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Subject Date Time Class No. of students Students level Main skill Integrated skill

: English Language : 10 May 2011 : 10.15 11.15 a.m. : 5 Hijau : 30 (B 13, G 17) : Intermediate : Listening : Speaking, Writing

Curriculum specifications: 1.3.3 Listen to and understand phrases in stories, recount and descriptions heard. 1.7.2 Listen to the stories and recall the sequence of events. 2.2.1 Ask Wh questions to seek information. 2.5.2 Tell simple stories. 4.4.4 Construct simple paragraphs that contain main ideas and supporting details.

CCTS Grammar

: Identifying, differentiating, generating ideas. : Preposition (beyond, during, before, until). Simple sentences.

Vocabulary Teaching aids

: Entrepreneurial, business, salesperson : Video clip, power point slides, flashcard, worksheet

Moral values

: Co-operation, tolerance, responsibility

Previous knowledge : Pupils have basic knowledge about Interest in daily life.

General objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to listen and identify the entrepreneurs in the video.

Specific objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to; i. Listen to the video of 10 Richest People in the World and in Malaysia and match 9/10 words with the correct pictures. ii. iii. Listen and fill 9/10 blanks with the correct answers. Express thoughts and feelings and gives opinions on things they read, heard and viewed in simple language. iv. Write a short paragraph of 20 sentences regarding to the topic.





SET INDUCTION (5 minutes)

-Explains briefly about what is entrepreneur? - Teachers questions: i. What is their favorite work/job? ii.The vehicle of their dreams?

- Teacher shows picture about occupations.

-To set the mood and provide mental preparation for the pupils.

-Teacher asks randomly what they can see from this slides? -Teacher talks about pupils interest and ask them randomly what they want to be when they grow up. -Whole class activity -Teaching Aid: Power point

STEP 1 PRODUCTION (15 minutes)

-Identify the name of entrepreneur and what kind of business that they do.

-Teacher explains the meaning of interest to the pupils using laminated board.

-Grammar focus: Preposition

-Teacher asks randomly what they know about Interest and ask them to give one example.

-Teaching Aids: Power point slides (3 minutes) Laminated board. Flashcards.

-Teacher distributes Task Sheet 1 to the pupils. -Whole class activity

-Teacher explains clearly what the pupils need to do with the task sheet given.

-Teacher discusses the correct answers with pupils.

-Teacher explains to the students that entrepreneur is one example of interest.

-Teacher shows the pictures of successful young entrepreneurs to the pupils.

-Teacher asks pupils some questions randomly and pupils need to attach the correct answers on the blanks at the laminated paper, using flashcards that already prepared by the teacher.

Example: i)_______ a business is successful, entrepreneurs need to work hard ________ they succeed.

STEP 2 PRESENTATION (15 minutes)

-Teacher provides word cards and asks pupils to construct simple sentences using the word cards.

-Teacher divides the pupils into 4 groups.

-To evaluates pupils understanding to the topic.

-Teacher distributes the flashcards to each group.

- Construct simple sentence.

-Teacher asks: i. Can you tell me what can you see from the video? ii. What is their job? -Teacher shows the video clip About 10 Richest Peoples in the World and in Malaysia.

-Teaching Aids: Video clip Flashcards.

- Group activity

iii.What types of business that they do? iv.Do you want to be successful and rich like them?

-Teacher give 3 minutes to the pupils to see the power point slides.

-Teacher gives explanations what pupils need to do with the

-Teacher distributes flashcards that contains 2 sentences to each group.

flash cards given.

-Teacher plays the video clip once again.

- In a group, pupils need to arrange and join words given to build simple sentences based on the info that they already heard in the video.

-Each group will be given 2 sentences structure.

-First group that answers correctly will be the winner.

-Example: i. Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar alBukhary is the richest Malay and bumiputra in Malaysia. ii. Tony Fernandes is the man behind Air Asias journey to world domination.

-Teacher discuss the correct answers with pupils.

STEP 3 PRACTICE (20 minutes)

-Teacher distributes Task Sheet 2 to the groups that contains instructions and key words.

- Teacher divides the pupils into 3 groups.

-To activate pupils; a) To pick up pupils creativity.

- Teacher gives explanation from the instruction in Task Sheet

b) Speaking skill c) Communications among peers. d) How far they can

-Students create their own dialog base on the key word and do an acting in front of the class.

on what they need to do.

-Pupils need to do an acting about If I am a Millionaire maximum in 4 minutes for each group in front of the classroom.

understand simple instruction e) Pupils can pronounce English words correctly.

-The dialog must be base on the key words that already provides by teacher.

f) Develop their confident level.

-Teaching Aid: Task Sheet 2

-Group activity

STEP 4 PRODUCTION (15 minutes)

- Pupils need to write a short paragraph about their own interest.

-Teacher distribute A4 paper to pupils.

-To practice pupils writing skill.

-Teacher explains to pupil how to construct main ideas and supporting ideas.

-To sharpen pupils vocabulary and grammar kills.

-Teacher give examples to pupils -Teaching Aid: using power point to increase their understanding. -Individual activity. -Teacher writes question on the blackboard and explain it to the Power point


-Teacher asks pupils to construct simple paragraph about their own interest at least 20 sentences.

-Teacher assists the weaker pupils.

-Teacher ask randomly pupils to present their writing in front of the class.

-Pupils need to pass up their essay.


-Moral values.

-Teacher summarize what they have learn.

-To encourage pupils have their own interest from now on.

-Teacher discuss the moral values that they gain from the learning process.

- Students learns to respect others opinions.

-To make pupils realize on how important to have their own interest for a bright future.