EmergencyI nformation . FamilyE vacuation/Communication .

A listo f emergenccyo ntacttsh ati ncl familym emberws hol iveo utsidey our . Emergencnyo tificatiolins to f familya nd useful for weddings. Personal Information . Full name, birth date, birthplace, . Certifiedc opieso f BirthC ertificates, . A listo f organizationtso whiche ach . Summaryo f militarys ervicei nformation Financial lnformation . Sourceso f incomel,i stso f assetsa nd . A listo f bank,s avingsa, ndc redict ard . All reale stateh oldingsa,l ongw itht he . Copieso f deedst,i tlesr, elevant andS tatei ncometa xr eturnse, tc.( note: . Location of safe deposit boxes and a . Trust Documents. . Backupso f computerizedfi nancial . A listo f banka ccount,l oan,c reditc ard, Insurance lnformation . Copieso f youra uto,f lood,r enter'so r h summaroyf provisionasn dt hei nsur . Pictureosf homef,u rnishingcsa, rs, . lnventoroyf householgdo ods. . Listso f serianl umbersV. INn umbers. MedicaIl nformation . A list of doctors and their phone nu . A summaroy f familym embersk'n own . Copieso f importanptr escriptionfosr . Health,d ental,p rescriptiocna rdso r . A statemenftr ome achp arentr egardi . A livingw ill,i f desired,s pecifyingn o . Medical power of attorney for each event heo thers pouseis t ooi llt o do so. ln the event of death . Copyo f certifiedw ill drawnu p by an . Funeralandb uriailn formation and a listof whichs ervices,if any, have . Draftso f obituariesa nd funeral . A listo f professionpael oplefa miliar attorneysa,n di nsurancaeg ents. lmportant ltems . Extra House and Car Keys . SmalAl mounot f traveler'csh eckso r ca . Quarteros r a ohonec ard . SafeD eposiBt oxK ey Keepsakes . Negativefso r irreplaceabplee rsonal . FamilyH istoryD isk. Have a schedule to review the informat book with your children and show them the book will be kept. Discuss the contents of the Suggestins for your DocumentatioBn inder doctorsf,i nanciaald visorsc,l ergyr,e putablree pairc ontractorasn, d friendsto calli n caseo f deatho r seriousil lnessT. hisc oulda lsob e ands ociasl ecurityn umbefro re achf amilym ember.

CertificateDs,r iver'sli censesS, ociaSl ecuritCy ardsP, assports. belongs. wherec orrespondingd ocumentsa re kept. includings tocksa nd bonds. ts, with correspondinagc countn umbers. of mortgagel endersa nd loana ccountn umbers benefitdso cumentsth, ef irstt wop ageso f thep reviouyse arsF ederal inals should be kept in a safe deposit box or at another location) of theirc ontents. account( brokeragea nd mutualf unds). insurancep olicieso r at leastp olicyn umbersa, brief company phone numbers. lvehiclese,t c. platen umbersc,o pieso f receiptfso re xpensiviete ms. lergiesi,l lnessess,u rgeriesh,o spitalizatioent'sc . and eyeglassesa, nd copieso f children'sim munizationre cords t informationa nd lD numbersf or each. donationo f organs( lettero f instructions) of artificialilf e-supposryt stemsb eyondre asonablheo peo f recovery , whicha llowsm edicald ecisionsto be madeb y one spousei n the then ameo f thef unerahl omea ndc emetervth, el ocationo f buriallo ts, beenp rearrangefodr o r prepaid. oura ffairsth atm ayb ec alledu ponf orh elp,s ucha s accountants, protected in plastic sleeves. on a periodic basis and keep il updated. 1. Numbers 2. Emergency phone list o Family email o Police, , PoisonC ontrole, tc. o Neighbors o Accountant, o Doctors o School o HomeT VisitingT eachers o Relief Society o Utilities/lnsura List 6. B. SpeciaOl ccasions o Birthdapy lannii o Holidays o Special Events o Vacationln forniation ocumenBt inder o Family( localN ndo ut of town) o Family Plan o Evacuation what if we r (howt o exith ome,w heret o meeto utsidew, homt o contact, 't togetherw, haty ous houldd o, etc.) o Children I Sheets o Adult Sheets o DisastePr lan 3 Lega(l Originalisn Fi SafeB ox) o Location Di o MarriageC erti o Birth/Death

o SocialSecuri Cards o Passports o Vehicle o Power of o Deeds o Will o Adoption o Funerali 4. Financial o Personal lists,in cludes erianl umberc, ost,m odel# o Home video o Appraisalso f , jewelrya, ntiques o Outstanding o Credit Card o RecentTax debts/loan(sm ortgage) , phonen umbersc, opyo f cards o Safety Checking,a nd SavingsA ccount#'sa nd location o Retiremen&t info WalleCt ontents GiftC ertificates/Cpoou Loan Outs 9. Insurance o Life - agent & # o Auto- agent policy# o Home-agent policy# & policy# 11. o Medical10. Miscellaneous o Menu o ChildrenD aily o Garbage o Genealog(y o Photograph o Website o Current o o Recent o Fingerprints o Patriarchal o Baptism o Baby Blessing o Priesthood o Diplomas o School o Resumes o Job/workin o Business o Medical o DentalHistory o Vision History o Allergies o Medication disks) & passwords Records 12.

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Keys s03-65.|- 6645 503-65.|- 6756 503-681-5395 s03-615-565r s03-68-r6 474 PoisonC ontrol Dis Code Enforcement Crime Prevention Groffili Hotline Mediotion Progrom Volunteer Progrom 1-800-222-1222 29-0111 503-846-7041 1-800-BB2-3377 Emergency9 11 Non-Emergency Right Ha nd Left Ha nd O Marie Calder Ricks/F{ouse of cal Traits Last Nai'ne First Name Date Birthmarks Scars Moles Specia! Ph er 2nd Fi er 4th Fi Thumb Lis! the location of all important documents Bank Records Bills of Sale Birth Certificates Diplomas Family Pictures Genealogy Insurance policies Marriage Certificate Military Papers Patriarchal Bless PromissoryN otes Properfy Deeds and Mortg{ge papers Safety Deposit Box and Kerf Social Security Cards

Stocks and Bonds Tax Records U. S. Savings Bonds Warranties and Guarantee$ Vehicle Registrations Wills Copy of Wills t+:rl+ *"li l qid ea{ so qI. qOt eX LETTER OF INSTRUCTION MAKE IT EASIER ON YOUR LOVED ONES IN CASE YOU SHOI.JLD DIE. WRITE OUT YOUR WTSHES PERTAINING TO YOUR FTJNERAL AND REQUESTS. MY PERSONALR EQUBSTSA ND WISHESF OR FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS: I havem adef uneral arrangementsw ith The addressis OR Funerala rrangementsh aven ot beenm adeb ut I would prefer to have The address is I would like to be buried at The address is I want services to be held from: Church Home Funeral Home Graveside Mv favorite Hvmns are: I would like to wear the following: If inquiries are made, donations are to be made to the following organizations: Other wishes: www.theideadoor.com HOUSEHOLD II\IVENTORY In case of fire or other lossl to settle your claim you and the clains' representative will need to know the value ofyour hopsehold goods and personal property. Go room by room through your home and garage and list all items of furniture, appliances, paintings, CI)'s, window cQverings, etc. Take pictures of antiques, expensive jewelry or items of value. Keep the pictures wlith your records. ITEM MODEL SERIAL# ORIGINAL YEAR COST PURCIHSED rvww.theideadoor.com LIST IN THIS SECTION INFORMATION ON: BANK ACCOUNTS REAL ESTATE USE OWN SEPARATE SHEETS FOR: SECURITIES INVESTMENT CLUB SHARES SAVINGS & LOAN ACCOTINTS REAL ESTATE IMPROVEMETS MUTUAL FUND SHARES SAVINGS BONDS MORTGAGES BUSIIYESSIN TERESTS/PARTNERSHIP SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES BANK ACCOUNTS BANK TYPE OF ACCOUNT ADDRESS PHONE NO. ACCOUNT NO. (Note: Hide PIN # elsewhere) NOTES BOOKKEEPING PHONE BANK CARD NO. BANK TYPE OF ACCOUNT ADDRESS PHONE NO.



