Guide to Excellent Interiors

administrative. Gunter AFB People's reactions to interior environments is critical to the success of every facility type. Lobby. finishes.  To assure the health. Training. and perform to their maximum potential. workers. Reynolds Army Hospital Guide to Excellent Interiors i . and customers react positively. furniture. logistic support. meeting human ergonomic and psychological needs. medical. and furnishings. residential. and providing optimum aesthetic effect are identifiable and attainable goals for every interior design project. These reactions were first identified in healthcare facilities. texture. morale. Shop. furnishings. and finishes all contribute to creating an environment which supports patient recovery and wellbeing. residents. lighting. Mountain Home AFB  To use your space and financial resources in the most cost effective manner.  To project a professional image of your organization. Reynolds Army Hospital  To improve the morale and increase the productivity of the people in your facility. Why should you insist on comprehensive interior design in your facilities? Dining. maintenance. welfare and recreation facilities all have unique functional and aesthetic requirements. When these requirements are satisfied. safety and welfare of facility occupants. laboratories. Medical. take pride in their contributions and in the facility.Guide to Excellent Interiors Value of Interior Design We all expect a facility to be functional and maintainable. where color. Achieving coordination of the building interior and furnishings.  To provide appropriate and maintainable building materials.

programmers. furniture. The documents created are the master plan for bringing the project to reality.  At concept development designers become fully involved in translating the user's operational and maintenance concepts into a built form. the designer works with the user to specify requirements for construction. Programming involves defining the project requirements and providing the financial resources to support them. and space layout. Maxwell AFB Program Bubble Diagram Conceptual Plan Working Drawings  As the design is developed into contract documents and procurement information. Minot AFB  Programming is the first step in this process. finishes. This is where the user first forms a concept of what is needed. engineers. construction workers. furniture. and suppliers work together toward clearly defined statements of design excellence. Tele-Conferencing Wright-Patterson AFB Guide to Excellent Interiors ii . its interior spaces. shape.Team Roles and the Design Process To create high quality interior environments requires that the user. designers. Designers work with the user to understand the reasons behind requirements and to give them form in terms of size. and furnishings a coordinated form and aesthetic expression. They give the building. Atrium. Office. and furnishings. commands. installation maintenance staff.

Designers can be of assistance in defining the needs but the vision starts with the user. Attention to detail during building construction. The photographs represent a broad range of facility types. locations. Fitness Center. Excellence in design and construction results in facilities which optimize functional and aesthetic requirements and enable people to perform to their maximum potential. and design. construction workers. as well as during procurement and installation of furnishings. is critical to the achievement of excellence. Superior programming results from having a clear vision of what the project is to be. Robins AFB Ensuring Excellence The photographs in this guide represent the successful partnership between users. and adequate maintenance funds to provide for furniture and furnishings. and suppliers to bring about excellence in interior design. construction. In every case. Library. and appropriate environments for living and working is an achievable goal when the user and the design and construction team work together as partners. Proper programming ensures the allocation of adequate military construction funds for building. Redstone Arsenal Auditorium. Execution involves guiding the work of those who construct the building and providing the furniture and furnishings. USMA Westpoint Child Development Center Wright-Patterson AFB Guide to Excellent Interiors iii . an involved user initially defined the concept in terms of functional requirements and financial resources and demanded excellence pivotal to the success of these projects. designers. Creating stimulating. Superior programming enables excellence in design and construction. comfortable. and furnishing techniques. installation managers.

Clinic Waiting. Gunter AFB Visitor Center. Minot AFB Clinic Waiting. Tenn-Tom Waterway Guide to Excellent Interiors iv . Madigan Army Medical Center Auditorium. Gunter AFB Atrium. McNair Snack Shop. Ft.

Auditorium. Stewart Hall. AL. AL. DC. 6. Dining. Personnel Services Center. Visitor Center. Fort McNair. 4. OK. John J. Maxwell AFB. WA. 4. Wing Commander's Office. Aquisition Management Complex. ND. Gunter AFB. Tenn-Tom Waterway. Teleconferencing Center.PHOTO CREDITS Cover 1. Army Military Academy. Library.Child Care Development Center. Aliceville Lake. p. Composite Medical Facility. Consolidated Support Complex. 3. Fort Sill. Auditorium. Marshall Hall. National Defense University. Redstone Arsenal. 3. Clinic Waiting. Atrium. Ft.iii 1. Medical Mall. Lewis. ID. AL. 2. Gunter AFB. Reynolds Army Hospital.iv 1. AL. WrightPatterson AFB. Fort Sill. 2. OH. AL. Senior NCO Academy. Snack Bar. 3.S. Birthing Room. Mountain Home AFB. Atrium. Cullum Hall. Composite Medical Facility. 3. West Point. AL. GA. Reynolds Army Hospital.ii 1. Minot AFB. p. Gunter AFB. Logistics Command. OK. 5. Lobby. ND. Minot AFB. Lobby. 2. 4. p. Senior NCO Academy. Robins AFB. Senior NCO Academy. U. Wright-Patterson AFB. NY. Senior NCO Academy. 2. OH. Fitness Center. Madigan Army Medical Center. Aircraft Engine Test Shop. p. DG 1110-3-122 SEPTEMBER 1997 .i 1. Gunter AFB. Sparkman Center for Missi le Excellence. AL.

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