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Brandon Hua The Big Rip The Big Bang Theory presented the idea of how our universe

came to be. In its existence, other theories were produced, and amongst them was the Big Rip Theory. The Big Rip Theory predicted that the universe will end by tearing itself apart, with the help of the hypothetical dark matter. Such theory is plausible given by the nature of dark energy, the growing rate of our universe, and the early schedule of the heat death phase. Our universe is comprised of dark energy, dark matter, and baryonic matter. Dark energy or phantom energy accounts for a large percentage of the total mass energy of the universe. Dark energy tends to relate to the acceleration of the expansion of the universe. This acceleration would lead to the ripping of atoms in the universe that would cause all the atoms to be destroyed thereby proving the Big Rip Theory. This acceleration would surpass the speed of light causing the observable universe to contract leading to the inability for objects to interact with each other with fundamental forces leading to the expansion of the universe to the point of ripping atoms. The growing rate of our universe is the observation that the universe appears to be expanding at an increasing rate. This is derived through dark energy or phantom energy which is distributed throughout the universe. The growing rate of the universe is similar to the Big Bang in which the universe expanded rapidly. The heat death phase is the point at which the universe is diminished with no thermodynamic free energy and can no longer sustain processes that consume energy. Heat death does not involve a certain temperature, rather, it states that there would be no energy that can be

used for life. It's worth noting that, given this timescale, and assuming that the big rip will hold as theory, the Universe will never go through the much-considered heat death phase, which was scheduled to start 10100 years from now. What's particularly disturbing about all of this is that stars and planets will very much still be in existence at the time of the big rip. It's going to be a universe-wide catastrophe that words cannot even begin to describe. The phantom energy, expanding universe, and early schedule for the heat death phase are all factors that may lead to the Big Rip Theory. They all give plausible ways that the universe may be able to expand to a point in which atoms rip. However, the universe is constantly changing and although there is an abundance of evidence that proves this theory true, there is always an uncertainty that lingers and there is no absolute course that can be determined.