Name: Age Name: Age Name; Age Name: Age Name: Age Name: @ Marie Calder Ricks/www.houseoforder.com 2O-YEAR MAP 20 18 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 202+ 2025 2026 2027 2028 Age Name: Age Name: Age Name: Age Name: Age Name: Age Name: Age Name: Age Name: @ Marie Calder Ricks/www.houseoforder.com Dental Records Name: Date: Dentist: Work)one: Notes: Mgdical History Name: Date: Doctor: Rei son for Visit: EyQ Exam Records Name. Date:Doctor: Prescrption: Notes: Maternity Record Name: Date: Doctor: Wt eks Pregnant: Notes: EvacuatiPolna n Havinagn e vacuatiopnla nis veryim portanfot ry ourf amilyI.n a ne mergenceyv, erys econcdo untss,o youw antto b ea sp repareadsp ossiblEev. acuatipolna ncsa nb eu sefufol rm andy ifferetnytp eos f disasterHsu. rricantessu,n amaisn dt hem oreim portanhto,u sfeir esH, ousfeir esa reo neo ft hem ost commodni sasterpse oplefa cei nt hisc ountrsyo i t'si mportantht ate veryonhea sa ne vacuatiopnla na nd practiceits r egularlEy,v eryoniney ourf amilys houldk nowth ep lane, venth el ittleo ness, os eta sidea n eveninwg henth ew holefa milyc ang ett ogethetor makea planF. ollowth eses imples tepsa ndy ouw illb e readfyo re vacuation, 1.M akea mapo fy ourh omea ndi ncludteh ef ollowing:

. A.L abeleveerxyi ti,n cludindgo orsw, indowasn dh allways . B,I ne verryo omla, betlh ep rimaeryx i(t usualalyd ooor rh allwaayn) da s econdaerxyi (t usualaly windowin)c aseth ep rimareyx itis b lockebdy s mokoer f lame . C.L abeelv erryo oma familmy embeslre episn . D.L abethl em ainv alveosf t heg ase, lectricaitny dw atelrin es . E.E stablisah s afem eetinpgla ceo utsidteh eh omeso e veryoncea nb ea ccountfeodr 2.P racticeP!r acticeP!r actice! Noe vacuatipolna nw ilwl orku nlesist i sp racticeodna regulabra sis. . Involveev eryonlet i.s i mpoqtafonrte veryoninet hef amiltyo l earnh owto e scapeY.o um aye ven wantto t eachyo ucr hildrehno wto e scapoeu to ft heiwr indowinsc aseth ed ooirs u navailatbole exitY. oum ayw antto a rrangteh ef urnitusreo a dresseorr n ightstainsdu ndetrh ew indotwo m ake ite asietor e scapes, peciailnlty h eb asemewnitn dows. . Placeyo u7r 2h oukr itss trategicanlelya trh ee xitss ot heya ree asyto g rabin a hurryW. henyo u practicaes, sigcne rtaifna milmy embetrosb ei nc hargoef g rabbinthge 72h oukr it. . Practictuer ninogf fu tilitie(sg asv alvese,t c.) . Practicoeth elri fe-savihnNg bitssu cha sa lwaylse avinag p airo fs hoeasn da flashligahtte ach personb'se dside. . Practicwei thti mein m indT. ryr unnintgh rougyho upr lana tl eas4t timees achy eaar nda djusyto ur plana ccorditnogt h ea gesq ff amilmy embers. 3.O theTrh ingtso K eeipn M ind: r Designaatneo ut-of-towannd a no ut-of-stactoen tacpte rsofno ry oufra miltyo c alli nc asey ou separatea,n dh avee veryorime emorizteh ep honen umbers. . Practicues ingy our7 2hourk its upplies. Evacuatiopnla nsc anb el ife-savinfogr y oua ndt heo nesy oul oveD. isasterdso n'jtu sth appetno o ther peopleT.h eya rev eryr eala ndc anh appetno anyonea ta nytimeT.a keth et imet o plana ndp reparaen d youw ilbl ev eryg ratefyuol ud id. Place cunent photo here Rec'd date taken CRI SHEET ILD REGISTRATION AND ENTIFICATION SHEET Child's Name Date of Birth School Social Securify # Prior School Nickname Grade IDENTIFYING MARKS: Birthmarks (molesflimples) ScarslTattoos Glasses/Contacts Skin Tone Language Spoken Voice Tone & PattQrn (slow, stutters. etc) _ rPeerrssoonnaalrlittyy pattern (nervous, hypelr, etc) Habits (thumb suc(ing, nail biting) FAMILY SITUATION

Single Parent _YFs _No Name, Address, Phfne # of other Custody Situation parent ne # of nearest relative Name of Doctor X-rays Available Yes CLOSEST FRIENDS R. THUMB R.IND Blood Type Allergies No Braces/Appliances R MIDDLE R RING R LITTLE Name Name Address Place cunent photo here Rec'd date taken Name Date of Birth IDENTIFYING MARKS: Birthmarks (moles/dimples) Scars/Tattoos Skin Tone ARI SHEET ADULT REGISTRATION AND IDENTIFICATION SHEET Nickname Social Security # Glasses/Contacts Language Spoken Voice Tone & Pattenn (slow, stutters. etc) Personality pattern (nervous, hyper, etc) llabits (hair pulling, nail bitingo etc) FAMILY SITUATION/QUICK MEDICAL REFER.ENCE Name & Ages of Children Marital Status Name, Address, Phone # of Nearest Relative Emergency Contact Name, Address, Phone # Doctor Iilood Type Allergies X-rays Available _Yes _No Locatcd Where CLOSEST FRIENDS Name Address Name Address Name Phone Phone Address Phone R. THUMB R.INDEX R. MIDDLE R. RING R. LITTLE L.THUMB L.INDEX L. MIDDLE L. RING L. LITTLE Emergency Preparedness Handbook ]AMIIYTM TRGTIIIIIG]||YR MAII|A|]IN dG ||IITASGHTT ET FAMILYN AME: ADDRESS: HOME PHONE: CELL NUMBER(S): PAGER(S):

FAMTLYD ESTGNATEMDE ETTNPGL ACE(S) EMERGENCOY UT.OF .STATEC ONTACT NAME PHONE EXTENDED FAMILY NAME PHONE RELATIONSHIP BLOCK CAPTAIN HOME TEACHERS BISHOP HEALTHIN SURANCPER OVIDER PLAN NUMBER PHYSICIAN GROUP# PHONE PREFERREHDO SPITAL POISON CONTROL NUMBER DENTAL INSURANCE PROVIDER Phone Phone Phone PLAN NUMBER(S) DENTIST PHONE EMERGENCCYA REA UTHORIZATION "l herebya uthorize(n ame) to makem edicadl ecisions on behalfo f my familyi f I am unavailablein the event of an emergency." Signed Relationship Phone number FAMTLYM EMBER(ST)N FORMATTON Name Birthd ate Emplover/School Medication Specianl eeds lAtrltl YP RIPIRIE|EI SlSlA llBB 00 l ( PURPOSE: Thish andbooiks designedto assisty oua ndy ourf amilyin preparinfgo r an emergencylt. c an alsop rovidee ssentiainl formatiotnor n eighborosr emergencpye rsonnetrl yingto helpy ourf amily, Maket hisi nformatiopna rto f spepialfamilhyo mee veningsR. emember,"...yief arep reparedye shalnl otf ear."( D&C3 8:30) younrA ilillYtft s[sTERnrs P0llP$l nll 1. PossibleL OGALa nd NATIONALE MERGENCIES . EarthQuake . Severe Storm . War, Civil o Fire . Flooding Disorderosr o HighW inds . ChemicaSl pills Terrorist o Power Outages Actions (Othere mergencsyi tuationsm aya riset hata ffecto nlyy ourf amilys ucha s: loss of a job, illnessd, eatho r separationP. reparatiosnh ouldb e takenf ort hesea s well.) 2. Create a Disaster Response Plan D Talkw ithy ourf amilya pouwt hyy oun eedt o preparfeo ra potentiadli saster. Discussw haty oum igltrdto withe acht ypeo f disastetrh atc ouldt akep lace. Every6 -12m onthsd, i$cussa ndu pdatey ourp lan. n Pickt wo safep lacest o meeti mmediatelfyo llowinga disaster: . lmmediateloyu tsidey ourh omed urings uddene mergenc(yi n-homefi re). . Outsidey ourn eighborhooidn casey ou cannotr eturnh ome. Everyone mustk nowt hea ddressa ndp honen umber. n Choosea n out-of-statfgr iendt o be yourf amilyc ontact.A ftera disasteri,t is oftene asierto calll on$d istancea ndm ostp hones erviceis activefo r 10 minutes. lf familym embersa rep eparateddu ringa n emergencyth, eys houldc allt his persona ndt ellt hemW hereth eya re. Everyonem ustk nowt hec ontacpt hone# .

