2012 What did you accomplish in 2012? What did you do best this year?

What could you have done better? What were the biggest challenges you faced? Could you have dealt with these challenges differently? If so how? What were the three greatest lessons you learned this past year? 2013: What will be your main focus for 2013? What needs to be implemented, allocated or retooed to achieve your main focus? What can you do better this year? How can you use the lessons' learned to enhance your skills? What are you going to do to stay ahead of your competition? What is your clear visin of 2013? Where do you see yourself and the company at the end of 2013? It’s time again to close one more year in our life and start afresh a new year with resolutions with do’s and don’ts. As usual even the year 2012 was year full of twists and turns at every corner. I believe in Stephen Covey’s quotation “start with the end in mind” (Mr. Covey passed away this year, may his soul rest in peace). I feel I am fortunate enough to be working for such an exciting company offering great opportunities at every turn. It has given me lot of opportunities enabling me to think strategically. Working for the company I have learnt great lessons in dealing with others, disciplining myself and creating a clear vision for an effective communication to the whole of the organization, which is the base for the success of the company as a whole and myself in particular. I have also learnt many ways of attracting and retaining the employees through effective training programs. I have come to a conclusion that vision casting works best through ways of inspiration, motivation and encouragement of employees and make them work along with me and not under me, so as to make them feel as an equal and not a subordinate.

My resolutions for the New Year start with the creation of a draft of my business vision, clearly defining what I would like my business to be in the future. I have decided to commit myself to live with my business vision, which should be propagated regularly to others concerned in the business meetings. The realization of my resolutions depend solely on my leadership, self discipline and self management and the capacity to take my team towards the set goal, fro which the purpose should be clearly communicated to all. I have decided to execute what John Quincy Adams has said, that “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” My aim being success in my business in the year to come and in the long run, I am determined to positively influence the opinions and actions of those employees in their organization. After disciplining myself for the leadership I aim at casting my business vision, creating a burning desire in my employees to see the completion of the goal in the year to come.

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