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For checking the quality of data loaded into DSO and making data available for reporting and for staging we do Activation of DSO. But DSO activation takes huge time depending up on the volume of data. This long time taken for activation delays the process chain run and hence causes subsequent delay in delivery of reports.

2. How to do Activation?
a. Load the data into the DSO .Request will appear in the manage screen of DSO.

b. Click on Activation as shown in the below screenshot. A New window will be opened.

c. Select the Request and Click on Start for starting the activation.

d. Once Activation is done we will get an indicator (as shown below) that Activation is done.

3. Ways to improve ODS Activation Timing

3.1 Delete the Change Log table of ODS :- It is always recommended to delete the Change Log table time to time otherwise it can grow rapidly This increase in Size of table will hit the Loading Performance as well the activation timing of ODS .

3.2 Removing SID Generation Flag :- If we are not using ODS for Reporting Purpose and just we are using for staging purpose (for further processing to Info Providers) , Then we should remove the SID Flag in the DSO Settings as shown below .

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SID generation has three setting available:During Reporting: - No SIDs will be generated during the activation of DSO, only when Query is executed SIDs is generated. During Activation: - SIDs is created during activation of data.

Never Create SIDs: - SIDs is not created on Activation or during Reporting Note: - If we are keeping mode as Never Create SIDs and creating a Query on top of the same ODS query cannot be executed. However it will be possible to include the DSO in Info Sets and create a query.

3.3 Change Runtime Parameters For Activation :Go to t. code RSODSO_SETTINGS. i e. Maintenance of Runtime Parameter of DSO

Now here we can change the System settings for all the DSOs or only to specific DSOs as well. Here is the list of options available:- Cross- DataStore :- For all the DSOs in the system

- DataStore-Specific

: - Only for Specific DSOs.

In Our case, we will do changes only to specific DSO by choosing DataStore -Specific.

A new window will open as shown below.

Check the Parameter for Activation . Default values are as follows:-

- Maximum Package Size - Maximum Wait Time for Process

:- 20,000 :- 300

Note:- Above values are based on Hardware capacity and configuration values , may vary system to system .

To improve the Activation of DSO when the records are huge , we can increase both the parameters . The change in parameters should be based on the system capability , So please check with basis team to ensure after changes overall performance of the system should not degrade . For example :- In our case we are maintaining below values : - Maximum Package Size :- 50,000

- Maximum Wait Time for Process

:- 600

3.4 Changing Background Parallel Process for Activation :Go to t. code RSODSO_SETTINGS. i.e. Maintenance of Runtime Parameter of DSO .

Proceed similarly as we did in the above point and then click as shown below. New window will open where we can do changes in the No. of Parallel Process .

We can increase the parallel processes from 3 to 4/5 depending up on capability of the system. Check the available background processes during activation of DSO before doing the changes.

We can use both the setting mentioned in point 3.3 and 3.4 together as well to improve the ODS Activation timing .

4. Precautions:
While doing this configuration test it completely in Development, Integration, Quality, UAT systems because these configurations can hamper overall system performance badly. Also keep your Basis consultant informed while applying these changes.

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helpful document Amit, consolidates various point which can help in reducing the DSO activation time. One more point similar to change log deletion is to delete old requests in case of full loads (if we are doing full in DSO but taking delta from there), it should also help in reducing the activation tim