I Addresss pecianl eedsi .e. handicappede,l derly,p ets,e tc. I Teachc hi]drenh owa ndw hent o call9 11f or emergenchy elp I Determineth e beste scaper outesf rom yourh ome. Findt wo wayso ut of each room. ! Findt he safes potsi n yourh omef or eacht ypeo f disastere, speciallay n earthquake. I Instrucet achf amilym $mberh owa ndw hent o turno fft he waterg, asa nd . electricitayt the main$ witches. n Teach each family member how to use the fire e*inguisher (ABC type), and show them where it is kept. I lnstallsmoked etectorso n eachl evelo f yourh ome,e speciallyn earb edrooms. ! lnstalCl Oed etectorws ithin4 0 feeto f all roomsu sedf or sleepingl.n stalal detectonr eary ourg asf urnace.F ollowm anufactureri'nss tallatioin structions. 3. lmmediate Response lhstructions to an Emergency . Savey ouro wn lifea ndt hat of yourf amilyf irst. Familiess houlds tayt ogether duringi nitialp haseo f disaster.P rovidef irsta id to yourf amilyi f necessary. o Reporyt ourf amily'ss tatust o youro ut-of-statec ontactw ithin1 0 minutes. a a Reporyt ourc onditiono r requesct riticahl elpt hroughy ourB lockC aptain. Postf amilyc onditiono n frontd oori ncludingb eforee vacuatintgh eh ome.( canu se cards or ribbons) Green- "Alli sw ell." Yellow-' We needh elpb uti t isn otc ritical." Red- 'We needi mmediathee lpo r criticacl are." Black- "Thereis a deceasedp erson(sh)e re." White- 'This homei sv acanot r nobodyh ome." Theb lackc ardo r ribbonc anb e usedi n conjunctiowni tha nyo f thef ourc ards. Aftery ouro wnf amiliesa res afea nds ecureH, omeT eachercsh ecko n assigned families. Checko n statuso f inlmediatnee ighborasn d helpp osts tatusc ards. lf youra reai s requiredto evacuatem. akes urea ll livingh ouseholmd embers evacuateto gethewr ithm emberso f yourb locka ndp ossiblya rea. lf thes ituation becomesd angerouws aitingfo r neighborws hod o notr eportl,e avew ithoutth em but leave a note where you are going. lf youa rea skedt o "Shelteirn Place"s tayi n yourh omef ort hea mounot f tirne the locala uthoritiesd eemi t is necessary. a o UIIl lTII S$ l l UT-l0l II |SIRU G T0Il l$ and1 0G AI0I 1 l Shutu tilitieso ff in the followingo rder: GaS( Ontyt urno ff if yous nrelgl asa nywhere) To avoidt he dangero f an explosionfo llowingth e onseto f a fire or aftera n earthquake, turn this utility off first. . The shut off valve is usually located outside your home next to the meter. Our Locationis Do NotL ighta Fire,o r usey ourt elephoneli,g ht switcheso r electricaolr batteryo peratede quipment. Turnf lashlightosn beforee nteringa n areac ontaining gas fed equipment. Ventilatey ourh omeb y openingw indowsa nd doors. Evacuatea ll personsfr omy ourh ome. Callf roma neighbor'sh omef or assistanceu nlessa generald isasterh aso ccurred. *fr Gag Valve

ON OFF Natural Gas Office Phone a a a HGctliGlty Becausea fireo r earthquakceo uldd amageth e electricw iringf oundi n thew alls,c eiling and floor of your home, turn this utility off next in one of two places. . Fuseo r circuitb ox. Thisb ox usuallyl ocatedi n the hallwayo r basemenot f your home. To shut off allthe powerp, ullo uta llthef useso r "trip" all of the circuit breakers. r Meter Box. To turn off the poweru, set hes witcho n the electricm eterb elowt he glass bubble. The meter may be Inc aseo f fire,e arthquakoer o ther emergenctyu, rningo fl youru tilitiecsa n prevenut nnecessadrya ngeor r damage. Clrcult Breaker Pu,l-out Cartrldge Fuses mountedo n an outsidew allo r on a utilityp olef oundo n yourp roperty. OurL ocationis Whene lectricasle rviceis restoredp owers urgesm ayo ccur.T o avoidd amaget,u rno ff circuitse xceptt o lights. Turno n otherc ircuitsa fterl ightsa res teadyf or a few minutes. Water ln ordetro prevencto ntaminatioofny ourw aters upplyt,u rnt hisu tilityo ffa ss oona s possiblien o neo ft wop laces. o HomeS hutofVf alve.T hisv alvei s usuallylo catedin your basemenwt heret he waterf eede ntersy ourh ome.Y oum ay need pliers to turn it off. (Check now to see if it is loose.) lf the housem ustb e evacuatewd ithouth eatd uringfr eezing weathert,u rno fft he watera ndd rainw aterl inesb y opening all water faucets and the water heater drain valve. Make suret o refillthew aterh eaterb eforetu rningo n gasp ilot. o OutsideM etera nd ValveB ox. Thisv alvei s usuallylo cated betweenth ec urba ndt hes idewalk.lt is harderto gett o and willp robablyn eeda wrench. OurL ocationis Remember: Most Valves Turn off Glockwise Buddyb urners/sterno/alcoshtoolv e Candles- 2 large Cano pene-r manual Dishs oap/Dishc loth/t owel Knife Matchesin foil Mess Kit (1 per person) Metalcup- Pan,c ano rs malltinp ail Paperp lates/cups/napkins/plaustteicn slis Spoon & Fork - metal for mixing Stress/MoraleB oosters Scriptures Ball,s mallg ames,c rosswordp uzzles Hardc andy,c hocolatec hips Harmonic a/Ne edleworUpictures

Paper,p encilsc, rayonsp, ermanenmt arker Food for 3 davs (date each item) Baby food -baby cereal-formula-juice BeefJ erky-Cannemd eats:t una,s pam Candy- gum Cannedf ruits- juice CannedF oods- stew,c hili,s paghettir,a violi Cereals( Oatmeacl rackedw heat) Crackersc- ookies Dry Soup Mix- Ramen Noodles DriedF ruits- raisins,b ananasa, pples 12I OURE TUIERGIiElI]IGY The followinge mergencyp reparpdnessk its houldb e keptc ool,d ry and readilya ccessible.l t could be stored in backpacks, dtiffle bags, suitcases, or 5 gallon buckets. Water l gallonp erp ersonp erd ay WaterP uriifc ationT ablets Equipment Adjustablew rench- hammer-Pqcketknife Battery powered radio (extra batteries) FireE xtinguishe(rv erys mall) Flashligh(te xtrab atteries-) ligh!s tick Foldings hovel Plastic-2s heets9 'x 12 ' (shelterg, roundcloth) Rope ( Va x 26') - duct tape Ax PliersH, ammer Tent - Tarp (shelter) Whistle-l perperson Work gloves Sanitation PlasticB uckewt itht ightf ittingl id Plastictr ashb ags( large& small,a lsoz ip locks) Disinfectan(bt leachL, ysol,p wd.G hlorinated lime)& BakingS oda Toilet paper - SoapiTowel Rodentr aps Cookinq/Heatinq AluminumF oil GranolaB ars- peanuts, Safetyp ins,n eedlet,h reads, cissors, MRE's( MealsR eadyto Eat) buttons Peanubt uttera ndh oney Extrag lasses- Extras et of car keys Powdemr ilk Infants/ToddlersfYounCqh ildren Clothinq/Beddinq Theiro wnb ag- labeledw itht heiro wnn ame 1 spaceb lankept erp erson Disposabldei apers(3 6-48m inimum)" Woolb lankeot r sleepingb ag( 1 perp erson) Disposablwee tw ipes" 1 changeo f clothesi:n cludeu nderwea&r 2 Plasticg arbageb ags* pairs ocks( atl east1 wool),s weatshirt, Plasticp ants(labewli thn ame). glovess, hoes Twoc hangeso f clothes" Infantsd: isposabldei apersp, acifiers Twop airp ajamas blanketsc,l othing Twob lankets Hvqiene HaVgloves/socks Comb& brush( Hairn eedsb: arrettes, Infanfto rmula(m ayn eedt o supplement elastics) nursingb abies) Deodorant lnstant baby cereal FemininHe ygienen eeds Cannedfo od& juices

