients with privileged insights into financial trends. prospects and opportunities.  Distribution services: Accredited distributors for all mutual funds products from their respective branch spread geographically.

Pune (33).Udupi. Jaipur(13). we are operational from the following 297 locations across India. Kanpur (12). Hubli(11). Mandya.  NORTH:Delhi (5). Jalandhar (6). Manjalpur  EAST:Kolkata (18). Mohali. Amritsar (4). Belgaum (15). Latur. Mysore (3). Goa. Raichur(3). Baroda (8). Navi Mumbai. Chandigarh (15). Bangalore (23). Dehradun. Coimbatore  WEST:Mumbai (23). Shimla. Jammu(2).FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD AREA OF OPERATION As on 31st October. Noida. Jodhpur. Surat (7). Rajkot(4). Ahmadabad (11). Srinagar. Ludhiana (31). Pathankot  SOUTH :Hyderabad (12). 2011. Una (HP). Patna Atria Institute of Technology Page 7 . Thane(15). Nagpur. Mangalore(6).

66 100.96 4.45. Of Shares PROMOTER’S HOLDING Indian Promoters Sub Total 6.279 34.700 No Of Shares 8.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD OWNERSHIP PATTERN Share Holding Pattern as on: Face value 31/12/2011 30/09/2011 30/06/2011 10. Of Shares % Holding No.053.700 1.15 6.00 10.700 No Of Shares 8.700 1.242 58.18 8.394 12.372.591 6.36 44.10 58.290 36.00 5.15.000 No Of Shares 4.21 4.65 NON PROMOTER’S HOLDING FIIs Sub Total OTHER INVESTORS 1.54 6.15 50.452.07 100.806 35.425.17 6.51.459.13.18 % Holdin g 1.62.26 505.066 122.00 Page 8 Atria Institute of Technology .62.11 % Holding Private Corporate Bodies NRIs & Foreign Companies Sub Total General Public Grand Total 211.01 5.982 7.459.18 % Holdin g 1.176 6.65 1. Of Shares % Holding 50.053.600 6.999 7.452.879.591 50.806 34.242 47.00 No.00 10.10 50.905 1.806 12.96.600 % Of Holding No.00 5.879.637.799 7.290 42.18 100.000 505.290 35.18 8.65 44.184 728.177.11 4.79.053.

69 58.73 128.20 729.65 -69.05 225.049.40 3.64 774.72 42.50 37.13 512.15 70.40 716.74 49.13 55.37 783. (RS.554.50 660.18 534.58 1.919.51 20.537.61 7.41 460.65 119.54 233.63 18.167.20 4.62 261.66 478.55 89.90 20.36 608.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD COMPETITORS INFORMATION (Rs in Cr) COMPETITORS LAST PRICE MARKET CAP.740.03 311.64 84.79 1.70 448.12 SALES TURNOVER NET PROFIT TOTAL ASSETS India Infoline Indiabulls Edelweiss Cap MotilalOswal Network 18 Future Capital Geojit BNP Delta Corp Nalwa Sons Inv Money Matters 70.00 28.26 48.024.38 368.64 INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITY  Credit and Risk Management  Investor Service Centers  Investor Service Desk  Compliance team  Retail Relationship Management  Online trading Atria Institute of Technology Page 9 .91 238.15 1.09 295.63 15.015.576.303.40 120. CR.26 1.734.85 39.65 356.54 2.) 2.32 122.60 2.

Fortune's also focused on fund based activities such as lease. Reserve Bank of India de-registered Fortune as a NBFC Page 10 Atria Institute of Technology .10/each at a premium of Rs.Nimish C. Poonja and Mr.  1995  Fortune made an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of 25 lac equity shares of Rs.  1999  Fortune Financial became the 1st Indian company to go in for a buyback of its shares. India's first cotton exchange portal.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD MILESTONES OF FORTUNE GROUP  1991  Mr.  1993  Fortune became a SEBI registered Category . bill discounting and intercorporate loans. Besides core investment banking and corporate advisory hire purchase.  1998  Due to a downturn in the market conditions. J. Shah incorporated Fortune Financial Services (India) Private Limited as a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC).  2000   2001    2002   Acquired Corporate Membership of Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) Fortune completed the private placement of equity shares of Popular Entertainment Network Limited and clickforcotton. 20/. subsequent to the guidelines for Buyback of shares coming into effect from Jan 1999.per share. Fortune's senior management decided to suspend the NBFC activities effective from April 1998. Fortune commenced its full fledged broking operation by empanelling with leading FIs / MFs / Banks.T.I Merchant Banker.

