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A. Presente simple presente continuo 1. Elizabeth is late. Yes, she . (wait) for her sister. 2. What . (you, do)?

? Im sending an email. 3. Sarah . (not go, often) to the Cyber caf. 4. Hello! Where . (you, go) ? 5. I . (like) black coffee in the morning because it . (wake) me up. 6. Its very noisy! . (you have) a party? 7. Michael! Dinner! OK I . (come). 9. Who . (you, usually, give) presents at Christmas? 10. Restaurants . (stay) open late in Spain. 11. Johns in the kitchen. He . (cook) breakfast. 12. What . (you, think) about? 13. . (you / have got) any brothers and sister? 14. I (listen) to rap music when I . (want) to dance. 15. This place . (never, open) on Wednesdays. 16. How many people . (visit) this place every summer? 17. Patricia . (make) all of her own clothes. At the moment she . (make) a dress for herself. 18. What is that smell? Something . (burn) in the kitchen. 19. You can borrow my dictionary. I . (not / need) it at the moment. 20. Where . (you / go) now? I . (go) to the shops. 21. Why . (you laugh)? Because I . (like) this programme. 22. I . (study) now because Ive got a test in half an hour. 23. How often . (your friend, email) you? 24. Why . (be, your father) angry with you? 25. It . (rain). Lets go inside. B. Presente simple presente continuo 1. What . (you, think) about violence in sport? 2. I usually . enjoy Mexican food but I . (not enjoy) this meal at all. 3. Excuse me, . (you, know) how to get to Calle San Miguel? 4. He . (work) overtime this month because he . (save up) to buy a computer. 5. What . (you, listen) to? It sounds awful. 6. This cake . (to be) delicious. 7. He usually . (smoke) thirty cigarettes a day, but at the moment he . (try) very hard to cut down. 8. Hurry! The bus . (come). I . (not want) to miss it. 9. What time . (the next train, leave)? 10. Milena is excited. She . (think) about tonights party. 11. Christina . (work) for the Iberia airline. She is a pilot. 12. The art exhibition . (open) on the 4th of November and . (finish) the 15th of February. 13. The river Amazon . (flow) into the Pacific Ocean.

14. He normally . (learn) languages very fast, but he .(have) problems with Chinese. 15. I . (not like) my gym. I . (not, get) fit fast enough! 16. What . (Trina, do) at the moment? 17. Johann and I . (go) to the beach every weekend. 18. Have you finished your homework? No Ive got a problem. I . (not understand) this question. Can you help me? 19. . (you, fly) to Dublin this weekend? 20. They always . (take) the bus to work. 21. . (you, remember) where I put my car keys? I . (think) they are on the table in the kitchen. 22. Nowadays there . (be) more cars on the roads than ever before. 23. The managers of the company . (meet) regularly. 24. Malvina . (rest) on the sofa. Shes tired. 25. Why . (those people, wait) outside the shop? Because its the first day of the sales. C. Presente simple presente continuo. 1. . (the Johnsons ,go) to Italy this year? 2. Every winter, my family . (go) to Portugal for two weeks. 3. . (you, do) anything at the moment? 4. The show . (start) at 8:30 pm. 5. Every year the weather . (change) in November. 6. Antonio . (write) another report this week. 7. . (you, watch) the horror film tonight on channel five? No, because I . have a judo class on Tuesdays. 8. The moon . (revolves) around the earth. 9. Silvia . (practice) the piano twice a day. 10. The school year usually . (begin) in September. 11. I . (have) a shower now. Please answer the phone. 12. She . (prefer) her coffee without sugar. 13. The plane . (not leave) until midnight. 14. Hurry up! We are late. Wait a minute. I . (look for)my umbrella. Why? It . (not rain). 15. What . (this word, mean)? 16. How many rooms . (this house, have)? 17. They . (think) of selling their house. 18. Elephants . (live) to be about as old as humans. 19. Our technology teacher . (not believe) in giving tests, only projects. 20. Jenny and her grandmother are very close. They . (phone) one another once a day. 21. Hold on a second, Mary. I want to turn off the gas, the water . (boil) over. 22. He is still ill but he . (get) better slowly. 23. My boss . (always complain) about the amount of talking in the office.

24. Gonzalo wont be in the office next Tuesday; he . (take) the day off. 25. Aurelio . (look) for work as a translator. He . (speak) three languages fluently. D. Presente simple presente continuo. 1. Lets go out. It . (not, rain) now. 2. Joshuas very untidy. He . (always, leave) his things all over the place. 3. Sandra is in Amsterdam at the moment. She .(stay) at the Lions Hotel. She . (always, stay) there when shes in Amsterdam. 4. How is your English? Not bad. It . (improve) slowly. 5. The train is never late. It . (always, leave) on time. 6. Salvador is interested in politics but he . (not belong)to a political party. 7. Diana . (practice) the piano regularly. She . (play)in a concert next week, so she . (work) especially hard this week. 8. I . (think) this is your key. Am I right? 9. We . (not enjoy) this concert so lets go home. 10. The plane . (not, leave) until midnight. 11. The doctor . (doubt) that you will need to take medicine. 12. . (your brothers, take) karate lessons this year? 13 Martin . (study) photography and James . (prefer) football. 14. Do you read books in English? Yes, in fact I . (read)a novel by Esther Hicks right now. 15. She . (never, visit) us on Sundays. 16. He . (works) overtime this month because he (save up) to buy a computer. 17. Cat is on Holiday in France. She . (have) a great time and . (not, want) to come back. 18. I want to lose weight, so this week I . (not eat) lunch. 19. I think Paul and Ann have an argument. They . (not, speak)to each other. 20. Angela has just started evening classes. She . (learn) German. 21. How is your new job? Not so good at the moment. I . (not, enjoy) it very much. 22. How often . (you, paint) your house? We e. (usually, paint) it every two years. 23. . (he phone) you every week? 24. Are you lying to me? Of course not, I . (never lie). 25. . (you, understand) the difference between Present simple and Continuous? Not yet, but I . (try) very hard.

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