Lipb alm,c hapstickb,l istex Teethingb iscuits& Orajel Lotion Sterilizedw ater/alsoP edialyte Shavings upplies Plasticb ottles( labelw ithn ame) ShampoSo mallmirror Disposablbeo ttleli ners Soap( if bar,b e surei t hasa containetro put Extran ipples it in) Bib Toothbrus/h t oothpaste Plastics poona nd bowl Washcloth/towel Pacifie(rl abelwithn ame) Other Safety pins First Aid Kit (see items under first aid kit) Baby powder lnsect repellanVSunscreen Baby Oil Money-(Coinssm, allb ills,t ravelercsh ecks, Diaper ashm edication credict ard) Children'Tsy lenol Assortedto ys( labelw ithn ame) SPECIALN EEDS: INFANTaSn dY OUNGC HILDREN Beforet he emergencyy,o ungc hildrenc an helpp reparea nd stores uppliesT. eacht hem aboutt hew arnings ounds( smokea larmss, irens,e tc in yourh ome& neighborhood). Havep racticefi rea nde arthquakder ills.Y oungc hildrens houldm emorizfea milyn ame, addressa, nd phonen umbera s earlya s possibleC. hildrenn eede xtrar eassuranceB. e preparedto sings ongsa ndp lays impleg ames.C hildrenim itateth ew aya dultsc ope withe mergenciesT. heyc and etecta dults'u ncertaintya nd grief. Be calma ndh onest. Changed iaperso n infantsre gularlyD. isposeo f the soiledd iapersin garbagec anl iners and keep them tightly sealed to prevent spread of disease. SENIORC ITIZENSa nd HANDIGAPPED fn additionto preparinag7 2h ourk it: r Arrangefo r someoneto checko n you. o Havea plant o signalforh elp. r Havee xtrab atteriesfo r hearinga ids,w heelc hairs,e xtrao xygen,e xtrae yeglasses. o Maintaina t leasta two weeks upplyo f medicationsa nd a currentl ist.. PETS Consideyr ourp et'sn eedsi n planningfo r an emergency. o Have a current lD tag, license . Keept heirv accinationcsu rrent . Keepp etc arriersa, ndl eAsheso n handt o containa ndc almy ourp et. . Yourp eta lson eedslz gallono f drinkingw aterp erd aya s wella s food. . In caseo f evacuationb,e awaret hatp etsa ren ota llowedin emergencsyh elters. DOGUMENTS: Keepy ourm ostv aluabled ocument(so rc opies)in youre rnergenckyi t or in a packet readyt o picku p andt akew itl'yl ou. Preferablkye epo riginalsin a fireproosf afe. Considegr ivingc opiesto a membero f youre xtendedfa mily. RECOMMENDED . LEGAL: . INSURANCE A. MarriageC ertificate A. Life- Agent& Policy# B. BirthC ertificate B. Auto- Agent& Policy# C. Passports C. Home- Agent& Policy# C. Vehicle(sR) egistration/Title D. Medica-l Agent& Policy# D. Power of Attornev . MEDICAL E. Deeds A. lmmunizatiorne cords F.W ill B. Medicatiolnis ts t FINANCIAL . OTHERIM PORTANT

A. Assets RECORDS B. Personapl ropefi lists, A. Diplomas includeS N,c ost,m odBl# B. Military C. Outstandinmg ajorE lebts C. SchooCl ertificates (Mortgages) D. SociaSl ecurityN umbers D. Recent Tax Returns E. Genealogy E. SafetyD epositC, heckinga, nd F. PatriarchaBll essings SavingsA ccoun#t andl ocation HNSTAIIfIlT FirstA id Kitsa re an e$sentiapl arto f familyp reparednessC. ontentss houldb e arrangeds o thata neededit epnc anb ef oundq uicklyw ithouut npackintgh ee ntire contentsK. eept hef irsta idk it in a dryp lace,o uto f reacho f childreny, et readily accessiblein caseo f an emergency. LabelA LL suppliesa nd date all medicationsT. akei nventorya t leasto ncea year and replace items that have been use, expired or deteriorated( antiseptics wabs). Includea basicf irsta id manual. Thef ollowingit emsa rp recommendefdo r a firsta idk it,b oldi temsa ret he most importantF. illinga smalltoolb ox with itemsy ou familyn eedsm ay be bettert hanb uying a preassemblekdi t. Focuso n beinga blet o treatt hingst hata re mostl ikelyt o happen: blistersc, uts,b urns,s crapesp, uncturess,p rains.K eepv accinationcsu rrent. BAllll[GIS Tapeh- ypoallersecnloicth /adhesive- 3/,a1 "&2 " Ace wrap bandages ' TrianguraBr andage3 6" x 36" x 52" Band-aid(sfl atf,i ngertikpn, uckleva, rioussi zes) ttlElllG[Tl0ll$ Cottonb allsa ndQ tips Advil/Tylenol/Aspirin(liquid/chewabfoler Eye pads children) Gauzeb andager olls (kerlixo r klinQ3 '& 4") Antibiotlco intment-N eosporin, Sterile gauze pads (4" x 4" & 2"x2"1 bacitracin,betadine Moleskin(f orf rictionb listers) Antihistamlne-B enadryl Steristrips-B utterflyb andages AntisepticC leansinsgo lution-Hydrogen peroxide,B etadineo r alcohols wabs Calaminel otion Decongestants (Pseudophedrine,Triaminic,DimetApp) Diarrhea remedy (lm modiurn,KaopectaPtee,p tobismol) Drops (eye, ear, nose) HydrocortizoneC ream Sunscreen/lnsecRt epellant Lubricant(-V aselineK, -YJ elly,A &D ointment) Personal Prescriptions (i.e. diabetic, high blood pressure etc.- 30 day supply close at hand) Rubbing Alcohol Throat Lozenge's OTHTB Consecrated Oil cup Flashlight & batteries lce Bag - chemicacl old pack Gloves Hot water bottle-chemicahl eat pack AN OUNCEO FP REVENTIOISNW ORTHA POUNDO F CURE Gar$uruilufiat l Since many emergencies which require evacuation may cause you to travel and relocate, always maintain at

least Vzt ank of gas in your car. Followinga re recommendedi tems to include: Knife Matches Mask- face shield for CPR Medicined ropper Money (coins) for phone calls Nail clippers Needle/thread Paper & pencil Paper bag for Hyperventilation Plastic bags-Zip lock-for human waste or trash Razor blades Safety pins Scissors Space blanket Splints (tongued epressors/Popsicsleti cks) Soap - Antibacterial Thermometer Tissues Tweezers Water/Waterp urificationt ablets Container- Smallb ackpack or duffel bag First aid kit & manual Class ABC fire extinguisher Radio and batteries Jumoer Cables Non-perishablefo od Short rubber hose for siphoning Bottled water Smdl pup{ent Bag of sand Shovel,a x, screwdriverp, liers Blankets or sleeping bags Paner & Pencils Map Tissues, wet-wipes, plastic bags Medications Flashlight & batteries Reflectors& flares Waterproof malches and candles SITEII RI]IIflIIWG ATE]ORR $ TORAGE Minimumw aters toragei s 7zg allonp erd ay per personf or drinkinga ndf oodp reparation, andy2g allonp erd ayf orc leqnin&g misc.( 2w eeks upply- 14g allonsp erp erson) Storage:l deali s a heavy,d 4rkp lasticc ontair'rewri tht ightf ittingc ap or tgp. Plasticm ilk bottlesa re not recommende(dt heyw illd eteriorate)W. ater,i f storedi n dark,c lean containersa nd if the wateri s safeb acteriallay t the timeo f storagew, ill remains afe becaused iseaseo rganismtse ndt o dieo utd urings toragel.f lightc anp enetratae containerw, aterm ustb e rotatede achy ear. Containersm ustb e thoroughlyc lean. To sanitizeb ottlesw ashi n solutiono l % c Cloroxt o 1 Quartw ater. Storec ontainer