  2005   2006  Commenced F&O operations on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) Commenced Depository Participant (DP) Services. Fortune was appointed as merchant bankers to manage an open offer by Zircon Traders Ltd. Atria Institute of Technology Page 11 .FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD  2003  Managed open offers of Gujarat JHM Hotels Ltd. Fortune's equity shares are voluntarily de-listed from Ahmadabad Stock Exchange Ltd Fortune empanelled with three institutions for secondary market business    2004  Fortune empanelled with seventeen institutional clients for its secondary market business. Punjab Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd..

FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD I. WORK FLOW MODEL 1 2 Pre trade Depository Contracts Customer acquisition Online Telecaller Self initiated Offline Filled account opening form & other documents is sent to depository team Punching checking of form. activation of clients account Communi cation to customer on account activation Uploading file on hi-tech and assigning brokerage scheme/code Risk Setting risk limits Margin call Stock acc Post trade 6 5 43 Accounts/ba nking Client‟s accounts maintained by accounts Contract s Generate net trade obligation statement printing and dispatch of contracts notes Settlement Trade Pay in and pay out of delivery based transactions Research Trade execution Online dial trade Offline dealer Self initiation Page 12 Branches/franchisees Publishing Derivatives & commodities research S Clients Atria Institute of Technology .

O.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD FORTUNE’S FUTURE BUSINESS OUTLOOK INVESTMENT BANKING & ADVISORY STOCK BROKING DISTRIBUT ION SERVICES MEET ALL CLIENT NEEDS MORE MANDATES & INCREASED MARKET SHARE Over the next two years. RBI schemes. P.  Stock broking Channel dealing and broking business into retail specific. fortune plans to bulk up its services into a full services financial services company. Strong marketing team Provide Depository Services Provide Real Time Back office support Page 13 Atria Institute of Technology . GOI savings schemes etc. IPOs. schemes. HNI specific and corporate specific Providing fund management expertise to HNI and corporate clients Develop and strengthen futures & options and commodity business Franchise network focusing on retail (broking and distribution of all products)  Investment banking and corporate advisory services Strengthen equity and debt platform for Indian and international capital markets IPO/rights issue/open offers/buy backs/selling & placement to funds/M&A Advisory services and selling issues to international investors Indian  Distribution services Branches/franchise/direct clients Savings products (mutual funds. Insurance  Support - Provide in-house research capabilities..

which has conducted applied research in business and industry. The McKinsey 7S Framework was created as a recognisable and easily remembered model in business. The seven variables. all begin with the letter "S". McKinsey and Company.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD McKENSY’S 7S FRAME WORK The McKinsey 7S model was named after a consulting company. which the authors term "levers". HARD ELEMENTS SOFT ELEMENTS Atria Institute of Technology Page 14 .

STRUCTURE Salient features of the organization chart (e. extent of centralization/decentralization) and interconnections within the organization. Atria Institute of Technology Page 15 . SHARED VALUES The significant meanings or guiding concepts that an organization imbibes in its members. STRATEGY Plan or course of action leading to the allocation of an organization‟s finite resources to reach identified goals 2. including how information moves around the organization 5.g.g. administrators. SKILLS Distinctive capabilities of key personnel and the organization. STAFF Personnel categories within the organization. SYSTEM Procedures and routine processes.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD 1. STYLE Characterization of how key managers behave in order to achieve the organization‟s goal. 6. 4. 7. academics. 3. degree of hierarchy. technicians. e.

