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Demantra Architecture and Collections

Mohan Cavale Amit Sharma

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Demantra Architecture Collection Architecture Integration Support What can you collect? How can you collect? Caveats and Gotchas from previous implementations

Oracle Demantra Products

Platform of 6 Solutions

Demand Management

Predictive Trade Planning

Real-time Sales and Operations Planning

Deduction and Advanced Forecasting and Demand Modeling Settlement Management

Trade Promotion Optimization

Oracle Demantra Products

Demantra Demand Management Core Application
Functions Collect data from Source Load Dimension, Level values and Transaction values Statistical forecasting Reporting & analysis Collaboration Platform - alerts & exceptions Unlimited Hierarchies, Dimensions, Levels and Attributes Mixed/Multiple Demand Signals Key Benefits Sense demand closer to the point of consumption with real-time visibility to demand events Improve forecast accuracy through advanced analytics and improved consensus forecasting Shape demand via integrated promotions planning Manage new product introductions and marketing to shape demand and maximize revenue

Functionality perspective
Demantra Functionality Basics Information - Data Series

History Forecast Reference Product Customer Sales Channel Bayesian-Markov methodology of blending Multiple advanced algorithms

Structure - Hierarchies


Demantra Architecture
Chaining/Member Management Business Modeler Web Browser

Web server

J2EE Application Server Demantra Web Application Analytical Modeling Engine

Demantra Database Services


Windows OS required Linux supported

Source : Oracle

Demantra Integration
ERP EBS, JDE E1 & World, Peoplesoft Supply Chain Applications Collaboration and Optimized planning EPM Planning and Budgeting through Hyperion PLM Complete end to end product lifecycle and formulation with Agile CRM unsurpassed intelligence behind trade management

Integrate with Oracle and non-Oracle

Integrated with all other planning processes
SCM & Financials Advanced Planning Command Center


World Real-Time S&OP Predictive Trade Planning Trade Promotion Optimization Deduction and Settlement Mgmt SCM Strategic Network Optimization Advanced Supply Chain Planning Service Parts Planning Collaborative Planning

Demand Management Advanced Forecasting & Demand Modeling

Legacy Systems

Demand Signal Repository Production Scheduling Manufacturing Operations Center


CG PIP Inventory Optimization

Financial Planning

Global Order Promising


Source : Oracle

Collection Architecture

Collection Methodology

Collection Details

Bring Data into the Interface Tables What data?

Items, Locations and Sales ( item, qty and Location) Sales and Booking History Maps item attributes( table columns) to level heirarchies

Define the Data Model

Data is moved from interface tables into sales data table using EP_LOAD

Standard vs Custom Collection

Standard uses an out of the Box Integration Custom Collections

Support unique customer requirements Collect from Legacy Systems Clean and Filter data as you bring it in Can modify an existing Integration using Business Modeler Define a new integration profile

Standard Collection

Booking/Shipment Collection

Booking/Shipment collection

Caveats related to Collections

Difficult hierarchical constraints > Violation may reject a large amount of data volume Limited options for data filters (within EBS Collection) Limited options for refreshing the full data set Combinations created during history collection never get purged (Only get selectively appended every time) Dependency on ASCP Collection (esp when customer is not live with ASCP) Limited options to correct a wrong collection or a user errors



Reviewed Demantra Collection Architecture Reviewed Demantra support for Integration with ERP solution How to setup Collections

On behalf of the OAUG Demantra SIG I thank you for your time

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