openersa, nds iphonso r pumps. Other sources Usew aterf romi cec ubesy, qurh otw atert anko r toilett ank( NOTt he bowl)c, anned fruitsa ndv egetablese, tc. To obtainw aterf romt he hotw aterh eateri t is sometimes necessaryto opent he valveB t the top of the tank ando therh otw atert apsi n the house as wella s thef auceta t the bottomo f the heater. Be suret o turno tf gaso r electricittyo the waterh eaterb efored rainingo ff waterf or emergencyu se (aftert urningt he water maino ff.) To uset he wateri rtyr ourp ipes,l et air intop lumbingb y turningo n thef auceti n yourh ousea t the higheslte vQl.A smalla mounot f waterw illt rickleo ut. Then,o btain waterf romt he lowesfta uceti fi the house. How to Purify Water Boiling: Boilv igQrousflyo r 3-5m inutes.T o improveta ste,p ourf romo ne containdtro anothesr everatli mes. Safest. PurificatioTna blets: Availablea t anyd rugs tore.F ollowd irectionosn package. BleachP urification:L iquidf louseholbdl eachc ana lsob e used. lt mustc ontain hypochlpritep,r eferabl5y. 25'/"a, dda ccordingto tableb elowt,h en stir and mix. Amount of Water 1 quart 1 gallon 5 gallons Clear Water 2 drops 8 drops 1/zte aspoon Water 4 drops 16 drops 1 teaspoon st!ring I00r$f r0nAGr Foods torageis anothefro rmp f insurancfeo r youa ndy ourf amily.l t is an evenw iser investmenift youp racticeth e ideao f storingw haty ouu sea ndu singw haty ous tore. Usinga ndr otatingy ourf ood$ torageo n a regulabr asism aintainyso uro riginal investmenbte causen othingi$ wasted.F oods toragep rovidesa feelingo f securitya nd helpsy out o becomes elf-reliflnt. Therea re4 basicr ulesf or 1. KEEPI TC OOL 2. KEEP IT DARK 3. KEEP IT DRY 4, ROTATEIT Where to Staft: foods: . Buy what your family havet o changey our s, lt is muche asierw hena crisiso ccursif youd on't et. ' Startb y Planning1

' Gathert he recipes of menusfi lledw ithy ourf avoritem eals. . Multiplyth e ingredi list the ingredients. bv 4. . Takea n inventoryo f you currentlyh ave. . Purchase the items in bulk as much as possible. (Cream of Wheat smallp ackage$ 3.50, $10) . Purchaseit emst hat be stored,b uts ubstitutedfo r freshi ngredients. (Powderemd ilk, eggs,d ehydratedfo ods( freeze-drieadr et he best . This gives you one tastingb, uts toreo nly e ingredientyso nw illb e using) of foods toragec ontainingit emsy ourf amilye ats. Continueth isp rocess ntily ouh aveo ney earss upply. TIPS t I Choosef oody ourf amilyl ikesa nd uses. Datea nd rotatey ours torageit ems. Storea varietyo f item$a ndf lavoringsto go witht hem.Y ou'llf areb ettero n havinga one-months tlrpploy f a varietyo f itemst han a year'ss upplyo f 2-3i tems r Fora n emergencys,t Qreq uicka nd easy-to-preparfeo odsf or wheny ou are psychologicaollyr p hy$icalluyn ableto cook. ' Alwayss torey ourb ul( foodsi n foods toragec ontainers. possible. l0 ' Keepa llf oodc overeda t all times. ' Openf oodc ontainersc arefullys o thatt heyc an be tightlyc loseda ftere achu se. . Emptyo penedp ackageos f sugar,d riedf ruitso r nutsi ntos crew-tojpa rso r some othera irtighct ontainebr ecausein sectso r rodentsm ayb e a problem. . You mayw antt o storen on-perishabfleo odsf or yourp ets. . Freezerfo odw ill lastf rom 48-72h oursi f the freezeri s full andt he doors tays closed. . Borrowingm oneyo r puttingfo ods torageo n a creditc ardw ithoumt eanst o payi t backi s highlyd iscour4gedD. on'tg o intod ebtf orf oods torage. . Keepy ourf oodi nventprlyis th andya ndm arkt he itemsa s youu set hems o they can be replaced. Thesea ret he BASICSr ecommendationfso r one year: Grains( wheatr, ice,c orn,o ats,e tc.) 300-400lb sp erp erson Powderedm ilk( nonfat) 20 lbsp erp erson Sugar( honeys, yrupsj,a ms) 60 lbsp erp erson Salt 8 lbs per person Shorteninogr oil 20 lbsp erp erson DriedL egumes(b ean$p, eas,e tc.) 60 lbsp erp erson Beyondt he Basics( rotater qgularly): Cannedo r freeze-driefdru its& Bakingp owdear nds oda vegetables Vitamina ndm ineral Cannedo r freeze-driemd eats& supplements soups Bullions, picesy, east Dry pasta GOIIIMOIISIIIYO RIGT STOREs ufficienatm ounfto ry ourf amily'sn eedsf or oney ear. Paperp roducts PersonaHl ygiene ToiletT issue Baths oap PaperT owels Shavings upplies Cups & Plates Hair Supplies Napkins Shampoo& Conditioner

Garden Seeds Deodorant CleaningS upplies ContactL enses& solution Disinfectant Toothpastea ndT oothbrushes Generahl ouseholcdl eaning Femininesu pplies supplies PlasticG oods Matches Eatingu tensils CanningS upplies Plasticw rap,b ags,f oils,e tc. Lidsa ndR ings Garbageb ags TilHGT]ICSYU PPIIII|S|G II||R Takes omet imet o evaluateth e bests potf or all essentiasl uppliesa nde quipmentth at you wouldn eedi n the evento f an emergency(.C ouldi nclude7: 2hour kits,f irsta id kit, medicationa, nd campingg ear.) You mightn otet hesel ocationso n a sketcho f a floor plano f yourh ome,s o othersc ouldh elpy ou get whaty ou need.C onsidepr lacings ome essentiasl uppliesin differenlto cationsin caseo ne areai s inaccessible. l t Il ltAlGt tAPl nH IRH1I tls s Therea rem anya dvantageisn establishinggo odf inaneiapl racticeisn ourh omes. Savingsp ermitu s to continueit op rovidefo r ourselvesd uringc hangesin employmenotr emergencieYs.o urg oals houldb et o acquiree noughs avingsto supporyt ourf amilyfo r at least six months. KEYST O FINANCIASL TABILITY- ffromO ne For The Moneyb y MarvinJ . Ashtonl t l Paya n honesti thing. n Live on less than what you earn. I Distinguisbhe tweenn $edsa ndw ants. n Use a budget Ll Teachf amilym embersth e importancoef work- accomplishment. u Teachc hildrento makem oneyd ecision-s teachc redit. tl Teache achf amilym embetro contributteo totalfamilyw elfare- chores& service. n Makee ducationa continuinpgr ocess E Work toward home ownership. I Obtaina dequatein surance. tl Havea food storagea nd emergencyp reparednespsr ogramD Be honesitn ally ourf inanciaal ffairs. PREPARAE FAMILYB UDGET 1. Estimatefa milyi ncomo( take-hompea y,i nteresta, dditionainl come).B aseo n averagem inimum. 2. CalculateF ixede xpensest:i thingt,a xes,r ento r mortgagea ndf ixedh ousing expensesd, ebts. 3. Pland ailye xpenditureisn,c ludingin cidentalsf:o od,h ouseholedx penses, clothinga, utomobil&e transportatiocno sts,m edicacl are,p ersonaal llowances, familyi nterestsa ndr eoreationv,a riableit emss ucha s internetc,r afts,e tc. 4. Plans avingsa nde mergencfyu nds.T ryt o payy oursel1l 0%. Makey our savingsla rgee noughto covere mergencfyu ndsa ndl ong-ranggeo als (educationm, issionsr,e tiremente, tc.) 5. Make a plan to get out and stay out of debt! HHTIIIGG,O OIil]AIG1 IGHTIIIG Coal-The bestt ypef or heatingh omesi s anthracitic(h ard). Shouldb e storedi n plasticlined pit or in sheds, bags, boxes, or barrels and should be kept away from circulatinagi r,l ight,a ndm oisture. Wood- Hardwoodis slowb urningb, utn eedsm orek indling.S houldb e seasoned&