These seven variables include structure. STRATEGY The strategy is the plan or course of action in allocating resources to achieve identified goals over time. skills.strategy. and style. Fortune aims at improving its customer base by providing integrated financial services to all the customers. and the soft elements are classified as such because they lie below the surface and do not lend themselves for evaluation so readily. The operation at Fortune is carried out through various departments. systems.  Originally developed as a way of thinking more broadly about the problems of organizing effectively. but consists of seven elements. skills. and four soft elements. staff and shared values. The designing of an organizational structure is the critical task of the management. Atria Institute of Technology Page 16 .Today fortune‟s client base has increased to 73% in capital market and the branch and franchise network to 186 from 49 in the previous year. the 7s framework provides a tool for judging the „do ability‟ of strategies.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD The Mc Kinsey 7s Model is a widely discussed framework for viewing the interrelationship of strategy formulation and implementation. staff. strategy.. Fortune believes in-house research is not only an essential part of business requirement it also gives control over quality of input and relative advantage in this intense business environment. The hard elements are classified as such because they can be empirically measured. and systems. style. These seven elements are further divided into three hard elements. Most prominent part of Fortune‟s growth strategy is focus on in house research to cater to different segments of clients and meet their rising expectations. STRUCTURE Structure is defined as the skeleton of the organization or the organizational chart. The model starts on the premise that an organization is not just a structure.shared values.  It helps to focus managers‟ attention on the importance of linking the strategy to a variety of activities that can affect the implementations of that strategy. structures.


capital budgeting systems etc.this part of the support operations handles the risk associated. Personalized care is taken to satisfy with any of the problems faced by the clients. STYLE The way in which key managers behave in achieving organizational goals is considered to be the style variable.  Dealing: . the volatility in these sectors is also done at the head office. profit and loss statement and the technical analysis with regards to the various sectors. The orders are placed according to the needs of the investors.the research is done mainly at the head office in Mumbai. In Fortune the core operations include  Customer Acquisition: . This system handles all operations involving cheque processing. this variable is thought to encompass the cultural style of the organization.  Back office Operations: .  Research: .the dealing system refers to the actual trading activities that are done through advice.  Risk and Compliance: . The volume generated through these activities forms the core revenue for the company.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD SYSTEMS The systems are the routine processes and procedures followed within the organization. The style of operation that is followed towards the customer is much focused and it is aimed to give utmost attention to the customer.the offline method of acquisition of customers through the brokers is followed for this purpose. The fundamental analysis of the different companies through balance sheet analysis. Democratic style has been followed in fortune which allows individual department to take necessary decisions.the back office acts as the backbone for all the activities of Fortune. The software needed for these operations handles this and makes sure that all the norms are met in any form of the transaction. Atria Institute of Technology Page 18 . IS (Delivery Instruction Slip) etc. contract notes. It includes production planning g and control system.

The efficiency of the existing employees is also measured to know the growth and their relative position in the organization. originally termed as super ordinate goals. incongruent. When people‟s values are met and matched. STAFF The term staff refers to the way organization introduce young recruits in to the main stream of their activities and the manner in which they manage their careers in the new interns develop employees and shape basic value. The employees in all the departments are given training for 6 months where they will be given all the necessary skill that is needed for their respective jobs. Atria Institute of Technology Page 19 . or violated. SHARED VALUES The shared values. The company has the skill needed to carry out the company‟s strategy like:    Good and specialized knowledge about the products. Shared values are considered to be the foundation of ethics. people often feel dissatisfied. When their values are not met or matched. harmony. Mutual Respect – trust in working relationship.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD SKILLS The skill refers to the capabilities of the staff within the organization as a whole. High level of specialization in communication. Ability to convert people into customer. There are 1600 employees all over the country. community and culture.personalized attention is the key.     Customer . Quality Advice – scientific approach in quantifying the risk. Integrity .highest ethical standards are used in all the transactions. or rapport. refer to the significant meanings or guiding concepts that organizational members share. they feel a sense of satisfaction.

weaknesses.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD SWOT ANALYSIS Brief about SWOT analysis It is a tool that identifies the strengths. Page 20 Atria Institute of Technology . The method of SWOT analysis is to take the information from an environmental analysis and separate into external (opportunities and threats) and internal issues (strengths and weakness). Dedicated research team for technical and fundamental analysis. billing. which will assist a new comer in the matters relating to transactions. De-mat and other technical queries WEAKNESS:     Highly risk oriented business. Non-exclusive working relationship with leading international investments banks. Lacks in advertising. Concentrated much on HNIs and corporate clients which ignores small investors. Debt free group. opportunities and threats of an organization.  Strong industry focus leading to innovative and informed strategic advisory services. Comprehensive range of financial services for HNIs & retail investors. it determines what may assist the firm in accomplishing its objectives. Once the identification of SWOT is done. Slight entry level of investors. STRENGTHS:  Experience of more than decades of trust and credibility in the Indian stock market. and what obstacles must be overcome or minimized to achieve desired results.       Deep understanding of Indian mid market corporate clients. A well equipped customer team.

