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A. Fill in the correct word.

5 A (Module 5)

impressive afford criteria skilled widespread 3 1 Unemployment is a(n) widespread problem in Europe these days. 4 2 The main criteria for the job are good qualifications and some experience. 5

sculptures Claras knowledge of classical music is

impressive. Mark is a(n) skilled carpenter and makes

beautiful wooden furniture. There are some wonderful sculptures in the art gallery this month.

. Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets. 8 You shouldnt underestimate 6 You shouldnt overheat (heat) your (estimate) the impact food packaging has house. on the environment. 7 After the surgery, be careful not to 9That shop overcharged (charge) me overdo..................... (do) things. yesterday. I should have paid much less. 10 Most underdeveloped (develop) countries have serious health problems. C. Underline the correct word. 11 I cant believe you forgot to pay the phone bill / account! 12 They must be well-off/generous if they could afford a yacht.

13 Sam gave me a five-pound note / coin. 14 There are very few reasonably worth / priced houses in the area. 15 Anns MP3 player charged / cost 100

D. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form. e.g. A: B: 16 A: B: 17 A: B: 18 A: B: 19 A: B: 20 A: B: What time should we come down for breakfast? Breakfast is served (serve) at 8 am every day. The Town Hall is a lovely old building, isnt it? Yes, its beautiful. It was built (build) in the 1920s. I see there are some new faces in the office. Thats right. Some new staff have just been hired (just/hire). These letters must be posted (post) today. Sure! I will go the post office myself. When will the book be sent to my house? It will be delivered (deliver) on Monday. Is there something wrong with your steak, sir? Unfortunately, it is not cooked (not/cook) at all. Its raw!

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e.g. Would you like SOME/much ice cream? E. the correct item. I can 21 Underline Is there everywhere/ ANYWHERE buy milk at this time of the night? 22 How much/HOW MANY people are you expecting at the party on Saturday? 23 Im broke! Ive got NO/any money left at all. 24 Jim has had A FEW/a lot problems with his school work recently. 25 Does someone/ANYONE know where my bag is?


26 Simon is friendliest/FRIENDLIER than everyone else. 27 I promise to pay you off/BACK tomorrow. 28 Skydiving was the more/MOST exciting thing Ive ever done. 29 Tim paid OUT/off a lot of money for the party. 30 All your hard work finally paid OFF/on.

F. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use up to three words. This is the most beautiful e.g. Brian has the same number of CDs as Kevin. Brian has as many CDs as Kevin. sunset Ive ever seen. 31 Paulas dress is longer than Stacys. Stacys dress not as long is as Paulas. 32 That noise is becoming annoying. That noise is getting more and 34 As she practices more, she becomes better. The more she practices the better she becomes. 35 This film is more boring than the previous one. This film is less interesting than the previous one.


annoying. 33 Ive never seen such a beautiful sunset. G. Fill in the correct sentence or phrase. A Ill have some juice. B Do you really think so? C It looks wonderful. Anna:

D How about a coke? E Would you like something to drink before we eat?

F It looks great on you.

Hi Sasha, come in. Oh, what a gorgeous dress! 0) F too. Its very smart. I just bought it yesterday at that new shop in town. It was really cheap. 37) E

Sasha: 36)B Thanks! I like your trouser suit, Anna:

Sasha: Thatll be fine, thanks. Anna: Well, if youre ready to eat lets go into the dining room. Sasha: Great, Im really hungry. Oh, Anna! You must have spent hours getting everything ready. 40) Anna:

Sasha: Yes please. 38) A Anna:

Im afraid I havent got any. 39) D

Well you know how much I love cooking for friends. Sasha: And your friends just love your cooking!

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