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Put a/an or the in each space, or leave the space blank.

a) We went by b) c) years. d) e) As

/.. Dutch.

- train to


west of England. Netherlands are called prison for first people to cross ten

people who live in judge sent me to Columbus was one of Atlantic. captain of

ship, I have violin when he was at Charing Cross Station. last week? cafe for Christmas?

complete authority. f) David learned to play university. g) h) Did you read i) We'll put up j) Is that

Trafalgar Square is near book I lent you shelves and then go to something to eat. present Bill gave you for

Underline the most suitable phrase in each sentence.

a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j)

Is this a person/the person you told me about? This is the only cinema/an only cinema in the area. Philip has just bought the Thames barge/a Thames barge. I'm going to the British Museum/British Museum this afternoon. Are you going to church/the church on Sunday? Do you have a milk jug/milk jug? The Prime Minister/Prime Minister will give a speech this afternoon. The computer/Computer has already changed our lives dramatically. I haven't been to an open-air theatre/open-air theatre before. Here is a thousand pounds/the thousand pounds I owe you.

Complete each sentence w i t h the most suitable w o r d or phrase.

a) The butler was A) last person b) Where A) is scissors A) in the car A) sea A) job


I suspected. C) the last person C) is some scissors ? C) with car D) some sea I was looking for. D) the job C) the Japanese one D) of a week D) a Japanese one D) by the car D) some last person D) are scissors

B) a last person B) are the scissors B) with a car C) a sea C) some job

you borrowed last week?

c) Why don't we go to the park d) Too much rubbish is being dumped in B) the sea B) a job e) This is exactly

f) Of all these cars, I think I prefer A) a Japanese B) some Japanese g) I try to go jogging at least four times A) the week B) of the week h) Sally spent six months out of A) work

C) a week

B) a work

C) the work

D) some work

Complete each sentence (a-i) w i t h one of the endings from 1-9. More than one answer may be possible.

a) Some people say that the b) Most people think that a/an c) I don't agree that d) I feel that a e) I don't believe that a/an f) I didn't realise that the


g) It's incredible to think that a/an h) I didn't know that i) I think it's quite unfair that the 1 good job is an important part of life. 2 single injection can protect you from so many diseases. 3 hundred miles an hour is too fast even on a motorway. 4 the unemployed should receive more help from the state. 5 queen of England doesn't pay any income tax. 6 tiger may well become extinct very soon. 7 third of a person's income should be paid in tax. 8 English are difficult to get to know at first. 9 the Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror.


Put a/an or the in each space, or leave the space blank.

a) Neil Armstrong made b) There was street. c) I need d) e) f) lack of space. g) h) i) j)

... the

first footprint on



accident yesterday at time to think about recipe for people who live in stones. worst part of book you ordered stock. dancing is reading. people we met on holiday in postcard. success is

corner of offer you made me. hard work. glass houses shouldn't throw

living in a caravan is last week is now in more interesting activity than

north of England sent us little knowledge is

dangerous thing.


Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the w o r d given. Do not change the w o r d given. You must use between t w o and five words, including the w o r d given.

a) There is one problem here, and that's the weather. only The only problem here b) There are no good films on this week. cinema There is nothing c) Can't you swim faster than that? fastest Is d) I haven't been here before. time This is e) A lot of wine is drunk in France. French The f) If you drive faster, it is more dangerous. the The g) It is difficult to discover what is true. truth The h) Are you a good pianist? piano Can you
7 Underline the most suitable phrase in each sentence.


the weather.

this week.

can swim?

been here.

a lot of wine.

dangerous it is.



a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j)

I was under an impression/under the impression that you had left. I have to go. I'm in a hurry/in hurry, I managed to sell the old painting at a profit/at profit. I think I prefer the other restaurant on the whole/on whole. How many hours do you work, on average/on the average, every week? I was in pain/in a pain after I twisted my ankle. Jack recovered from his accident and is now out of danger/out of the danger. Excuse me, but you're in the way/in a way. Sue felt seasick on the cross-channel ferry/a cross the channel ferry. The burglar hit me on my back of the neck/the back of my neck.


8 Put a/an or the in each space, or leave the space blank.

a) What's the use in taking b) Is c) It's d) e) f) There was g) Do you have h) When I arrive relief. i) j) end of best part. happiness of rights of long way by Scotland.

- medicine for individual? train to



majority more important than north of life is cold mornings. skating. arriving late? sense of by far answers to

philosophers seem to think that mystery. most cars start badly on time when I enjoyed reason for home I feel book is

friend always tells me homework we have.

Key p o i n t s

With some types of building, the meaning can change depending on the use of the article. Helen is at school. (the purpose of the school is important - Helen is a student or a teacher) Helen is at the school. (the building itself is important - it is the place where we can find Helen) The use of the article can show something about the context of a short piece of text. In particular, whether an item has or has not been mentioned before. The BBC reported that the two men have since been recaptured. Use of the shows that the two men have been mentioned before, and so this is an extract from a longer text. Many uses of articles are idiomatic, and should be learned as part of a phrase. Diana works as a graphic designer.