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WinOls Tutorial HowTo

1. Start Winols 2. Select "New project" in the "Project" menu or press Ctrl+N

3. Select "Import data from an existing file" 4. Push "Ok" button

5. Select file format "Binary 8 or 16 bit 6. Push "Ok" button

7. Select you want to remap 8. Push "Open" button

9. Push "Ok" button

Now we got "Potential maps" in the list to the left.

10. Select "Potential maps" 11. Press "P" on keyboard to open the preview window

12. Select map address 4D8D4 - its the torque limiter map in this case, the map will now show up in the map preview window

13. Double click on the address, select 3D view in the right window, you should now se full 3d graph of the map.

14. Close the map window, pressing "X" in the upper right corner(do not close winols) 15. you will now get a question to keep the map in the normal map list, Answer "Yes" on this. 16. Now do the point 12-14, on map address 6D8D4

17. Now select "My maps" in the left windows(maps window) 18. Right click on "My maps", select "New folder..." in the drop down menu.

19. Enter the name of folder: Torque Limiter 20. Push "Ok" button

Now we have to move the maps into this folder (Torque Limiter) 21. right click on each of the maps in "My maps" folder, select "Move into..." in the drop down menu

22. Select "Torque limiter" in the "Move maps" window, do it with both maps

Ok, now we are ready to remap 23. double click on 4D8D4 map in the maps list 24. change to 3D view 25. now on the map graph, select the area on the map you want to change, using the "Insert" button on your keyboard, user + or - to increase or decrease the value.