kept dry. Newspapelor gs- Gooda ndi nexpensiveT. o make: 1. Use8 -10p ageso f newspapearn do penf lat. 2. Spreadt he stack,a lternatingth e cut sidesa ndf oldeds ides. 3. Place a 1" wood dowel or metal rod across one end and roll the paper around the rodv eryt ightly.R olli t untilt herea re6 -8 inchesle ftt o roll,t hens lip another8 pagesu nderneatthh e roll. Continueth isp roceduruen tilyouh ave a roll4-6i nchesin diameter. 4. Witha fine wire,t ie the rollo n bothe nds. Withdrawth e rod. Yourn ewspaper log is ready to use. Four of these will burn about t hour. Propane- storesi ndefinitelyb,u t requiresp roperv entilation.B y lawy ou can onlys tore up to 25 gallons( upt o 5 - 5 gallonc ontainers)K. eepa t least1 0f eetf rom t2 combustiboler flammablleiq uidsY. oua reo nlya llowedto storet wo1 lb disposablper opaneb ottlesin sidey ourh omeo r attachedg arage. Whiteg as( Colemafnu el)- Neveru sei ndoorso r storein doorsM. ax.R esidential storageli mitedto 25 gallons- preferablsyt oredin unattachegda rageo r shed. No moret han1 0g allonsin ana ttachegda ragea ndn of lammablleiq uidsin basementsU. sec ontainerasp provefdo ru sew ithf lammablleiq uidsS. toreA BC firee xtinguishewri thin5 0 feeta ndn o closerth an1 0f eet. Keepa wayf romo pen flamesa ndh ight emperaturdee vices. KeroseneL,a mpO il& Diese-l cheapesatn dn ota s explosiveS. toresw ellforl ong periods.Y ouw illn eeda heaterto burn,a t least9 ,600B TU'so f heat. Can doublea s a cookings urface.H eatinga pplianceasr el imitedto a fuelc apacityo f 2 gallons.C racka window1 /qin chf or properv entilationU. sea batteryp owered CarbonM onoxided etectotro helpp revenpt oisoningB, uyo n K-1r ated keroseneM. ax.r esidentiaslt orageli mitedto 60 gallons- 10 onlyt o be storedin attachedg aragew ithn onei n basementsS. torei n approvedc ontainersF. ire extinguisherasn do penf lamer ulesa ret hes amea s lor flammableli quids. Remembetrh eA laddinla mpsb urnv eryh ot. Fashiona tomatoc ageo vert he lampt o prevenitt fromt opplingo vera ndt o helpk eepc hildrena wayf romt he7 50 degreeh eatp roduced.K erosenela nternsb urnt imei s about4 5 hoursp erq uart. Storee xtraw icks,c himneyas ndm antlesfo r lamps. Candlesa nd Severafll ashlight-s Shelf-lifeis about3 -5y earsw henb atterieas res tored in a cooll ocationa ndi n an airtighct ontainer. Charcoal-N everu sei ndoors.B uya t the endo f summerw heni t is least expensiveS. torei n metala, irtighct ontainerssu cha s metaltrashc ans. Homep owerg enerator-expensivbeu,t useful. Lights ticks- up to 12 hourso f lighting.C yalumes ticks- safestw, on'ti gniten aturagl as Waterproomf atches. Extra fuses Extral ightb ulbs Hot water bottle (rubber) Weathers trippingm aterial-s Ductt ape. Heatingfu elsd o not havea n indefinites helf-life.M anyh eating/cookinmga nufacturers recornmentdh aty ouc onsumea ll saidf uelsw ithin6 monthso f purchase. TARIII|IUAIft Early Precautions o Store breakable items in secured cabinets a a Storep aperg oodsi n areasu nlikelyto get wet.F oodi temsw hichm ayp rovee ssential aftert hee arthquakseh ouldb e arrangedo n storages helvess o thatp aperg oodsa nd

non-breakabliete msa res toredo n the uppers helvesa ndb ottlesa ndj ars on the lower shelves.R etainerso r caged oorsc an be installedto assuret hate verythingre mains intactd uringth eq uake. Havea batteryo peratedra dioa ndf lashlighatv ailablnee ary ourb ed. Locate gas meter and valve 1. Havea wrencha ndk nowh owt o turno fft heg ast o the houseif yous mellg as. 2. Knowh owt o turno fft hew atert o theh ouse. t3 Keepa pairo f shoesn eary ourb ed.H avew aterh eatersa ndh eavya ppliancesse cured to thew ail.H eavyn ylonb indingo r metals trapsc anb ew rappeda roundth e heatera nd Firt StndN ot BehindW ateH{ atr ll( DitxS' Lag Sccws Wih FLlt $/chcts Itrto Stu& 12'ldarinm Watcr Hata FlcxibleW atsr Connestions 314' x24 &rge Pcrforatcd Stel \zr ->-. Plunbc/sTape I ) ( ,\ Encirclhg Tut-Proo###BOT_TEXT###lt;- - \ Frmt And Bact IELEVAnON ^ Flerible Gc Cm€tioo attached to wall. o Havea familyp lano f responsein an earthquakeH. avea commonm eetingp lace( if separated). . Sleepa wayf roma reasw hereh eavyo biectsc ouldf all. r Close drapes at night to keep flying broken window glass away frorn center floor areas. During an Earthquake lf inside, stay inside. Standin a doorwaya, gainsat n insidew allo r hallwayo, r crouchu ndera desko r table.S taya wayf romw indowsb, ookcasesc,e ilingfi xturesa, ndc hinac upboardsT. ryt o 'klfe epc hildrenw ithy ou. outside, stay outside. Staya wayf rom buildingst,r ees,a ndt elephonea nde lectricalli nes and poles. Move to an open area. lf in a car, staya wayf rom underpassesa,n do verpassesS. topi n a safea rea. Stayi n your vehicle. In tall buildings, getu ndery ourd esk. Do no dashf or exitss inces tairwayms ayb e brokeno r jammedw ithp eople.C hecks taifsc arefullyD. ON OTU SEE levators. After an Earthquahe Checkf or injuriesa ndp rovidefi rstaid. Checkf or structurasl afety. Gas Lines lf yous mellgas,o penw indowsa nds huto ff the maing as valve. Thenl eavet he buildinga nd

stayo uto f it. Do not lightc andlesm, atchesl,i ghterso, r turno n lights witcheso r uset he telephoneu ntilyoud etermineth erei s no leak. Gasl eaksc ausee xplosionsT. urno tf burners and pilotl ights. Do not operatea nya ppliancesif you suspecta gas leak. ElectricaLl ines Electricaliln esc anc ausef ires,$ huto ff alle lectricaplo weri f therei s damageto yourh ouse wiringo r the linest hatl eadt o yourh ouse. Water Lines Turno tft he waterw herei t enterst he homes o youw on'tl osew ateri n the waterh eateri f water linesa reb roken.D o notf lusht oiletsu ntilyouk nowt hats ewerl inesa ren ot broken.D o not pour or flush water down drains if there is no electric power. Sewage treatment plants operate on electricitsyo sewagec ouldb acku p intoy ourh ome. . Wear shoes. . Turno n the radioa ndl istenf or instructionfsro m publics afetya gencies, . Uset het elephonoen lyf pre mergencies. . Staya wayf romd amagefbl uildings.A ftershockcsa n collapseth em. You and your neighbors will pilobably be on your own for at least 72 hours. t4 ]IRT Fire Prevention . Cleary ourc losetsa, ttic,b asemengt,a ragea, ndy ardo f cast-otaf rticlesa ndr ubbishth at will burn. o Nevers toreg asolinek,e roseneb,e nzenen,a phthaa, nds imilafrl ammablfelu idsin doors. Removea llf ireh azards. o Checky ourw irings ysteme, specialleyx tensiocno rds.M anyf iresa red uet o overloaded electricacli rcuitsw, orno utc ordsa, ndc arelesus seo f appliances, e Do notu sef lammablleiq uidsto starta fire. . Usea metals creenfo r fireplaces. . Keeps paceh eatersa wayf romt raffica reas. . Clean grease from stoves and ovens. . Keepm atchesa wayf romc hildren. . Haves mokea larmsin all rooms( ands omec arbonm onoxiddee tectors) . Havea firee xtinguisheinr the kitchen . Storei mportandto cumenlsin a fires afec ontainer. What To Do if Fire Occurs n Havea familyp lano f actiona nde vacuation. PRACTIChEo mef ired rills!!!!!! n Warn others I Havea 10-pounAd BC-typefi ree xtinguisheinr y ourh ome. Li Takea wayf uel- removeb urningm ateriabl eforet hef ires preadsi,f possible. ! Takea waya ir- a rugo r blankewt ills moothetrh ef ire. ! Take away heat - you qan't have too much water on hand. U Callthef iree mergencnyu mbe9r 11 fl Turno ff electricitay ndg as tl Do not usew atero n oil,g rease,o r electricafli re n lf youa rei n a high-risbeu ildingd, o notu see levators t-l Therei s moreo xygenn eart hef loor,s o crawl n Testt hed oork nobu sirtrlgh e backo f yourh and,if it is hotd on'to pent hed oor. U Usea previouslyd eterminedp rimaryo r secondarym eanso f exit.