Overseas fund raising of approximately US$ 500 million in the last 18 months. Increasing number in the defaulters and threat of security in terminals. Critical mass and experience across the globe. THREATS:     Unexpected changes in the capital market such as rules and regulations etc.     Strong momentum in franchise in the last two years. Atria Institute of Technology Page 21 . All factors which aid to the well functioning of the capital market will pave the way to the expansion of most of the brokerage firms.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD OPPORTUNITIES:   Booming financial market both country wide and worldwide. IPOs. buyback program. open offers. Increasing competition in the industry. Fast changing in technology. Increase in varied domestic assignments – follow on issues.

FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENT (Rs.84 5.00 0.86 9. Loans& Advances Inventories Sundry Debtors Cash and Bank Balance Atria Institute of Technology Mar ' 10 Mar ' 09 Mar ' 08 Mar ' 07 12.66 79.00 100.80 0.57 9.34 11.00 6.32 0.19 0.76 3.60 0.23 12.00 53.00 2.66 0.54 0.10 93.20 0.00 0.10 45.45 0.00 0.57 0.23 2.96 10.00 43.00 0.00 93.73 0.04 14.00 1.19 100.04 0.30 0.12 79.00 0.00 7.68 0.36 0.00 0.00 0.00 53.00 5.42 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.24 0.45 1.32 1.00 0.81 0.00 0.15 12.43 0.00 43.00 33.12 0.00 0.00 1.00 0.37 0.12 0.24 0.00 0.10 0.19 3.00 0.00 79.95 1.83 0.12 10.36 0.00 0.88 0.39 0.18 0.01 64.64 Page 22 .10 67.56 0.28 84.47 10.00 0.79 54.92 1.00 0.00 1.00 0.02 38.00 0.44 0. In Cr) Mar '11 SOURCES OF FUNDS : Share Capital Reserves Total Equity Share Warrants Equity Application Money Total Shareholders’ Funds Secured Loans Unsecured Loans Total Loan Funds Total Liabilities APPLICATION OF FUNDS : Loan / Non-Current Assets Fixed Assets Gross Block Less: Accumulated Depreciation Less: Impairment of Assets Net Block Lease Adjustment Capital Work in Progress Investments Current Assets.00 55.85 0.00 80.00 0.73 13.68 10.

80 15.91 17.02 0.14 100.05 79.64 0.50 31.58 0.70 3.62 13.00 0.03 0.00 0.35 27.68 0.14 0.96 24. & Provisions Current Liabilities Provisions Total Current Liabilities& Provisions Net Current Assets Miscellaneous Expenses not written off Deferred Tax Assets Deferred Tax Liability Net Deferred Tax Total Assets Contingent Liability 9.02 0.36 8.00 0.59 8.23 50.16 -0.25 22.99 23.09 0.11 93.00 0.29 1.11 0.03 -0.03 0.09 0.54 3.02 0.67 15.50 Atria Institute of Technology Page 23 .61 28.60 12.80 2.20 8.79 8.57 61.49 7.02 13.03 53.50 18.00 0.67 45.97 0.07 -0.12 26.30 0.34 37.87 7.07 3.31 0.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD Loans and Advances Total Current Assets Less: Current Liab.34 32.08 17.13 54.

