Power Sector at a Glance "ALL INDIA" As on 31-08-2012 Source:CEA

1.Total Installed Capacity: Sector

Power for All by 2012 MW 85,983.67 65,502.45 55,519.92

%age 41.53 31.64 26.82

State Sector

Central Sector

Private Sector



MW 137936.18 Coal 117,833.38 Gas Oil 18,903.05 1,199.75 39,291.40 4,780.00 24,998.46

%age 66.63 56.92 9.13 0.57 18.98 2.30 12.07

Total Thermal

Hydro (Renewable)




2,07,006.04 100.00

Renewable Energy Sources(RES) include SHP, BG, BP, U&I and Wind Energy SHP= Small Hydro Project ,BG= Biomass Gasifier ,BP= Biomass Power, U & I=Urban & Industrial Waste Power, RES=Renewable Energy Sources

Also 30 MW of capacity in the nature of Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant at Goa Energy Private Limited under U&I category of RES. .07.  The installed capacity in respect of RES is as on 30.8 MW to SHP under RES.  The Vijeshwaram CCPP of 272 MW Installed capacity has been included as an IPP in the state of Andhra Pradesh.67+67.2012 from the Ministry of Renewable Energy where cumulative Grid interactive power installed capacity has been indicated as 25409.33-508.8+30=24998. Reconciliation of installed capacity of Hydro capacity resulted in transfer of 135 MW from conventional to SHP-RES and retrieval of installed capacity of 67.  10% of the Installed capacity of Pragati CCGT which is indicated to be Merchant Power by IRP Div has been included in I/C of Delhi State Sector.2012 is based on MNRE email of dated 12.Note:-  The Hydro generating stations with installed capacity less than or equal to 25 MW are indicated under RES.06. Out of this installed capacity due to wind and small hydro amounting to 508.  The Obra TPS Unit No 6 derated capacity 94 MW of UPRVUNL and Unit 1 & 2 of Nasik TPS of derated capacity 125 MW each of MAHAGENCO were retired in June 2012.67 MW appearing in captive capacity has been deducted to arrive at installed capacity of utilities in respect of RES.46).33 MW.(25409.20 from SHP-RES to conventional Hydro has resulted in net addition of 67.  Figures at second place of decimal may not tally due to rounding off.