uflllHRE Peoples tartm ostw ildfiresD. eBigna ndl andscapyeo urh omew ithw ildfires afetyin mind.S elect materialsa nd plantst hatc an helpc ontainf ire,r athert hanf uel il. Hardwoodtr eesa rel ess flammableth anp ine,e vergreene, ucalyptuso r fir trees. t-,!sfeir er esistanot r non-combustible materialso n the roofa nde xterioro f yourh ome. Treatw oodo r combustiblme ateriawl ithU Lapprovedfi re-retardancth emic als. Createa 30-50f oots afetyz onea roundy ourh ome.H omesb uilti n pinef orestss houldh avea minimums afetyz oneo f 100f eet. Protecyt ourh omeb yd oingt hef ollowing: o Regularlcyl eanr oofa nd gutters. o Removele avesa nd rubbishf romu nders tructures. o Removeli mbso f treesw ithin1 5f eeto f ground. o Removed eadb ranchesth at extendo vert he roof. o Prunetr eeb rancheasn ds hrubsw ithin1 5f eeto f a stovepipe. o Clearb ranchesfr omp owerlines(P owerc ompanyw ill do this). o Remove vines from the walls of the home. o Cleara 10-fooat reaa roundp ropaneta nksa ndt he barbecue. o Regularldyi sposeo f nqwspaperasn dr ubbish. o Storeg asolineo, ilyr agpa nd otherf lammablem atreriailns approveds afetyc ans. o Stackf irewooda t least1 00f eeta waya nd uphillfromy ourh" ome. o lnspecct himneysa t leastt wicea year. Cleant hema t leasto ncea year. l5 o Consideirn stallinpgr oteCtivseh utterso r heavyf ire-resistadnrt apes. o Keeph andyh ouseholdit emst hatc an be useda s fire tools: a rake,a xe,h andsawo r chainsawb,u ckeat nds hovel. o ldentifya ndm aintaina n adequateo utsidew aters ources ucha s a smallp ond,c istern, well,s wimmingp oolo r hydrant. o Instalfl reeze-prooefx teriorw atero utletso n a leastt wo sideso f the homea ndn earo ther structureso n the property. WhenW ildfir et hreatens: . Backy ourc ar intot he garageo r parki t in an opens pacef acingt he directiono f escape. Shut doors and roll up windows. Leave the key in the ignition. Close garage windows andd oors,b ut leavet herr unlocked.D isconnecai utomaticg araged ooro peners. . Confinep etst o one room. Makep lansf or yourp etsd uringa n evacuation. . Arrangete mporarhyo usingo utsideth et hreateneadr ea. To protecyt ourh ome: Inside glass doors. Outside Hl0Hw tlilts Checky ourb attery-powereedq uipment.Y ourr adiom ayb e yourm oste ssentiailt em. Emergenccyo okingfa cilitieasn df lashlightssh oulda lsob e checked. . Boardu p windowso r protectt hemw iths torms hutterso r tape. Makea largeX across thew indoww itht het apepD angetro smallw indowsis mainlyfr omw ind-drivedne bris. Largerw indowsm ayb e prokenb y windp ressure.T o relievew indp ressureo, pen windowsa bouto ne inchp t oppositee ndso f the home. . Secureo utdooro bjectstf ratm ightb e blowna wayo r uprooted. . Remainin doorsd uringt fe stormi tselt,( stayingiw ay irom windowsa) nd in the

most reinforceadr eao f the hotrne. ' Staya wayf romf alleno r damagede lectricw ires;t hesem ays tillb e dangerous. P0ur0rRu T[0r a o a Keepf reezersa s fulla s possible- opent he dooro nlyb riefly.A fullf reezerc ouldl ast3 days without power. Havea heats ourcet hat is not dependenot n electricapl ower Kerosenea ndp ropaneh eatersm ustb e wellventilated Turno ff electricalequipmeynot uw ereu singw hent he powerw ento ut. Unplug appliance-s powers urgesc an damagea ppliances. Leave one light turned on so you'll know when your power returns. Ghecko n neighbors(e specialltyh e elderly). Do not runa generatoirn sidea homeo r garage.D o not connecta generatotro a home's electricasly stem.C onnecot nlyt he equipmenyt ouw antt o powerd irectlyto the outlets on the generator. o a a l6 . lf youu sea computerk,e epf i lesa ndo peratinsgy stemsb ackedu p regularlyG. eta high qualitys urgep rotector. . Keepy ourc ar luelt anka t leasth alff ullb ecauseg as stationsr elyo n electricittyo power their pumps WlllTIRS T0RlrlS . Stay at home (if at all possible) . lf you mustt ravel,t ry nott o go alone. Makes ureo thersk nowt he routey ou are using and when you willbe back. . Keep at least half a tank of gas at alltimes. . Havef laresf,l ashlighbt,l anketsa,n da firsta idk iti n thec ar. . lf youg ets trandedin a storm,r unt hec ari ntermittent(lnyo tc ontinuousltyo) w armt he interioor f thec ar. 1. Keeps nowa wayf romt hee xhauspt ipe 2. Keepa windows lightlyd ownt o providev entilation . lf trapped at home 1. Movei ntot her oomt hath asa woodb urnings tove 2. Closeo fft her emaindeorf theh ouse 3. Stay together 4. Checky ours upplyo f heatingfu el. . Checko n neighbors(e specialltyh e elderly) . Use moderatiown hens hovelings now. lt can be exhaustinga ndd angeroufso r anyone not in good physicalcondition. o Dresst o fit the season.L ayersa r moree ffectivea nde fficientth ans inglel ayerso l thick clothing. . StayD ry: Whenc lothesg etw et,t heyl osea bout9 0%o f theiri nsulatinvga lue. r100lfs . Avoid( ifp ossibles)l opingla ndscapintogw ardth eh ome . Stay out of fast moving water

o lf floodingo f significandte pthi s occurringa nd is enteringy ourh omeo r basementd, on't try to stop it. lt is betterf or yourh omet o flooda nde qualizeth e insidea ndo utside pressures. . lf drivingy ourc ar,a voidd rivingo vera floodedr oad,a ndd o notd rivet hroughw atero f unknownd epth.l f you;v ehicles tallsa, bandonit immediatealyn ds eekh ighegr round. . Keepm aterialsli kes arldbagsp, lywoodp, lastics heetinga, nd lumberh andyf or emergencyw aterprooinf g. r Protecty ourv aluablesb y transferringth em to floorsa bovep rojectedfl ood levelsa nd encloseth emi n polyethylensea cks. e Stored rinkingw ateri n closedc, leanc ontainers. r Turno ff the mainw atelv alvet o trapt he maximuma mounto f uncontaminatewda teri n your home. r Do not usef reshf oodt hath asc omei n contacwt ithf loodw aters. o Do noth andlel ivee lectricael quipmenitn weta reas;e lectricael quipmensth ouldb e checkeda ndd riedb eforei t is returnedto service. GllltrilcAslP ltt You may be exposed to a chemical even though you may not be able to see or smell anythingu nusual.Y oum ayb e exposedin fourw ays: 1. Breathintgh ec hemical. 2. Swallowincgo ntaminatefdo od,w ater,o r medication. 17 3. Touchintgh e chemicaol,r comingin toc ontacwt ithc lothingo r thingst hath avet ouched the chemical. 4. Eye exposure. PreventingC hemicaEl mergenqieisn the Home . Keepa llm edicinesc,o smeticsc,l eaningp roductsa,n do therh ouseholcdh emicalosu to f sighta ndo uto f reacho f ahildren. r Flushm edicinetsh ata ren o longerb eingu sedo r thata reo utdated ownt het oileta, nd placet hee mptyc ontaineirn thet rash. . Storeh ouseholdc hemicalsa ccordingto the instructionosn the label. . Avoidm ixingc ommonh ouseholcdh emicalproducts r Alwaysr eadt he directionsb eforeu singa newp roduct. . Readi nstructionosn howt o disposeo f chemicalsp roperly. r Nevers mokew hileu singh ouseholcdh emicalsA.v oidu singh airs prayc, leaning solutionsp,a intp roductso,r pesticidense art heo penf lameo f an appliancep,i lotl ight, lightedc andlef,i replacew, oodb urnings tove,e tc. . lf yous houlds pilla chemicacl,l eani t up immediat'ewlyit hr ags,b eingc arefultop rotect your eyes and skin. . Buyo nlya s mucho f a chemicaal s yout hinky ouw illu se. . Keepa n A-B-C-ratefdir ee xtinguisheinr t he homea ndc ar,a ndg ett rainingfr omy our locafl ired epartmenotn howt o uset hem. r Postt hen umbeor f then earespt oisonc ontrolcentebry alltelephones . Learnto recognizteh es ymptomos f toxicp oisoning: o Dilficultiyn breathing. o lrritationo f the eyes,s kin,t hroat,o r respiratortyr act.