58 6.16 0.55 23.32 54.61 3.33 9.71 3.53 31.43 10.19 7.00 2.01 100.32 8.00 2.88 8.56 6.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD AN EYE ON KEY RATIOS Mar '11 Investment ValuationRatios Face Value Dividend Per Share Net Operating Profit Per Share (Rs) Profitability Ratios Net Profit Margin (%) Return On Long Term Funds (%) Return On Net Worth (%) Liquidity And Solvency Ratios Current Ratio Quick Ratio Debt Equity Ratio Leverage Ratios Owners Fund as % Of Total Source Total Debt to Owners Fund Management Efficiency Ratios Dividend Payout Ratio Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio Earnings Per Share Mar '10 Mar '09 Mar '08 Mar '07 10.55 5.11 3.09 6.00 3.00 0.57 6.00 99.09 17.02 2.87 0.00 80.60 8.50 6.00 2.95 2.06 10.00 0.01 2.96 35.46 38.20 32.11 10.02 0.25 4.00 8.70 10.80 8.32 0.24 40.25 2.00 1.99 38.95 12.60 0.37 24.21 10.89 0.75 39.48 52.00 9.07 16.58 5.00 99.00 0.00 2.35 6.00 15.00 1.85 0.55 39.01 Atria Institute of Technology Page 24 .10 5.15 0.51 29.

35:1 2010 8.32:1 2010 8. In the year 2011 their current ratio has decreased to 6. This also indicates that the company has purchased a fairly large amount of current assests.88:1 Ideal Ratio 2:1 Current ratio is an indication of a company's ability to meet short-term debtobligations. often referred to as acid-test ratio.  DEBT EQUITY RATIO RATIO Debt-Equity Ratio 2011 0. the higher the ratio. is obtained by subtracting inventories from current assets and then dividing by current liabilities. Quick ratio tells us the amount of easily convertible assets for every unit of current liability In the year 2011 the company‟s quick ratio is 6. It can be see that in the year 2010 the ratio is 8.88:1 which very much higher than the ideal ratio. Their financial strength has decreased in the year 2011. the more liquid the company is.85:1 Ideal Ratio 1:1 Quick ratio is a measure of a company'sliquidity and ability to meet its obligations.00:1 Ideal Ratio 2:1 Atria Institute of Technology Page 25 .35:1 which is higher than the ideal ratio 2:1 this shows that the company has reduced the purchase of large amount of current assets in that year and it also shows their short term financial strength is very strong.32. This means they have sold a fairly large amount of easily convertible assets.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD  CURRENT RATIO RATIO Current Ratio 2011 6.00:1 2010 0.85:1 in the year 2010.:1 as against 8. Quick ratio.  QUICK RATIO RATIO Quick Ratio 2011 6.

00 which is very less than the ideal ratio of 2:1. Atria Institute of Technology Page 26 . The company‟s ratio is 0. this indicates that the company is giving more dividends to increase its share value in the market.  DIVIDEND PAYOUT RATIO RATIO Dividend Payout Ratio 2011 40.00 which less than 1 hence we can say that the company‟s assets are financed through equity.33 2010 38.57 The dividend payout ratio is the percentage of company‟s annual earnings paid out as cash dividends DPR is calculated by dividing the annual dividend per share by the earnings per share. In other words it means how much money a company should safely be able to borrow over long periods of time. DPR= Dividend per share / Earning per share It can be seen that there is increase in DPR in 2011. The debt equity ratio in the year 2011 is nil which means there has been no debt in that year. In the year 2010 the ratio is 0. Debt/equity ratio is equal to long-term debt divided by common shareholders' equity.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD Debt equity ratio is a measure of a company's financial leverage.

I gathered certain information from the company‟s website. The internal atmosphere of the company was friendly and fabulous.FORTUNE EQUITY BROKERS INDIA LTD LEARNING EXPERIENCE Learning is a continuous process which enriches the knowledge regarding the particular field.  To understand the importance of operation efficiency and productivity. I got to know where my perspective stood after looking at their duties. I got to know that every second of time is very precious and the whole process has to be worked out very carefully. Staffing and as well as executing the work in the company.  To understand how important the stakeholders are for a company. Apart from this. It was great experience obtained during my project work in Fortune Equity Brokers (India) Limited. the work/project cannot be completed. It is a team work. Thus this Project/Internship has enriched my knowledge regarding Planning.  To understand the value of time. this Internship program has helped me  To improve my practical knowledge. Controlling.  To understand the importance of Team work. All the staffs of the company were very co-operative and they provided all the detailed information with handouts necessary for the project.  To improve my knowledge on the behaviour of stocks. Apart from this. Atria Institute of Technology Page 27 . This is so because the guides helping if not supportive. responsibilities towards the company and their functions in the company. While doing the project in this company.

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