Critical Analysis of Pervez Musharraf's Government in Pakistan INTRODUCTION

Although if we look out generally, Musharraf’s era is seen as a very successful period in the history of Pakistan, but that is not solely acceptable. First of all, right in the start, Mushrraf said that his rule will be of “Enlightened Moderation” which applies to practicing Islam moderately, as opposed to interpreting it in a fundamental way. To think properly as to rationalize thoughts, be on the positive side of life, to prefer optimism, and the theory is against extremism. This Renaissance was not in fact achieved by Musharraf i.e. he failed. Fundamentalist Islamic organizations have criticized Musharraf's vision of enlightened moderation. The Jamaat-e-Islami condemns it as a neologism for Westernization and American imperialism. Islam is innately a religion of enlightened moderation, they argue, and needs no Westernized amendments. Masooda Bano points out that the US is not likely to "suddenly metamorphose into a benevolent entity, which will 'resolve all political disputes with justice.” This indicates that the era even started with a false perception which sums up what would have happened in later stages.

Increased GDP growth:
Musharraf often claims that Pakistan’s GDP grew highly during his time and that Pakistan was the third fastest growing country in the World. This is a fake claim since Pakistan grew at a time when other countries were progressing highly and more over Pakistan’s overall economic growth during Musharraf’s era was only 5.16% which is lesser as compared to that of many other countries which nullifies his claim of Pakistan being the third fastest growing economy.

He is credited with reducing the shia killing in Pakistan . This is a valid claim. . Rights of women: Musharraf’s claims also include the empowerment of women that women participation in different fields increased during his time. also prospered during his time and unlike the current govt’s era they were safe. Moreover since US contributed lesser to our exports. Qadianis etc. Rights of minorities: Musharraf has often claimed that his era was the best in Pakistan’s history as per the rights of the minorities. Musharraf did bring empowerment to women especially through “Women Empowerment bill” and increasing the no.Stable foreign exchange: Musharraf claim’s that foreign exchange rate remained stable in his time which is a false claim. Only dollar was stable whereas other currencies got more expensive. Hindus. who doesn’t remember the attack on Geo TV studio in Islamabad launched by President Musharraf. This claim is not valid to any extent. moreover the months’ long ban on the media channels in Pakistan also nullifies his claim of freedom of Media. this stable dollar did not work out for the economy at all. Freedom of Media: Musharraf claims that he is the one who had brought private media to Pakistan and allowed it to work in the country. moreover other minorities like Christians. This claim is a true. The Qadianis even went on to have large number of jobs in the army of Pakistan during his tenure. Musharraf did work out for the rights of the minorities a lot. of seats for women in assemblies.

He had agreed that both the parts of Kashmir will become part of India and Pakistan and that one country should not say that entire Kashmir belongs to it. Thus Musharraf did not perform this act as per his claim. Kashmir issue: It’s a very famous claim made by General retired Pervez Musharraf that during his time. It is an unrealistic claim as nearly no work had been done for the port in those days. Although the reality is contrary to this. . In this way he brought disgrace the long struggle of Pakistanis for Kashmir’s independence. It was Musharraf himself who had agreed to the old offer of India of accepting the current boundaries as Valid. Moreover through Musharraf’s agreement India was now officially holding the fruitful and economically stronger part of Kashmir which Pakistan needed a lot for its Economic strength. the Kashmir issue had almost come to an end and that it was mutually decided between India and Pakistan that Kashmir would entirely become the part of Pakistan very soon.Gawadar Port: A famous claim from Musharrafs side is that he worked extensively on the Gwadar port.