o Changesin skinc olor. o Headacheo r blurredv ision. o Dizzinesso Clumsinesos r lacko f coordination. o Cramps or diarrhea. Whatt o Do Duringa HomeC hemicaEl mergency . lf yourc hilds houlde at or drinka non-foods ubstancef,i nda nyc ontainersim mediately and take them to the phone. . Callt hep oisonc ontrocl qntere, mergencmy edicasl ervices(E MS)9, -1-1o, r theo perator. o Followth e emergencyo perator'os r dispatcher'isn structioncsa refully. lf a hazardousu bstancgc omesi ntoc ontactw itha n eye,i t is importantto take immediatea ction.D elayingfi rsta idc an greatlyi ncreaseth e likelihoodo f injury.F lusht he eyew ithc lear,lu kewarmw aterf ora minimumo f 15 minutesu, nlessa uthoritieins struct you nott o usew atero n the particulacrh emicailn volved.. r lf therei s dangero f a fire or explosiong, et out of the housei mmediately. . lf therei s a fire or explosionc,a llthef ired epartmenftr omo utside( a cellularp honeo r a neighbor'psh one). . Staya wayf romt he houset o avoidt he possibilitoy f breathingto xicf umes. . Washh ands,a rms,o r otherp artso f the bodyt hatm ayh aveb eene xposedto the chemical. o Discarda nyc lothingth atm ayh aveb eenc ontaminated. r Administefrir sta idt reatrnentto victimso f chemicabl urns. o Call9 -1-1f ore mergenchye lp. o Removec lothinga ndj ewelryf roma roundt he injury. o Pourc leanc, oolwateor vert heb urnf or 15t o 30 minutes. o Looselyc overt hp burnw itha sterileo r cleand ressingB. e suret hatt he dressing will not stick to the burn. o Referv ictimt o a medicapl rofessionafol r furthert reatment. What to Do During a Major Ghemical Emergency r lf youh eara sireno r otherw arnings ignal,t urno n a radioo r televisionfo r further emergencyin formation. l8 o a Strictlyfo ll owi nstructiorls. You will be told the following: o Thet ypeo f heqlthh azard. o The area affectbd. o Howt o protecyt ourself. o Evacuatiorno ules( ifn ecessary). o Sheltelro cations. o Typea ndl ocatioonf medicalfacilities. o Thep honen unberst o calli l youn eede xtrah elp. CallE MS,9 -1-1o, rt hep peratoorn lyf ora possiblleif e{hreatenienmg ergency. Yourc hildrenm ayb e shreltereind p laceo r evacuatefdr oms chooll.f protectivaec tions areb eingt akena t yourc hildren'ssc hoold, o notg o to thes choool r callt hes choolF. or furtherin formatiolnis, tento locale mergencrya dioa ndT V stationsto learnw hena nd where you can pick up your children.

a a IIUGI.IAARII AGI( Noneo f us likest o thinka bout hep ossibilitoyf a nucleaar ttack.E venlh ought hep ossibilitiys remotep, reparationis stille ssential. WARNING SIGNAL OF NUCLEAR ATTACK The standardizewd arnings ignaol f a nucleara ttacki s a 3 to 5 minutew averings oundo f a siren or serieso f shortb lastso n whistlesh, orns,o r others imilard evices.T hiss ignalw ill be usedf or no otherp urpose.T herei s alsoa n attentiono r alerts ignalw hichi s a steady3 -5 minuteb lasto f the sames irens,w histleso, r horns. lf thiss ignali s heard,y ous houldt urno n yourr adioo r televisionfo r importanitn formatiotnh ati s aboutt o be broadcastY. ouw ouldb e instructedw hich stationt o tunet o anda lsow hata ctions houldb e takeni n an emergency. lf youa re unablet o evacuatec,o nstrucat shelteri n yourb asemenot r crawls pace. Yourm ain concernw illb e to protecyt ourselaf ndy ourf amilyf romr adioactivfea llout-N ucleafra lloutc an be expecteda nywherefr om2 Om inutesto a few hoursd ependingo n howc loset he blastw asa nd alsow inda ndw eathecr onditions. . Therea ret hreew ayst o protecyt ourselffr ornn ucleafra llout.T heya red istancem, ass, and time. r The mored istanceb etweeny oua ndt he falloutp articlesth e lessr adiationre ceived. . The moreh eavy,d ensem aterialsb etweeny oua ndt he falloutp articlesth e better. Materialss ucha s concreteb, ricksa nde arthw illa bsorbm ucho f the radiationa nd keepi t from reachingy ou. . Falloutr adiationd ecaysr apidly.A s timep assesf,a lloutl osesi t's radioactivityB. e preparedto spenda nywherefr om3 dayst o 2 weeksi n yours helter. Therea re threet ypeso f radiation- alphap articlesb, etap articlesa ndg ammar ays. Alphaa nd betap articlesc an simplyb e washedo ff the skina ndc lothing.G ammar aysa ret he mostf eared andd ifficultto protecty ourselffr om,b uto ccuro nlyi n the immediatea ftermatho f the blast.T hey can be stoppedw ith 18-24i ncheso f concreteo, r 3-4f eeto f earth. Afterm anys tudiest,h eF ederalGovernmefenet lst hatm ostr emaininfgo ods uppliesw ouldb e safef or usea ftera n attack.F oodm usts implyb e washedto cleano ff any of the falloutp adicles. SHTlITR.III.PIAGE In-places helterinsgi qplym eanss tayingin sidey ourh ome,b usinesso r other facilityo, r seekings helteirn lhe nearesat vailableb uilding.D uringa releaseo f toxic chemicalosr an emergenciyn volvingh azardoums ateriawl heret he airq ualitym ayb e threatenedt,h erem ayn otb e timet o evacuatel.f that is the case,l ocalo fficialsw ill notify yout hroughth e EmergencAyl ertS ystem( EAS)l,o uds peakerst,e lephoneo r go doortodoort

o givey ou instructionWs.h eree vacuationwsi llg ety ouo uto f the affecteda rea,i nl9 ffiilrlYP ffiPfirlTl0Gil lttGtH$I (pencinill asut pdate) ! Fill out the Family Emergency,lnformation and Contact Sheet n CreateF amilyD isasteRr esponseP lan D FamilyH omeE veningr egar,dinygo urR esponse plana nd othere mergencyp reparednestso pics n 72 hourk it(s)f or the family( reneywe arty) I FamilyF irstA id Kit (upda6te m onrths) n WaterS torage- 2 weeks upply l Basic Food Storage U CommodityS torage tr Fuel,c ooking&, lights tores u ContingencCya shF undi n place tr ErnergencSy uppliesL ocator n ValuableD ocumentsc onsolidated(u pdaytee arty) I Shelter-in-plakcitea ssembled u lnstall smoke and COz detectors (changbea nerieyse arty) D FireE xtinguisher(sh)o me& auto (updaytee arty) tr AutomobileE mergencyK it (upua6te m onths) - i {